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A Guinness World Record title for the World’s Oldest Dog Meet TobyKeith, the Chihuahua. He is the world’s oldest dog, according to Guinness World Records. TobyKeith is 21 years old and... Read More
20 APR
A Dachshund Beach Party It was a Weiner dog party like no other! In 2019, Sausage dog owners in the UK traveled from across the country to meet in Southwold for the 5th annual Dachshund beach party.... Read More
15 FEB
If you follow the Dachshund Community on Instagram, chances are you've stumbled across the account @loulouminidachshund. LouLou is a 2 year old Dachshund from the Netherlands, with over 230,000... Read More
15 FEB
Celebrities and Their Dogs When it comes to choosing a unique celebrity dog name, there are no rules. Celebrities including Paris Hilton, Katy Perry, and Cardi B have given their dogs some unique... Read More
05 FEB
Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com A Toddler And Two Pups Disappear Into Thin Air It was a miracle: a missing boy and the family dogs were found after they went missing. As a parent, your worst... Read More
03 FEB
When a shepherd mixed dog and her 11 puppies arrived at Dallas Animal Services in July, the staff quickly noticed there was something very unique about one of the newborn pups: a handlebar... Read More
31 JAN
The story of Fig the Dachshund and Diablo the Porcupine is already going viral on the internet, and we definitely can see why! The unconditional love between animals teaches us that no matter how... Read More
30 JAN
Introducing some of the funniest Dachshund videos making their way around the net. We know our adorable Dachshunds are full of energy, personality, and zest for life. So, when we’re able to... Read More
25 JAN
When it comes to gratitude, a special dog near Findlay, Ohio, knows how to show it. A beagle named Gregory was left at a dog shelter and like all dogs who end up there, he needed a home.... Read More
25 JAN
If you’re a fan of Britain’s Got Talent, then you’ll love Diana Vedyashinka’s Hot Doggie Show. Vedyashinka is a self-taught contortionist who puts on a spectacular show with... Read More
23 JAN
On Wednesday, a Daytona homeowner rushed to defend his Dachshunds from the neighbor’s dog, or so he thought. Don’t miss the sale happening NOW for Alpha Paw’s #1 Vet-Recommended,... Read More
22 JAN
When you look at your dachshund, do you ever think of them as heroes? Well, you should after reading this post! Dachshunds might appear small and clumsy, but deep down underneath those short legs... Read More
22 JAN
A French Bulldog Becomes Mayor It seems these days anyone or anything can become an elected official! Take Wilbur, the adorable six-month-old French Bulldog who became the mayor of Rabbit Hash,... Read More
21 JAN
Imagine being left outside. Fearful and scared. Abandoned by all you’ve known. For one pup, this was his reality. Left outside in a Walmart Parking Lot, a loveable Golden Retriever found himself... Read More
19 JAN
Pack your bags! This all-things-dachshund museum just opened, with more than 4,500 dachshund memorabilia items and exhibits on the history of one of the world's most beloved dog... Read More
16 JAN
It’s an unusual pet friendship that will leave your heart bursting with awe. We’ve all seen the heartwarming stories of lonely stray dogs and their oddly matched best friends. Well, this pup... Read More
11 JAN
Pandora and Marissa eat dinner together every night, a routine that has been going on for 2 years now, and has been a huge part of both of their... Read More
11 JAN
A Dachshund With Cow Spots Moo the Dachshund may only be less than a year old, but he is already causing quite the stir on social media, having already amassed an incredible 60K followers on his... Read More
07 JAN
Memories of A Lifetime Bringing another life into this world is a miraculous gift from the heavens above. That is why so many women all over the world capture their pregnancies with a maternity photo... Read More
05 JAN
Doorbell Camera Catches Pup Stealing Neighbor’s Food Talk about a porch pirate, this pup knew exactly what it was doing! On December 30, homeowner Kenjar Williams from Grand Prairie, Texas,... Read More
04 JAN

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