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Pack your bags! This all-things-dachshund museum just opened, with more than 4,500 dachshund memorabilia items and exhibits on the history of one of the world's most beloved dog... Read More
16 JAN
It’s an unusual pet friendship that will leave your heart bursting with awe. We’ve all seen the heartwarming stories of lonely stray dogs and their oddly matched best friends. Well, this pup... Read More
11 JAN
Pandora and Marissa eat dinner together every night, a routine that has been going on for 2 years now, and has been a huge part of both of their... Read More
11 JAN
A Dachshund With Cow Spots Moo the Dachshund may only be less than a year old, but he is already causing quite the stir on social media, having already amassed an incredible 60K followers on his... Read More
07 JAN
Memories of A Lifetime Bringing another life into this world is a miraculous gift from the heavens above. That is why so many women all over the world capture their pregnancies with a maternity photo... Read More
05 JAN
Doorbell Camera Catches Pup Stealing Neighbor’s Food Talk about a porch pirate, this pup knew exactly what it was doing! On December 30, homeowner Kenjar Williams from Grand Prairie, Texas,... Read More
04 JAN
Bennedict CurlyPatch, The Sheep-Dog A Golden Retriever named Lily is the new mom of two puppies of her own and an honorary member, Benny, the lamb. After giving birth to her puppies, Lily also... Read More
01 JAN
It's a situation you won't find in any zoo (we promise!) A tiny Dachshund and her buddy are up against nature's most fierce predator - the... Read More
31 DEC
A unique friendship that couldn't be stopped: This is the true-life tale of friendship between a blind dachshund and his best friend and guide, a pit... Read More
29 DEC
Tanya Drysdale Saves Her Sausage Dog From A Deadly Python A fierce pet parent from Francistown, Botswana, fought down a 15-foot python as it attacked her Dachshund. Tanya Drysdale battled the snake... Read More
27 DEC
Heroes Come In All Sizes Winston, a brave Dachshund, saved his friend’s life when a dangerous mountain lion tried to grab it while they were outside. Unfortunately, Mijo, the small... Read More
26 DEC
This blog is a tribute to those brave dachshunds who are learning to live with their disability. Their bravery and general love of life should be used as inspiration for doxies all over the... Read More
19 DEC
Meet Ivy, a french bulldog that was paralyzed from IVDD, but didn't let it stop her. Read her... Read More
14 DEC
This Dachshund Was Paralyzed by IVDD, But She Didn't Let it Stop Her. Read the inspirational story of Princess Lilo the Dachshund on... Read More
10 DEC
Because so many dog owners are unaware of IVDD, we wanted to raise awareness by sharing REAL stories from REAL dog parents. We hope that spreading the word will encourage dog parents to take... Read More
04 DEC
A Toddler And Two Pups Disappear Into Thin Air It was a miracle: a missing boy and the family dogs were found after they went missing. As a parent, your worst nightmare is losing your child. Now, add... Read More
09 NOV
Turtle’s Lucky Day It’s an incredible friendship that is heartwarming and reminds us that our animal friends are just as compassionate as we are! The love we as pet parents share with our... Read More
05 NOV
No Cruella, Just Luna We have all seen and love the quintessential 101 Dalmatians. Our story today is much like the movie but with 16 puppies instead. And something tells us that their new mom is not... Read More
30 OCT
It’s one of the most prestigious lists of world records – from biggest to smallest, from fastest to slowest, or any record you could think of. They all have it! So, like a dachshund owner or... Read More
14 SEP
It is hard to settle on an exact professional title for what Mike Holston does online. Some people label him as a modern-day animal whisperer, capable of communicating and interacting with exotic... Read More
25 AUG

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