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It’s one of the most prestigious lists of world records – from biggest to smallest, from fastest to slowest, or any record you could think of. They all have it! So, like a dachshund owner or... Read More
14 SEP
Because so many dog owners are unaware of IVDD, we wanted to raise awareness by sharing REAL stories from REAL dog parents. We hope that spreading the word will encourage dog parents to take... Read More
12 SEP
It is hard to settle on an exact professional title for what Mike Holston does online. Some people label him as a modern-day animal whisperer, capable of communicating and interacting with exotic... Read More
25 AUG
An Impawsible Situation When a Shepherd mix lost all her pups after they were born prematurely, she was devastated. Heartbroken and unable to accept that her pups were gone, the grieving dog mom... Read More
20 JUL
Bennedict CurlyPatch, The Sheep-Dog A Golden Retriever named Lily is the new mom of two puppies of her own and an honorary member, Benny, the lamb. After giving birth to her puppies, Lily also... Read More
03 JUL
Moo the Dachshund may only be less than a year old, but he is already causing quite the stir on social media, having already amassed an incredible 60K followers on his Instagram.   View this... Read More
15 JUN
Tanya Drysdale Saves Her Sausage Dog From A Deadly Python A fierce pet parent from Francistown, Botswana, fought down a 15-foot python as it attacked her Dachshund. Tanya Drysdale battled the snake... Read More
06 MAY
A Hero for the Animals As hurricane Delta threatened Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, many took measures to protect their families and loved ones. Ricardo Pimental took it a step further opening his... Read More
01 DEC
Every Dog Needs Protection Ten-year-old Brady Snakovsky’s Brady’s K-9 Fund is changing lives across the Cleveland, Ohio area. Brady wants to ensure that all K9 dogs get a protective vest because... Read More
22 NOV
A French Bulldog Becomes Mayor It seems these days anyone or anything can become an elected official! Take Wilbur, the adorable six-month-old French Bulldog who just became the mayor of Rabbit Hash,... Read More
09 NOV
Saved By Love When it comes to gratitude, a special dog near Findlay, Ohio, knows how to show it. A beagle named Gregory was left at a dog shelter and like all dogs who end up there, he needed a... Read More
09 NOV
This Year Has Been “Ruff”. That is a fact. That is a reality we are all living. However, let’s choose to turn these situations into “pawsitive” ones. This is why we are so happy to announce... Read More
06 NOV
Imagine being left outside. Fearful and scared. Abandoned by all you’ve known. For one pup, this was his reality. Left outside in a Walmart Parking Lot, a loveable Golden Retriever found himself... Read More
09 OCT
We have all dealt with the global pandemic caused my COVID-19 differently. Some didn’t feel much change while others had to take on whole new life routines. For one little weenie dog, it was the... Read More
03 SEP
My name is Moo, I live in sunny Miami, Florida!  I got a lot of new friends recently, because my coat is very different from my other Dachshund cousins, so I figured I’d introduce myself!... Read More
07 JUL
It’s definitely safe to say that this year has been filled with unexpected events. This includes doxies becoming FedEx delivery interns.  As the world was placed under house arrest for the... Read More
22 JUN
What Should You Do To Protect Your Dog During The Coronavirus Crisis? A dog diagnosed with the Coronavirus reportedly died in Hong Kong.  It was reported that a 17-year old dog died on Monday... Read More
19 MAR
All it took for Merrick to get adopted was a billboard, a social media campaign and almost 6 years of waiting.  Merrick had spent most of his life at the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City,... Read More
09 MAR
Did you know that there are quite a handful of cats who made it to the prestigious Guinness World of Records? It is quite fascinating actually. Cats are majestic and impressive creatures and it is... Read More
22 JAN
When you look at your dachshund, do you ever think of them as heroes? Well, you should after reading this post! Dachshunds might appear small and clumsy, but deep down underneath those short legs... Read More
24 OCT

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