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dog behaviour
Canine Behavior

Find out if your pup’s peculiar behavior is normal for our four-legged buddies or a sign of something more serious.

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dog health problems
Common Conditions

From reverse sneezing to ear infections, this collection has everything you need to help your best friend feel better in no time.

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dog diseases
Dog Diseases

Watching your pet suffer is heartbreaking & confusing. Here we show you how to spot, treat & prevent a range of deadly dog diseases.

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pet medications
Pet Vaccines & Medication

Did your vet just prescribe your pup a new medicine? This is the category for you. Learn about side effects, alternatives and more.

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preventive care
Preventative Care & Wellness

Scheduling routine checups with your veterinarian is the single most effective step you can take in keeping your pup healthy.

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dog nutrition
Diet & Nutrition

Curious if Fido can, in fact, eat that watermelon you just watched your toddler share with him? We've got you covered.

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Healthy Pets Start Here

As loving pet parents, we understand that you want to do whatever it takes to make your pet happy and healthy. We also know that finding reliable veterinary advice online is extremely difficult.

That's why we started Alpha Paw’s Vet Corner.

Our goal is to provide trusted, expert content that is designed to educate and inform pet parents about the common conditions and diseases that affect our four-legged family members, so you can give your pets the happy and healthy lives they deserve.

 pet start
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Preventative Care & Wellness

Preventive Care and Wellness Guidelines for Dogs

Preventive Care and Wellness Guidelines for Dogs

Your Pet’s Wellness Depends On You From vaccinations and the right dental... Read More

How to Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Clean In Between Dental Visits

How to Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Clean In Bet...

Caring for Your Dog’s Teeth In Between Dental Checkups Keeping your... Read More

How to Remove Tartar from A Dog’s Teeth

How to Remove Tartar from A Dog’s Teeth

What Is Tartar? 80% of dogs have some sort of dental disease by the time that... Read More

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Experts

dr ross bernstein

Meet Dr. Ross Bernstein,


Dr. Ross Bernstein is a seasoned veterinary professional who we’re fortunate to have as the head..

dr jo de klerk

Meet Dr. Jo de Klerk,


Dr. Jo de Klerk is a certified veterinarian and professional writer. She graduated with an honors degree..

dr addie reinhard

Meet Dr. Addie Reinhard,


ThDr. Addie Reinhard is an experienced companion animal veterinarian. She graduated from the University..

“Many pet supply businesses don't take the time to thoroughly research the health implications of the products they sell, much less seek out the medical advice of a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine like myself. That's why I'm proud to partner with Alpha Paw – they truly care about the welfare of the pets they serve.”
Dr. Ross Bernstein, DVM
Lead Veterinarian & Head of Alpha Paw’s Board of Pet Experts
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Dog Diseases

Congestive Heart Failure in Dogs: Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention

Congestive Heart Failure in Dogs: Symptoms, Tre...

What is congestive heart failure in dogs? Congestive heart failure in dogs... Read More

Kidney Failure in Dogs: Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention

Kidney Failure in Dogs: Symptoms, Treatment �...

What Causes Kidney Problems in Dogs? Kidney disease is a common condition seen... Read More

Lymphoma in Dogs: Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

Lymphoma in Dogs: Symptoms, Diagnosis & Tr...

What Is Lymphoma? Lymphoma is a common cancer diagnosed in dogs. Lymphoma is... Read More

Bringing You Content You Can Trust

Our professional writers, board-certified veterinarians, and expert editorial team work together to bring you reliable content you can trust. Here’s how it works:

Checklist for New Adopters

Each article is written by one of our accredited pet professionals, including animal behaviorists, vet nutritionists & veterinary technicians.

Editorial Experts Review

The content is then reviewed by our Editorial team for flow, style,punctuation & readability before it’s sent to our pet experts.

Veterinarians Approve

Our Board of Pet Experts review the completed article for accuracy & reliability before giving it their expert Stamp of Approval.

New Pet Parent? We’ve Got
You Covered.

new pet
Checklist for New Adopters

Help make the transition, as smooth as possible.

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resources pet

Get the latest on adoption processes, learn how

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pet adoption faq
Pet Adoption FAQs

Get answers to questions you haven’t thought of.

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dog behaaviour
Behavior & Training

Is your pup's behavior normal?

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dog nutrition
Nutrition & Ingredients

What’s on your pet’s food label?

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