Cat Adoption Sites in the USA

People adopting cats hit an all time high during the height of the pandemic. As COVID-19 forced people to work from home they figured it would be great to have a pet to keep them company. Cats we’re hard to come by and in high demand to sit on your lap as you sat at home as were dogs and other animals.

Since people are spending more time at home you’d think the trend would remain but NPR reported that the majority of animal shelters are now saying that they have too many cats & dogs that are in need of re-homing.

As the work from home shifts hack to cat owners needing to return to the office this has created a pet adoption crisis for cat and kitten lovers. Cats have had to be put up for adoption in masses.

Federal and state funding for animal shelters does not exist and they survive off of donations. As staffing shortages are impacting dog rescue operations and limited space to put the kittens and cats in animal shelters and adoption centers are in need of additional support.

As record kittens were adopted we are now seeing things go in a different direction. Thanks to record adoption that took place we anticipate that will lead to lower adoption rates in the future as it took away any pent-up demand. Foster care is one way to help in the meantime.

The Alpha Paw cats for adoption near where you live directory will help you find a local animal shelter as well as a list of kittens and kitty-cats that you can adopt in your state.