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Dog Ramp Training

How to train your dog to use a Dog Ramp

Set up the ramp and let your dog sniff around and inspect it

  • Initial Training

    Once you are ready to begin training, you will want to stand by the ramp and use your hand to encourage your dog to go up it, most pups will naturally take to the ramp and you can practice them going up and down like this, each time your dog goes up or down the ramp, make sure to praise them and give them a treat.

  • Guiding Your Dog

    For dogs that are not taking to the ramp fast, you can attach a leash and block off alternative routes with cushions or a baby gate, then gently guide them up and down the ramp again using treats and praise when they complete their journey, make sure not to force or drag them onto the ramp, the leash is for gentle guidance only.

Be persistent to create a lasting habit

Why Ramp Training is essential

Protect your dog from injuries

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