About Us

Dogs are more than man’s best friend, they’re family

That’s why we created Alpha Paw, with the mission of helping our furry family to lead happier, healthier and longer lives. Our range of supplements has been scientifically formulated to enhance your dog’s health and wellness throughout their life, from mischievous puppy days to helping an old dog feel young again.

100% natural ingredients backed by science

With our pharmaceutical background we understand that quality matters at every stage of the process. Our products only contain 100% natural, non-GMO premium ingredients that have been clinically proven to be both effective and safe.

Our factory is based in the US and is held to the highest manufacturing standards. It has been GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified and approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We rigorously test all our products and processes to ensure consistent maximum quality.

Our story

So how did we find ourselves in the dog supplements business? Well, the story begins with our own cute bundle of furry joy. It was love at first sight when we held him and stared into those chocolate brown eyes.

It’s amazing how quickly he grew in those early days. Wanting only the very best for him, we started researching what to feed him and other ways to ensure his peak wellness. One of the key things we found out was that prevention is the best medicine.

It’s never too early to stay on top of (and enhance) your dog’s health. However much like dog food, not all supplements on the market are created equal. Not satisfied with what we found, we decided to formulate our own range of supplements so we could be sure that it was of the highest quality. Realising that other pet parents would feel the same, we founded Alpha Paw with the mission of making a real impact on dog health, wellness and happiness! They bring us so much joy, it’s the very least we can do for them.

Our promise to keep those tails wagging

As animal lovers we know how important it is that your dog gets the very best. If for whatever reason you’re not satisfied with our product we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure you are. Contact our customer service team on contact@alphapaw.com for refunds and replacements.