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    Did you know that September 8th is National Dog walker Appreciation Day? For the one who doesn’t know it, “National Dog Walker Appreciation Day” is an officially recognized... Read More
07 SEP
    National Dog Day is on August 26, and we are getting ready to celebrate all our furry friends in the best ways possible! Let’s talk about that special day. What is National Dog Day,... Read More
24 AUG
As most dog parents know, dogs shed. Some shed more than others.. and some shed so much that you can get creative with their fur. And for some pet parents, the fur just won’t go away, even if... Read More
22 MAR
Dachshunds are quickly becoming one of the most popular dog breeds (though if you’ve been a sausage dog lover for years, it’s no surprise to you — it was only a matter of time before everyone... Read More
08 MAR
Did you know there's an entire dog community on Instagram that draws millions of follows, likes, and comments every single day? For Dachshund lovers, it's even more exciting when you find out... Read More
16 FEB
What Kind of Pet Should I Get? People, who want to become pet parents often ask themselves, “What kind of pet should I get?” There’s no easy answer to that question because there... Read More
09 FEB
Dachshund Gardeners Are Here! A pair of Dachshunds, along with their other four-legged buddies have taken over a garden and their fans couldn’t be happier about it. Kay Maynard has a beautiful... Read More
10 JAN
Think you know everything about dachshunds? We did too until we took this quiz. The best score our team go was 9/10. (Watch out for the trick question!) Test your knowledge by taking the quiz below.... Read More
09 JAN
Our Favorite Dachshund Memes If you own a Dachshund, you know they’ve got an oversized personality and these hilarious memes say it all!                ... Read More
07 JAN
A Life-long Companion The modern domesticated dog originated in China nearly 27,000 years ago. Dogs are believed to have evolved from wolves. The theory goes that wolves were more likely to survive... Read More
09 OCT
Meet 19 year old Liam Beach who went viral for owning a collection of 16... Read More
03 OCT
How Can I Keep My Dog Safe and Happy This Halloween? Halloween is one of the most festive holidays. Without a doubt, it’s a lot of fun for adults and children alike.  With some extra... Read More
02 OCT
Dachshunds are quirky short dogs with rambunctious personalities and a fascinating history. You might know Dachshund as “sausage dogs”, as they resemble little sausages on foot, but they are so... Read More
25 JUL
Smiling dog photos are just downright adorable, so we’ve put together a list of some of the cutest dogs sporting their biggest smiles. Whether the dogs were being goofy, happy, or simply posing for... Read More
20 JUL
There are tens of known dog breeds in the world. Some are popular, some are not. However, sadly, there are also those dog breeds that are now extinct – breeds that we can only now see in... Read More
10 JUL
Find out who your country singer soulmate is by taking this fun... Read More
02 JUL
It’s everywhere you look – on the couch, under the bookshelves, and in the closet. Dog hair is an accepted part of life when it comes to owning your furry best friend. When you brush out your... Read More
24 JUN
Everyone loves a meme, but when they are about our beloved breed they are even funnier. Below we have our top 10 favorite dachshund... Read More
22 JUN
Have you ever walked in the room and wondered where the dog was? Either they’re hiding behind something, under it, or they just blend in so well you can’t see them. That is until you sit... Read More
16 JUN
Two Dachshunds Free Ever Given Cargo Ship A ship stuck in the Suez Canal was finally free with the help of two hard-working Dachshunds, Crusoe and Oakley. The duo is seen in an adorable video posted... Read More
05 MAY

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