Ever Wondered What Your Dog Does When You’re Gone?

Ever wondered what your dog does when you're gone?

Unfortunately If You’re A Human Chances Are You Have To Leave Your House At Some Point Or Another.

Your dog accompanies you to the door as you leave. Then, when you get home, he enthusiastically greets you with all excitement while wiggling his tail and butt.

But, do you ever wonder what he has been doing while you are away? Well, if you are most people, you probably leave your dog all alone in your home for a good number of hours. So, there’s this curiosity.

While no dogs are alike and they most likely spend the day differently, here are some of the things they might be doing while you’re not at home.

Ever wondered what your dog does when you're gone?

Guard The House

One of the primary roles of dogs is to serve as your knight in shining armor. Okay,  that might be over exaggerating, but they are really made for guarding your property.

Dogs such as German Shepherd, Doberman Pinscher, Scottish and West Highland White Terrier, and others are great in guarding your house. Their bark is loud enough to raise an alarm and their bite is strong enough to fend off intruders.

They Sleep

Sleeping is a great way to pass some time. Dogs love to sleep and hope that when they wake up, you’re already home. They may sleep on the floor, on your bed, on the sofa, on your carpet, and even at the door.

Since you are not at home, it is the best time for your furry friend to rest and relax without anyone disturbing them.


Ever wondered what your dog does when you're gone?

Look Out The Window

If you have an indoor dog, he is probably thinking of the good old days being outside. He enjoys taking a walk with you and basking at the morning sun. He is reminiscing the time when he chased down the squirrel and barked at the trees with no apparent reason.

Your dog misses the time spent outside alright and he loves to look back by looking out the window. Alright, that’s a little melodramatic, but you get the point.

Dogs love to look out the window to see what’s happening outside. They are looking at the window to see if you are already near. They also look at the window as they are entertained by the various activities outside. They love to look at the birds, the people and cars passing by, and the other animals freely running outside.

Play With The Toilet Paper

One thing that you don’t want to happen is to rush out of the door and forgot to close your bathroom. Your curious furry friend will eventually find his way to the bathroom and play with the fluffy and soft tissue roll. No wonder you see a lot of scratched tissue papers inside your home.


Ever wondered what your dog does when you're gone?


Aside from sleeping, dogs love to eat. As a responsible and loving owner, you probably have left him with enough food to last him the day.

You just need to remember not to leave any human food on the table or kitchen sink. They can easily jump onto your table and try to eat the leftovers. If you’re unlucky, you’ll arrive home with broken plates and a messy kitchen.

Chew On Things

One thing that you don’t want to happen is when your dog chews on your favorite shoes or furniture. Usually, dogs with this behavioral problem are those who suffer from separation anxiety.

Instead of punishing and hitting your dog, you might need to train your dog and help him eliminate separation anxiety. You can learn more about this by reading articles on the subject or seeking help from a qualified dog trainer and veterinarian.

Ever wondered what your dog does when you're gone?

Your Dog Is Waiting For You

These are just some of the things your dog is doing while you’re away. Keep calm. Overall, you can relax knowing that your dog is probably just sleeping, hanging out, looking at the window, and waiting for you. They are just there faithfully doing their own stuff until your return. Doesn’t that make you want to go home to give your furry friend a hug?