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A Labrador Puppy’s New Chew Station Popular actress Reese Witherspoon reveals her black labrador puppy Major is probably going through a teething stage. The adorable pup decided to test out his... Read More
05 MAY
An Inspirational Character A former shelter dog is now a celebrity thanks to his owner, writer Gwen Romack. Romack adopted her dog Finn, a 3-year-old Vizsla mix, from the Carteret County Humane... Read More
07 DEC
Wagging A Patient Tail Imagine being in an animal shelter for most of your life. That is the true story of 4-year-old canine Charlize. But the story has a happy ending as she finally found her... Read More
06 DEC
A Horrifying Fall An Austin, TX dog named Stout is lucky to be alive after falling down a 70 ft cliff. The dog was strolling over Pennybacker Bridge overlook when he fell and landed on the ground... Read More
05 DEC
Lending A Helping Hand A delivery driver in Janesville, WI ended up delivering more than a meal when he was out for his rounds. He also returned a lost dog to his family. John Risque was out... Read More
04 DEC
A Sudden Disappearance It is always great to hear that a dog that went missing was reunited with its owner. But the story of Katie Olson and her dog Walter is a bit more unusual than most. Olson, who... Read More
03 DEC
The Sharpest Nose In the Room We all know dogs have a superior sense of smell. In fact, research has found that a dog’s nose has 300 million olfactory receptors as compared to a human’s 6... Read More
02 DEC
An Incredible Reunion A Tennessee family was reunited with their dog after they saw a post the animal shelter published on Facebook. It was three years ago that the dog ran away from his family’s... Read More
30 NOV
A Helping Hand for the Howlidays Charity is a very important component of our company. While we enjoy bringing amazing products to your fur babies at home, our work does not stop there. Each year,... Read More
22 NOV
The Smartest Dog We have all watched game shows that help us determine the smartest human. Now researchers are conducting a Genius Dog Challenge to find the smartest dog based on their ability to... Read More
19 NOV
Have you ever seen a dog who simply lies down as you approach him and then bare his belly? You know what that means, right? He wants to get a belly rub. Well, you probably have noticed how he tries... Read More
18 NOV
Heros Come In All Sizes Winston, a brave Dachshund, saved his friend’s life when a dangerous mountain lion tried to grab it while they were outside. Unfortunately, Mijo, the small... Read More
18 NOV

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