Bad Habits You Should Avoid With Your Dog

Bad habits you should avoid with your dog

They Say That Humans Are Creatures Of Habits, But The Same Can Be Said To Your Dog

Depending on how your pooch grew up, they may form both bad and good habits. Obviously, what you want is to keep the good ones and eliminate the bad ones.

Thus, it is crucial that you know where to start and quickly identify bad habits. To help you in this endeavor, take a look below at some of the bad habits you should avoid with your dog.


Dogs, especially puppies, explore the world through their mouth. Not only that, but they get a certain amount of pleasure when they chew on something.

While these can be a natural thing for your dog, it is something that can be destructive without proper control.

Chewing is good, but only if he does it on acceptable toys that you give him. Don’t let him chew on shoes, towels, furniture, and other inappropriate objects.

Bad habits you should avoid with your dog


The word “dog” is just one letter away from “dig.” So, it’s no wonder they love to get their paws dirty and smell the fresh earth. Oh okay. Perhaps, that’s not the reason, but you know how dogs can turn your lawn into a battlefield.

While this is fun for your dog, it is not to your lawn, garden, and yard. Digging destroys not only the aesthetic look of your yard but also the health of your plants.

If you see your dog digging for his toys, you may want to keep his toys inside your home. You can also divert your dog’s attention from digging by taking him to a walk or playing with him.

Bad habits you should avoid with your dog

Excessive Barking

Barking can be beneficial and annoying at the same time. It could disturb you and your neighbors. Hence, having a loud dog can sometimes be a source of conflict.

Teach your dog tricks such as “quiet” or “stay.” This should help him be quieter. Not only that, check what makes him bark. In most cases, that should solve the problem.

Stealing Food

Food is no doubt one of the most wonderful things for your dog. If you have food lying around, they might not be able to fight off temptation. Out of instinct, they would jump into any food without hesitation.

Thus, it is important to hide your foodstuff and keep it away from your dog if you don’t intend to give it. Don’t hand food to your dog while you eat on the table as well. This encourages your dog to eat out of his scheduled time. It also tells your dog that it is okay to eat food left on the counter and on the table.

Bad habits you should avoid with your dog

Chasing Cars

Some dogs love to chase after moving objects and these include cars. For your dog, a moving car looks like a prey or enemy he needs to chase. While this might be fun for your pooch, it is something you shouldn’t encourage.

You wouldn’t let your children chase cars and end up in traffic, right? So, you should not let your dog chase cars as well. This activity can easily put your pooch in a dire situation where he can easily get run over or bump into by vehicles.

Bad habits you should avoid with your dog

Finals Words

Dogs do have bad habits you need to correct and eliminate. Thankfully, with the right knowledge and training, you can help your dog become a more well-behaved and adjusted mutt.

If you need help, don’t hesitate to speak to your vet. Better yet, hire a professional trainer to help your dog develop good habits.