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    Did you know that September 8th is National Dog walker Appreciation Day? For the one who doesn’t know it, “National Dog Walker Appreciation Day” is an officially recognized... Read More
07 SEP
    National Dog Day is on August 26, and we are getting ready to celebrate all our furry friends in the best ways possible! Let’s talk about that special day. What is National Dog Day,... Read More
24 AUG
That sounds like a great idea, but you know it might never happen. Dogs can’t effectively and completely process complex human communication. Not only that, but you too may have difficulty in... Read More
18 APR
Easter is a time cherished by many, especially us chocolate lovers! It’s a time for colorful decorations, dishes and fun activities, egg hunts and family gatherings! Easter without chocolate... Read More
13 APR
Ever Wonder Why Your Four-Legged Friend Loves To Pick Up Sticks? Well, this might be a trivial curiosity, but knowing the answer to this question could help you better understand your dog. Who... Read More
05 APR
We All Want To Be As Close As Possible To Our Furry Friend. Thus, it is not difficult to see why some pet owners sleep with their dogs. Perhaps, you’re also thinking about the same thing. But is... Read More
09 MAR
Dachshunds Have Tails. That Is Pretty Obvious. What’s Not So Obvious For Some People Is Why They Have A Tail? How do dachshunds use their tails? What is it... Read More
09 MAR
When you look at how dog breeds have changed over the years, it’s kind of interesting especially when you consider how some breeds changed remarkably. If you lived a hundred years ago, you would... Read More
07 MAR
Does your Dachshund sleep a lot? If so, should you be concerned? How much sleep is too much for your dog? Well, it depends on what is causing your Dachshund’s sleepiness. We understand that your... Read More
04 MAR
You probably have heard this before: “Actions speak louder than words.” There’s a lot of truth in that statement and it is certainly true when it comes to dealing with your four-legged... Read More
03 MAR
Buddies From the Land and the Sea A Dachshund and a seal’s incredible friendship is making headlines and putting a spotlight on an important sanctuary in the UK. One day, Stanley and his owner,... Read More
25 FEB
Mental Exercise Is Just as Important as Physical Exercise! What are the simplest ways to keep your dog mentally stimulated? Good question and we have the answer! Pet parents sometimes forget that... Read More
18 FEB
The Price of Dog Ownership What is the value of a dog’s life?  Almost every dog owner will tell you that their furry friend is probably priceless. Their four-legged buddies are worth more than... Read More
12 FEB
Adding a pet to the family is an exciting prospect and an opportunity to teach responsibility to children early on. When children are excited about a new pet, they’re often interested in learning... Read More
01 FEB
Humans are not the only ones who can be misunderstood. Dogs are misunderstood too. Because of past experiences, what we see in movies, and what people say, we might have a preconceived idea of... Read More
30 JAN
Ever been in a conversation where you argue the proper pronunciation of a word? Take for example the name of one of the cutest breeds of dogs in the world – DACHSHUND! You probably have seen a... Read More
29 JAN
When We Lose Someone We Love, We Often Grieve The Loss. However, Do You Know That Dogs Grieve Too? Yes, they also grieve, but sometimes, it can be a little tricky to determine whether they are... Read More
20 JAN
The age of your dog in dog years may be different than another dog that was born at the same time. This is because larger dogs typically don’t live to be as old as smaller dogs. So, while a... Read More
13 JAN
It is obvious that when you hear parents say, “Oh, they grow up so fast,” they are referring to their children. However, when it comes to your baby Doxie, they literally grow up so... Read More
13 JAN
Dogs Love To Lick Us Which Leads Us To Wonder Why They Do The Things They Do. Licking is no doubt one way for dogs to communicate. Once you understand why your dog licks you, you will discover a... Read More
30 DEC

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