What Do Doxies Use Their Tails For? The Surprising Answer

What do doxies use their tails for?

Why Do They Have A Tail?

This may come as a surprise, but the tail of your doxie plays a big role in their life. Their tail is more than just an extension of their body, it is also an extension of who they are!

What do doxies use their tails for?

Doxies Use Their Tails For Movement And Balance

Observe your dog when they are running, walking, or simply standing. You will see that their tail serves as a stabilizer to help them maintain balance and perform certain movements.

One proof of this is when your dog walks on a narrow surface, you will see that their tail tries to put its weight on the opposite side of where they lean. Not only that, but the tail is super helpful when they are standing or walking on uneven surfaces or trying to climb up and down an elevation.

What do doxies use their tails for?

Doxie Uses Their Tails For Communication

The primary role of your doxie’s tail is communication. The tail helps your dachshund to communicate with you and other dogs around them.

While you can show your doxies love with lots of cuddles, treats, praises, and kisses,  they can’t do the same. Being dogs, your doxies have fewer ways to show you how much they adore you, and the tail is a great helper for that! Here are some communication cues your dog’s tail may be expressing:

  • Feeling happy and excitedwags tail continuously and vigorously.
  • Feeling at ease – keeps tail in a general state.
  • Feeling worried and frightened – wags tail lower than its general position.
  • Feeling nervous or submissive – holds tail lower and even tuck the tail between rear legs.
  • Feeling depressed, stressed, or frustrated – tail is tucked under.
  • Feeling curious and interested – the tail is held outstretched.

What do doxies use their tails for?

Use Your Doxie’s Tail To Understand Them Better

There you have it: the three most common ways your dog is using their tail. The tail of your dog serves aesthetic, functional, and social functions. It is truly useful and should not be taken for granted.

If you want to learn more, you can speak to your vet. You can also do your independent research and understand your dog better.

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