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Countdown of 10 Halloween Dog Movies to Watch with Your Four-legged Best Friend Halloween is here and dog lovers, we’ve got a list of our favorite scary movies to watch with your canine... Read More
26 OCT
Having a playful, cuddly, and adorable dachshund around is such a treat for so many pet lovers out there. Now that you feel you like to have a dachshund of your own, you might wonder, how much... Read More
21 SEP
Let’s face it: Pitbulls get a bad rap. Because of how the media popularly portray them plus negative incidents and reports, they are seen to be aggressive and undesirable. In fact, in some places,... Read More
17 SEP
How To Live Longer? You Have To Eat Healthy Food, Get Enough Rest, Avoid Bodily Harm, Exercise, And Yes, Get A Dachshund! Wait, did you say, get a dachshund? Yes, you read that... Read More
06 AUG
The Sharpest Nose In the Room We all know dogs have a superior sense of smell. In fact, research has found that a dog’s sense of smell is so powerful, it has 300 million olfactory receptors as... Read More
30 JUL
Are you living an active lifestyle and looking for a dog breed that could keep up with you? Perhaps, you love to run and you want a dog who can be your running buddy? Or maybe, you simply just want... Read More
28 JUL
T.G.I.F! It’s finally time for a doggy date night at home! You cuddle with your dog while watching a movie. You were having a good time until your dog licks and paws at a spot on your head... Read More
07 JUL
Pets, especially puppies, are like a small child. They love to play and explore their surroundings. Sometimes, they don't know whether what they are doing is dangerous or not. Thus, there would... Read More
08 JUN
Dogs Help Us Live Longer So, what are the secrets to living longer? Eat healthy food. Get enough rest. Avoid bodily harm. Exercise. Get a dog. Wait, what? Did you say, get a dog? Yes, you read that... Read More
06 JUN
A Labrador Puppy’s New Chew Station Popular actress Reese Witherspoon reveals her black labrador puppy Major is probably going through a teething stage. The adorable pup decided to test out his... Read More
05 MAY
An Inspirational Character A former shelter dog is now a celebrity thanks to his owner, writer Gwen Romack. Romack adopted her dog Finn, a 3-year-old Vizsla mix, from the Carteret County Humane... Read More
07 DEC
Lending A Helping Hand A delivery driver in Janesville, WI ended up delivering more than a meal when he was out for his rounds. He also returned a lost dog to his family. John Risque was out... Read More
04 DEC
A Sudden Disappearance It is always great to hear that a dog that went missing was reunited with its owner. But the story of Katie Olson and her dog Walter is a bit more unusual than most. Olson, who... Read More
03 DEC
Lend A Helping Paw – Every Day! Charity is a very important component of our company. While we enjoy bringing amazing products to your fur babies, our work does not stop there. Each year, more... Read More
22 NOV
The Smartest Dog We have all watched game shows that help us determine the smartest human. Now researchers are conducting a Genius Dog Challenge to find the smartest dog based on their ability to... Read More
19 NOV
A Whale of A Job! Dogs are known for being terrific companions, but did you know they also have the potential to save the lives of endangered species? One rescue dog named Eba is doing her part by... Read More
17 NOV
A Life-Threatening Condition Goes Unnoticed When Levi Carter booked an appointment to bleach her brunette hair to a much lighter shade of blonde, she was hoping for a lovely transformation. She never... Read More
13 NOV
Meet Wynn, A Comfort Dog In times of stress, our furry companions can offer an immense amount of comfort. The coronavirus has caused an upheaval in many of our lives and if you are a frontline... Read More
11 NOV
Your dog is already a lot of things for you. He is your source of joy. He is your protector, especially during the night. He keeps you company. He even assists you in finishing up your... Read More
11 NOV
Introducing the Pets-Elected Forget the POTUS, follow the DOTUS! Welcome to a brand new white house with two newly-elected fur buddies who will keep the white house staff distracted with lots of ear... Read More
10 NOV

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