A Dog Survives A 70 Foot Fall, Saved By A Miracle!

An amazing animal story: a dog survives 70 foot fall, saved by a miracle!

A Horrifying Fall

Imagine walking your dog across a bridge and suddenly, a terrifying accident happens. Your precious pup falls off the bridge. It’s a steep drop and your fur buddy has disappeared. That’s exactly what happened to one pet parent in Texas. Thankfully, the story had a miraculous ending!

In Austin, TX, a dog named Stout was lucky to be alive after falling down a 70 ft cliff. The dog was walking with his pet parent across the Pennybacker Bridge overlook when he fell.

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Amazingly, when Stout was found, he was alive. Somehow, the four-legged buddy survived the fall unscathed. As if that wasn’t enough of a miracle, a paramedic was nearby and heard his cries.

Bob Luddy was close by doing some rope training when his pet parent called for help. Together they searched for Stout and once he was located,  Bob was able to rescue the poor pup.

A dog survives a 70 foot fall, saved by a miracle!

A Dangerous Situation

A representative from Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services explained what happened. “After the owner identified where the dog had fallen from, Capt. Luddy rigged an anchor strap to a tree, attached a rappel line and safety line to the anchor, and rappelled down the cliff face.”

Luddy feared the worst but he was happy to find Stout mostly unharmed. “He must have fallen about 70 feet and hit a few branches and bushes on the way down. I was ecstatic to find him in such good condition.”

A dog survives a 70 foot fall, saved by a miracle!

A Happy Ending

Even though Stout seemed to be okay, Luddy advised his owner to follow up with a vet’s visit to make sure he didn’t have any internal injuries.

Stout and his owners were fortunate to have had a brave medical professional nearby after the dog’s treacherous fall. It is hopeful that the canine continues to enjoy a long and healthy life.