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An Enthralling Designer Dog Designer dogs have become a thing in the 21st century with professional breeders trying various types of genetic combinations. But, Shepherd dogs have always remained... Read More
06 SEP
We recently held a contest where entrants were challenged to submit their cutest sleeping Dachshund photo and the results were adorable! The top 10 photos with the highest votes won some pawsome... Read More
03 SEP
If you've noticed more puppy pictures than baby pictures on your social media feeds, this is probably... Read More
12 AUG
We recently hosted a contest called "Best Dachshund Selfie"! Here are some entries that we think deserve an honorable mention.... Read More
07 AUG
We have compiled this list of 10 of our favorite dog memes that are sure to make your day a little... Read More
10 JUL
Need an excuse to smile today? We have compiled this list of 10 of our favorite Dachshund memes that are sure to make your day a little... Read More
09 JUL
The top 5 Doxie Nap Positions We love our Dachshunds, and they give us so much enjoyment, as we watch them sleep eat or play, but our favorite time with our Dachshunds is nap time, and that’s... Read More
22 MAY
Over 4,000 people posted the last image on their phone of their Dachshund, and the results are so hilarious we just had to share some of our favorites with... Read More
19 APR
There is nothing cuter than seeing a dachshund in full flight, running through the grass or towards their owner. As part of our #SDC200kgiveaway Instagram competition, we compiled the best slow-mo... Read More
04 MAR
We get a large amount of submissions for dachshunds to be featured on our website and social media pages. Although we wish we could choose them all, here is a list of 13 of our... Read More
03 MAR
We all know dachshunds are one of the (if not the) cutest dog breeds in the world. Those short little legs, big brown eyes, and floppy ears are the types of things that make you swoon. If you’re... Read More
01 MAR
One of the great things about fall (even if you can’t stand the cold)? You get to dress up your little doxie in cute outfits all you want. Bring on the scarves, the vests, the cute little hats and,... Read More
01 MAR

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