Trending Dogs: Why The Mini Australian Shepherd Is 2019’s Dog

Mini australian shepherd

An Enthralling Designer Dog

Designer dogs have become a thing in the 21st century with professional breeders trying various types of genetic combinations. But, Shepherd dogs have always remained popular, and the smaller version of the Australian Shepherd is everywhere right now.

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Also known as Mini American Shepherds, these dogs have similar coats to the full-size ones but work for people who can’t see their home with a giant canine. Instead, this medium-sized dog fits the shepherd bill.

Mini australian shepherd

A Big Personality!

While many dog movies bring on dog trends, the Mini American/Australian Shepherd’s popularity because breeders are breeding them more. So, the more available, the more popular and commonplace they become.

These dogs grow to be about 20-40 pounds in weight as opposed to 60 or more pounds found with the full-size version of this breed.

They Need Lots of Love

According to Vox, you should still be careful when buying this dog. Mini American Shepherds may be trendy, but you still need to know about their personality and how much care they need before giving them a forever home.

These dogs are highly intelligent and curious with tons of energy, so they need lots of attention and exercise throughout the day. Leave them to their own devices, and you can have trouble in your home. However, they are also very loyal dogs and will stay by their owners’ side like the man’s best friends they are.

Mini australian shepherd

Easily trained

The good thing is they are simple dogs to train. “They’re very smart and very easy to train because they pick up on everything. They just want to be with you and doing whatever you’re doing,” Shepherd owner Gabby Rundle.

They also need frequent brushing and grooming, but once you get the training and care down, you will have a friend for life.

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