Have A Blast With Your Pup On Halloween

Have a blast with your pup on halloween

How Can I Keep My Dog Safe and Happy This Halloween?

Halloween is one of the most festive holidays. Without a doubt, it’s a lot of fun for adults and children alike.  With some extra planning,  you can make Halloween just as fun for your four-legged buddy while keeping them safe and stress-free!

Have a howling good time with your pup this halloween!

Costumes for Dogs: To Wear or Not To Wear?

As much as want our pooches to wear an adorable costume, do NOT put a costume on your four-legged buddy unless you know they will be comfortable in it. The costume should not restrict their movement, ability to breathe, sight, or ability to bark.

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The costume should not have any dangling pieces that can be chewed off or worse, become a choking hazard. Additionally, always allow your dog to acquaint themselves with the costume. If they show signs they are not interested in the costume, allow them to go without one. While it would be cute to see your dog dressed up, your dog’s comfort and happiness should come first.

Have a blast with your pup on halloween

Keep Your Dog Away From The Candy Bowl

Under no circumstances should you ever give your four-legged buddy Halloween candy. Not only is it human food, but it can also be very toxic to your pet. A lot of candies, if not all – contain the artificial sweetener xylitol.  Xylitol can be fatal for dogs as it causes a sudden drop in blood sugar, loss of coordination, and seizures.

Instead of human treats, give them dog treats. Grab a bag of All-Natural Cookies, and your dog will love you for it. Not only that but for every bag of Victor’s cookies sold, one meal is donated to a shelter dog in need! You can also use dental sticks as treats. These not only satisfy your pup’s tastebuds, but they also help in cleaning your pup’s teeth!

Keep Your Dog Inside

Halloween is a spectator holiday. Everyone who is in costume is out to be seen. Every house that has Halloween decorations was done to be seen. While the bright colors and wondrous prompts are eye candy for humans, these sights and sounds can be terrifying for your four-legged buddy.

As tempting as it is to take your dog out for a walk during this holiday, keep them at home. They’ll appreciate you for it. Make sure their space is comfortable until you come back. Alpha Paw’s cozy comforting bed is perfect for reducing stress in your pup when you are gone. Additionally, spray a calming diffuser in their area and give them a calming chew as well.

Have a blast with your pup on halloween

Keep Your Dog Away From the Door

If you are home for Halloween, and you’re on duty to pass out treats, do not allow your dog to be your sidekick. Not only will the plethora of people in costumes be scary, but they could also panic and dart out the door. To prevent this from happening, keep your four-legged buddy in another room of the house.

Moreover, check to ensure their microchip is updated. It would be horrible if your dog ran away because it was scared. It would be devastating if your dog was found by someone, but they were missing information on their collar or microchip.

Have a blast with your pup on halloween

Keep Your Dog Away From Electrical Wires and Halloween Props

One of the biggest hazards for your four-legged buddy during Halloween is electrical wires. Accidentally tripping over a wire could mean disaster if that wire is lighting up props. If the props fall, they could cause a big mess or worst, a fire. Not only that but if your pup chews on a wire, that would be very dangerous and be fatal. Instead, distract them with this  Bouncy Fish toy, and Tennis balls!

Final Thoughts

Holidays are a lot of fun, and we want it to stay that way! Keeping our four-legged buddies safe during these events will go a long way in creating lasting, wonderful memories for ourselves and our fur buddies.

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