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A Hotel for Sausage Dog Lovers: The Teckel Hotel Tirol


A Hotel for Sausage Dog Lovers, the Dutch word for “dachshund” is “teckel” and the appropriately named Teckel Hotel Tirol in the Austrian Alps is completely devoted to the little dog breed.

The unassuming hotel nestled against a towering mountain in ski country boasts a dachshund-branded flag outside and you’re likely to meet a real-life dachshund any second upon arrival. The property has 15 guest rooms (which range in size) and, while it’s perfect for skiers in the winter, it’s all dogs all the time in the summer. (Plus, for the humans, if you’re not into snow sports in the winter or hiking in the summer, the hotel is also located close to the local village, so you can see the historic architecture, shop and dine.)

There are plenty of amenities your doxie will appreciate: a doggy pool, doggy bath area, a water bowl at every turn and lots of dog-friendly furniture. A fenced-in lawn provides a place for your pup to play while you watch from the terrace. There’s even an indoor play area with an additional terrace there as well.

You can bring your dog to meals and your room will come with a dog bed, bowl and treats. Many guests bring their dogs along to socialize with all the others and it’s a great chance for friendly dachshunds to socialize with both new people and new dogs.

There are also lots of dachshund-particular activities that you can enjoy, like long hikes through the Alps and a gondola ride. If you need to leave your dachshund for a bit to run an errand, they offer a dog shelter where you can board your dog for up to three hours.

Opened last year, the owners didn’t originally intend for the hotel to end up as a pup haven. When they made a joke about doing so and received an enormous response from interested puppy parents, who very much wanted the Teckel Hotel to become a reality, they decided to go ahead with it.


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A hotel for sausage dog lovers: the teckel hotel tirol


A Hotel for Sausage Dog Lovers: The Teckel Hotel Tirol

Now you can bring other dog breeds to the hotel…you just need to be sure that they’re accustomed to dachshunds and dachshunds’ very particular personalities. You also have to let the owners know ahead of time what dog breed you’re bringing with you.

Your pricing includes breakfast and access to all of the dachshund amenities, with options to add-on special dachshund group activities and the dachshund boarding. When you book one room, you can bring up to four dachshunds for free! That’s a lot of sausage dog! Rooms start at 70 Euros.

Still not convinced the Teckel Hotel is where you hould plan your next vacation? Trust us. Just take a look at some of the photos below from their Instagram. You’ll be packing up your suitcase and your sausage dog before you know it!

The teckel hotel tirol

The teckel hotel tirol

Hotel for sausage dog

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