Brave Woman Fights Off 15-Foot Python Attacking Her Miniature Dachshund

Brave woman fights off 15-foot python attacking her miniature dachshund

Tanya Drysdale Saves Her Sausage Dog From A Deadly Python

A fierce pet parent from Francistown, Botswana, fought down a 15-foot python as it attacked her Dachshund. Tanya Drysdale battled the snake and was able to get it off her little dog. The pet parent revealed this wasn’t the first time she’s had to face down a snake who was after a family member.

According to her Facebook post, in January, Drysdale fought off the python when it bit her daughter. In an image posted on her social media, Drysdale’s daughter is injured and she is seen in the background being tended to. In the foreground, Drysdale holds a massive snake. Most people would call for help at the sight of a monstrous snake, but not Drysdale.

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The mother didn’t think she would see the snake again, so it was a shocker when the python came back. This time, Drysdale needed help. The python had her miniature sausage dog in its grips. Like many giant pythons, it was in the act of constricting the helpless Weiner dog. She and her husband battled with the snake for 15 minutes.

Brave woman fights off 15-foot python attacking her miniature dachshund

A Miraculous Survival Story!

Even though Tanya Drysdale fought off the snake, she thought her poor dog had died. Miraculously, the miniature Dachshund survived the snake attack. The worried pet parent posted on Facebook:

“So who would have thought I would have to fight off a python twice, firstly when it bit my daughter at the end of Jan and then again today when it caught my miniature sausage dog. It was a real battle to unwrap my little dog from the huge 4.6 metre snake. My husband and I fought for over 15 minutes to get it off her, all the time it was crushing her tiny body, I was sure we had lost her. But eventually, we got it off, and apart from a few broken teeth embedded in her tummy she’s ok.”

Brave woman fights off 15-foot python attacking her miniature dachshund
Even though the python had wrapped itself around the tiny dog, Drysdale and her husband most likely distracted it and its hold wasn’t as deadly as it could have been.

Brave woman fights off 15-foot python attacking her miniature dachshund

What Kind of Snake Attacked the Dachshund?

According to The Citizen, African Snakebite Institute snake expert Johan Marais identified the snake as a southern African python. These deadly snakes don’t shy away from furry family members. They can grow up to 18 feet long or 5.5 meters. Additionally, the southern African pythons can weigh up to 145 lbs or 65kg. With that size, it’s easy to see why small dogs, rodents, and other small animals are part of their diet. Thankfully, humans are off the menu and attacks on them are rare.

Marais added that “We have had one fatality in South Africa in over 100 years – a youngster looking after cattle in Limpopo was killed in the ’70s. Not from the bite but from constriction.” What would you do if you were in Drysdale’s shoes? Share your thoughts in the comments!

It’s amazing the strength and confidence we get when our family (human and four-legged) are in trouble. Drysdale did what she had to do, without any training as an exotic animal handler, and thankfully, she came out the hero!

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