Amazing Animal Rescues: Two Puppies pulled from Cobra pit

Two puppies fall into well

In an unbelievable situation in the Indian state of Punjab, two puppies tumbled into a deep well. Unfortunately, if that wasn’t bad enough, there was a slithering, scary resident at the bottom of the well.

A king cobra was using the well as its nest when the puppies fell in. Needless to say, the pups were terrified of being eaten and the owner was beyond frantic with worry! Interestingly, the snake did not want to eat the puppies. As it turned out, it was protecting the puppies from the side of the well that was flooded. And if that’s hard to believe, the trio spent close to two days in the well together without a bite.

Amazing animal rescues_ two puppies pulled from cobra pit (2)

An unlikely protector

The Cobra stayed close to them, and they huddled in the same spot. Everyone was surprised by the scene. How could a snake be protecting puppies? As confusing as it seemed, that was exactly what happened.

Anxious with worry, but unable to get to the two puppies, the owner stayed close by until rescuers arrived. Once they pulled the puppies out, everyone was happy!

Amazing animal rescues: two puppies pulled from cobra pit

Why did the Cobra not bite the puppies?

One question that comes to mind is why the snake did not bite or try to eat the two puppies. It’s definitely something to marvel about when we see animals extend empathy and help to another animal.

The mortality rate for puppies

Many puppies don’t live to see adulthood due to preventable accidents. In the United States alone, an estimated 1 million puppies die each year in accidents.

These include car accidents, strangulation, drowning, electrocution, heatstroke, and poisoning. Car accidents account for the highest number of fatalities—about 37% of all puppy deaths by accident. Strangulation is the second leading cause of accidental death, accounting for around 24%. Other common causes include falls from windows or balconies (20%), drownings (11%), and heatstroke (8%).

In addition to these tragic deaths due to preventable accidents, there are a variety of other health issues that affect puppy mortality rates. Puppy mortality rates vary greatly depending on breed size and exercise requirements.

Larger breeds usually have shorter lifespans than smaller breeds due to joint problems that tend to develop with age. Certain breeds are also prone to certain illnesses. For example, German Shepherds can experience hip dysplasia which can lead to painful arthritis later in life.

Poor nutrition can also lead to earlier death in puppies; therefore it’s important for owners to provide them with a balanced diet formulated especially for their breed’s needs. Lastly, parasite infections such as fleas or heartworms can significantly reduce a puppy’s lifespan if left untreated.

Because so many puppy fatalities are caused by preventable accidents or diseases that can be easily treated with proper care and nutrition, it’s crucial that pet owners take precautions when interacting with their puppies and ensure they receive regular checkups from the vet.

It’s also important for owners not only to understand their breed’s particular needs but also to provide adequate exercise in order for them to reach their maximum lifespan potential and enjoy a long healthy life as much as possible!

Final Thoughts

What do you think happened in the well? Why did the snake stay and help the pups? Share your thoughts in the comments!