Incredible Puppy Bus Takes Dogs on Outdoor Adventures

Incredible puppy bus takes dogs on outdoor adventures

A puppy bus ride

Yes, there is a real puppy bus just for our fur buddies, but you’ll have to go to Alaska to access their services! Mo Mountain Mutts offers an incredibly unique yet invaluable service in the small town of Skagway, Alaska – a daycare for otherwise home-confined canines. As if that wasn’t enough, Mo Mountain Mutts takes it one step further by taking their doggy clients on grand adventures outdoors as part of a big canine crew via a puppy bus!

Incredible puppy bus takes dogs on outdoor adventures

An innovative solution

For six years, Mo and Lee Thompson have provided an out-of-the-box solution to taking their canine clients on nature walks. They bought a puppy bus and included at-home pick-ups as part of their service. Thompson added that they start at one end of town and start picking up their doggie clients one by one and then it’s adventure time up the trailhead.

This cutting-edge approach relieves our furry friends of having to meet up in one place while still providing plenty of outdoor fun! According to reports, Mo Thompson loves what they do, and the dogs obviously love it as well.

Incredible puppy bus takes dogs on outdoor adventures

Final Thoughts

Taking furry friends on outdoor escapades – what could be more exciting than that? Imagine being able to sign up your pup for a day of fun and adventure with some canine companions. Have you ever wished for something like this in your hometown? Let us know how you feel about having puppy bus adventures available! Photo credit: The Dodo

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