Dachshund Shih Tzu Mix: When East Meets West

Dachshund Shih Tzu Mix: When East Meets West

The Shih Tzu Dachshund mix, or more endearingly, the Shiweenie, is an unlikely combo of breeds that is as cute as it is fuzzy!

This furry fellow derives from the prized and fluffy Chinese Shih Tzu or the Lion Dog, and the German Dachshund, or the Badger hound, which has a characteristic appearance earning them the pet name “Sausage dog.”

If you like the sound of that, dig into our Dachshund Shih Tzu puppy guide and get a better idea of what this breed is all about!

3 Valid Reasons Not to Adopt the Shih Tzu Dachshund Mix Puppy

As with every other breed, the Dachshund mixed with Shih Tzu has specific characteristics that some owners might find undesirable. Before you decide to adopt a Shiweenie, think about whether you can live with a dog that has these traits:

  1. They need daily grooming.
  2. They are prone to congenital health issues.
  3. They are quite expensive to keep.

Best Dog Food for Dachshund Shih Tzu Mix

Keep your Dachshund Shih Tzu Mix in top shape with our recommended dog foods that cater to their nutritional needs. These carefully selected options will provide the essential nutrients to keep your furry friend healthy and happy.

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They Need Daily Grooming

Shiweenies usually inherit the long or medium length hair of their Shih Tzu parent that is dense and fine. You will need to brush it every day to keep it neat and tangle-free. The Long-haired Dachshund Shih Tzu mix is the pup that will surely need the most effort to maintain. People who don’t have the time or patience for so much fuss should opt for a different breed.

They Are Prone to Congenital Health Issues

Dachshunds tend to have dominant genes as most of their cross-breeds inherit their elongated torsos. They also pass down the back issues that come with it. Shih Tzus are prone to various eye and breathing conditions. Potential owners need to be diligent in taking the mix of these two breeds to regular checkups with the vet.

They Are Quite Expensive to Keep

A dog that is bestowed with such a lush coat as a Shiweenie will not only need a lot of grooming but also quite a lot of accompanying equipment to keep it tidy. The price tag of those gadgets may thwart new owners — especially if they aren’t apt at grooming the dog themselves and need to invest in the pricey visits to the dog parlor on a regular basis.

3 Sound Reasons to Welcome the Dachshund Shih Tzu Into Your Home

Now that you know what the worst traits of this cross are, let’s see what owners of Shih Tzu and Dachshund mix dogs love the most about their pets!

  1. They have enough love to spare. These pups are so endearing that they will steal the heart of anyone they meet (Doxies certainly stole Picasso’s!). They are open to strangers and love to cuddle with them. Their owner will always be their favorite human, but they will gladly admit anyone into their pack!
  2. They won’t cause your allergies to flare up. The Shih Tzu Dachshund is a dog that sheds minimally. This is a trait they get from their Chinese parent, which is often classified among the most hypoallergenic dog breeds.
  3. They get along with other pets. Shiweenies aren’t only friendly toward humans — they also love hanging with other animals, which makes them ideal additions to families with multiple pets.

Curious About What the Dachshund Shih Tzu Mix Pups Look Like?

Dachshund shih tzu mix: when east meets west

Given that this cross comes from two breeds that are significantly different from each other, it comes as no surprise that no two littermates look alike.

Most Shiweenies seem to inherit Dachshund’s elongated body that is low to the ground. The coat is usually of the long variety, similar to that of the Shih Tzu parent, and it can vary in hue. The shoulders tend to be broad, and the head perched, with a characteristically cute and smiling expression.

The pups can have the short muzzle, blue eyes, and long, curled tails of the Shih Tzus or they can inherit the large dark eyes, long nose, and short, straight tails from Dachshunds. The ears are big and floppy, often covered with long hairs.

Weight 9–20 pounds
Height 11–20 inches
Size Toy dog
Coat type Medium to long; silky or coarse; wavy or straight
Coat color Gold, white, brown, black, liver, brindle, red, grey, or any combination of two or three colors
Shedding Low
Eyes Large; dark brown, blue, or hazel
Nose Long and thin or short, depending on which parent it resembles more; Leather or chocolate color
Ears Floppy, sometimes covered with long fur
Temperament Affectionate, loyal, alert, stubborn, inquisitive, friendly, alert, possessive
Life expectancy 12–16 years
Hypoallergenic No
Kid-friendly Yes
New owner friendly Yes
Breed recognition AKC recognized Shih Tzus as a breed in 1969 and Dachshunds in 1885. Shiweenies are yet to be officially recognized as a breed.

Is the Shih Tzu Dachshund Cross a High-Maintenance Dog?

Contrary to what we may assume when we see this furry pooch, Shiweenie’s luscious coat doesn’t shed a lot. It is characterized rather as hair than as fur and will fall out minimally when you brush and bathe your pup. Shih Tzus are considered to be hypoallergenic due to this prominent characteristic, and the same trait can pass down to their mixed-breed offspring (check out the Pug Shih Tzu mix, as well). If you are particularly prone to dog allergies, in rare cases, you could still react to the pup’s dander and saliva.

The Dachshund Shih Tzu’s coat naturally grows until it reaches the floor, but it should be trimmed around the bum and the feet for hygiene reasons. You can also cut it to make grooming easier, but the hair requires daily brushing, either way, to prevent tangling.

Keep in mind that the hair will grow back fast and will need trimming every 4–6 weeks. That is why most owners tend to cut it completely short. The most popular cuts are the “puppy cut” and “teddy bear cut,” which is similar but with a more rounded face. When groomed like this, you may mistake your pup for one of your stuffed toys!

Although neither of the parent breeds is among the top 10 world’s most expensive dog breeds to own, the frequent coat trimming and trips to the dog parlor could make this puppy breed slightly more costly to keep for some owners.

Bathe your dog only when needed, because doing it too often may dry out their skin and cause it to flake. For that reason, make sure you use only natural dog shampoos. Trim their nails every couple of weeks and brush their teeth twice a week. Here are the top 10 best dog dental chews that can help keep your pooch’s pearly whites strong and healthy.

Brushing frequency Brushes for the Schweenie mix
  • Pin and bristle brush
  • Slicker brush
  • Nail clippers
  • Deshedding rake

What Is the Shih Tzu Dachshund Puppy’s Temper?

Dachshund shih tzu mix: when east meets west

If what you are looking for in a puppy is one that will be your best friend, look no further! The Shih Tzu Dachshund mix loves their owner to the bone and is very protective of them. It is not to say that they are hostile to other people; in fact, they love being surrounded by humans as playing and cuddling with them is one of this pup’s favorite pastimes. They share that with Doxies, who are a never-ending inspiration for Dachshund gifts and trinkets!

They will also accept living in a household with other animals without a fuss. They aren’t too inclined to large dogs, though — they have a habit of being territorial around them and bark more than usual.

Dachshund Shih Tzu mixes are receptive of strangers but still on alert, owing to their Chinese-bred parent’s temperament. The other side of their ancestry bestowed them with stubbornness and independence, which may be tricky when you try to housebreak this doggy. Learning about the essential Dachshund facts will help tremendously when you train their mixed puppers.

Will the Shih Tzu Mix With Dachshund Be Easy to Train?

Dachshund and Shih Tzu mix puppies are brilliant and can learn new tricks and commands with ease. Their obstinate nature may be an obstacle to training, and they may act disobediently and be unresponsive to your training methods at times. Arm yourself with patience and be persistent in your approach. Also, make sure to avoid these common dog training mistakes.

If your pup is reluctant to cooperate no matter what you do, you may have to introduce cage training as a means of punishment. Make sure to reward their participation, too. To help you out in your efforts, here are our best dog treat brands that will have your pooch do your bidding for a nibble of these delicious snacks. In the same vein, we have a rundown of the worst dog treat brands that we recommend you to skip.

As with any other dog out there, start obedience training and socialization from a young age. You will have a pup that is well-behaved around strangers and that refrains from barking excessively at other dogs. Here are the best ways to train your puppy.

How Will Shih Tzu Dachshund Mix Puppies Fit In With My Family?

Shiweenies have a loving and playful nature, and they are exceptionally friendly to people. That is what makes them ideal pets for large families, but they will be equally happy with singles or couples with small children. Unlike their Dachshund parent, these puppies get along with kids and are fantastic babysitters!

The same applies to their acceptance of other pets. You will never have problems with jealousy and aggression, although they may get a teensy possessive… of you! When this pup sees you snuggling with another furry friend, better make room for your Shiweenie buddy on the couch, too!

What Are the Most Common Health Problems That Shiweenies Can Have?

The Shih Tzu and Dachshund cross are susceptible to several hereditary conditions. Potential owners need to be aware of them before adopting this mix in order to understand how to take care of their pets properly. Sometimes, a tendency for particular conditions may call for more frequent trips to the vet or specific dietary requirements. Other times, owners need to adjust the activities and exercise routine of their dog to stop them from getting hurt.

If possible, ask about the pedigree of the puppy you are planning to get. Try to learn about their ancestry and ask for health certificates if there are any. Having information about the parent’s health will help you know what to expect in terms of your hybrid’s health.

Here are the main health issues seen in Shiweenies:

  1. Hypothyroidism. If you notice your happy pup has become sluggish, and their coat has lost its luster and started to shed increasingly, you should take your dog to the doctor. Bloodwork will reveal if hypothyroidism is the issue at hand. If so, the dog will get oral medication that will prevent the condition from causing further damage to their health, such as seizures or heart problems.
  2. Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD). The long bodies of Dachshund breeds don’t get enough support from their short legs, and if they strain themselves too much, they can suffer from back pain. Intervertebral Disk Disease is a chronic condition that can result in disc rupture and even progress to paralysis. If your pooch inherits that elongated body, you will need to restrict their activity to preserve their back. Here are more tips on how to take care of your doggo’s joints.
  3. Breathing problems. All Shih Tzu breeds are susceptible to breathing issues owing to their short snouts. One of the most prominent is the Brachycephalic Airway Obstruction Syndrome (BAOS). It can cause discomfort when sleeping and exercising. Your pup is also at risk of developing an inflamed trachea, and they are prone to snoring.
  4. Eye issues. If you notice your dog is pawing at their eyes a lot, they may have developed an eye infection, such as Conjunctivitis. Another common eye condition in this breed is Vitreous Degeneration. It is associated with cataracts and involves a change to the gel-like substance that fills the eyeball. All of these eye conditions can lead to blindness in dogs if left untreated and unsupervised.

To make sure your pup is healthy, take them to regular checkups even when they aren’t showing any worrying symptoms to make sure everything is in order. Owners often oversee warning signals that vets can identify with ease, which is the case with seizures and skin issues. Early diagnosis will make any condition easier to treat and will make everyday life more enjoyable for both your buddy and you!

Major concerns Minor concerns Occasional tests
  • Intervertebral Disc Disease
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Breathing problems
  • Eye issues
  • Epilepsy
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Ear infections
  • Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia
  • Teeth issues
  • Eye examination
  • Physical examination
  • Radiographs
  • Blood tests
  • X-Rays

What Is the Best Food for the Dachshund and Shih Tzu Mix?

Any responsible dog owner who loves their pet wants to provide only the best quality food for their furry baby. That is why AlphaPaw has done the hard work for you and reviewed numerous food brands to find the best and the worst among them.

Shiweenie is a toy dog in size, which means they don’t need as much food as larger breeds. They can gain weight quickly, so you should watch their portions. Most dogs of their stature eat around one to one and a half cups of kibble each day. It largely depends on how big they are and how active they are on a daily basis. Make sure not to serve it to them in one large meal, but rather divide it into two or three servings a day.

Go for food that is rich in fiber and protein. That will keep your pup’s tummy full and meet their energy needs. Fish oil supplements that contain omega fatty acids are also a good idea for this breed as they promote healthier coats, bones, hearts, and skin.

With all that in mind, refer to our guides on the best and worst dog food brands:

What Do Shih Tzu Dachshund Puppies Need in Terms of Exercise?

Dachshund mix with Shih Tzu likes going for brisk walks or running with other pets in the yard or at the dog park. They appreciate being outdoors and hunting small animals, sniffing around, and investigating the surroundings.

When bad weather strikes, they are perfectly happy to stay inside and play with their owners. Here are some ideas on how to keep your pup active even in the tiniest of apartments:

  1. Tug-of-War is an excellent game, but beforehand, your pooch must learn commands like “drop” and “leave.”
  2. Jump-the-Obstacle is another fantastic game, but it will depend on the amount of space you have at your disposal. It is also not recommended for dogs with IVDD.
  3. Fetch is an all-time puppy favorite. Just make sure to reward their effort with a pat on the head and a tasty treat.
Activity level Recommended miles/day Activity minutes/day
Medium 7–10 30–45

Wanna See More Doxie Hybrids?

If what you read above didn’t sound like the ideal dog for you, don’t give up just yet! There are plenty of puppies out there waiting for someone to love. In case you need some inspiration, these are some of the best dog breeds to adopt.

If you simply love Dachshunds so much that you would only consider getting one of their mixed breeds, we’ve got you covered! First, check out our Dachshund breed guide and these adorable Dachshund memes, and then choose your favorite Doxie cross from the table below.

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Dachshund Golden Retriever mix Dachshund Pitbull mix Dachshund Corgi mix
Chihuahua Dachshund mix Jack Russell Dachshund mix Dachshund Poodle mix
Dachshund Yorkie mix German Shepherd Dachshund mix Dachshund Terrier mix
Pomeranian Dachshund mix Cocker Spaniel Dachshund mix Shih Tzu Dachshund mix
Min Pin Dachshund mix Basset Hound Dachshund mix Dachshund Husky mix
Maltese Dachshund mix Dachshund Dalmatian mix Australian Shepherd Dachshund mix
Border Collie Dachshund mix Rottweiler Dachshund mix Doberman Dachshund mix
Papillon Dachshund mix Rat Terrier Dachshund mix Italian Greyhound Dachshund mix
Bulldog Dachshund mix Blue Heeler Dachshund mix Boxer Dachshund mix
Great Dane Dachshund mix French Bulldog Dachshund mix Weimaraner Dachshund mix
Dachshund Boston Terrier mix Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dachshund mix Cairn Terrier Dachshund mix
Shiba Inu Dachshund mix Dachshund Bichon mix Pekingese Dachshund mix
Schnauzer Dachshund mix English Cream Dachshund

Dachshund Shih Tzu Mix FAQ:

1. What is a Dachshund Shih Tzu Mix? A Dachshund Shih Tzu Mix, often known as a “Shweenie,” is a hybrid breed resulting from the crossbreeding of a Dachshund and a Shih Tzu. These mixes may inherit a blend of characteristics from both parent breeds.

2. Why are Shih Tzus considered the worst dogs? It’s important to note that opinions on dog breeds vary. While some may find Shih Tzus to be challenging due to their independent nature, others appreciate their affectionate and friendly qualities. Training, socialization, and understanding individual dog personalities play key roles in a dog’s behavior.

3. How big does Shih Tzus get? Shih Tzus are a small breed, typically weighing between 9 to 16 pounds and standing around 9 to 10.5 inches at the shoulder. Size may vary, and genetics play a role in determining an individual Shih Tzu’s size.

4. When do mixed-breed dogs stop growing? The growth and development of mixed breed dogs, including Dachshund Shih Tzu mixes, depend on various factors such as genetics, nutrition, and overall health. In general, most dogs stop growing between 1 and 2 years of age.

5. How long has Shih Tzus lived? Shih Tzus has a lifespan of around 10 to 16 years, depending on factors such as genetics, diet, exercise, and veterinary care. Providing proper care and attention to their health can contribute to a longer and healthier life.

6. What is a Shih Tzu and Chihuahua mix called? A mix between a Shih Tzu and a Chihuahua is commonly known as a “ShiChi” or “ChiTzu.” This hybrid may exhibit a combination of traits from both parent breeds.

7. What is a Yorkie and Shih Tzu mix called? A Yorkie and Shih Tzu mix is often referred to as a “Shorkie Tzu” or simply a “Shorkie.” This crossbreed can have a variety of characteristics, blending those of the Yorkshire Terrier and Shih Tzu breeds.


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