Top 10 Best Dog Breeds To Own If You Live In A City

Top 10 Best Dog Breeds To Own If You Live In A City

While everyone loves to have a dog to call their own, it can be especially difficult for all of the city dwellers out there to find a dog breeds to own that is suitable for their needs. Purchasing a dog that will have to live in an apartment or an enclosed space is challenging, as many dog breeds cannot handle being cooped up all day. We have compiled some of the best indoor city breeds to own.



These dogs are spoiled and pampered and would never dare to risk going outside to mess up their gorgeous hair. Their long coats make them more than happy to stay inside and they are also very small in stature. They are adaptable to a variety of living scenarios and the Havanese’s exercise requirements are easily met with a short walk each day. Having a dog that is content to live in an apartment and subsist off brief strolls is a major plus for those who wish to own an indoor pup.



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As if any of us needed another reason to love the pug, right? These dogs allow pet owners who want to experience the best of both worlds to enjoy the company of a dog that can have hanging out indoors, while still remaining energetic and playful. Pugs thrive in situations where their owners are willing to give them plenty of attention and as long as they are receiving a regular walk, they are pleased no matter how small or large your home may be.

Great Dane


The Great Dane might be a shocking entry on this list because of their sheer size, but they are actually happy to spend the bulk of their time indoors, despite their physically imposing nature. This is due to their inherent laziness and lack of noisiness. They are fine with forgoing all of the outdoor activities and lounging on the couch with their owners without becoming depressed and despondent.


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Dachshund dogs are fun to own and for owners who are urban dwellers that reside in apartment buildings, the Dachshund makes for a great companion as they are not particularly needy dogs. As long as their basic needs are being met, they are perfectly okay with spending the vast majority of their time inside. They remain playful and energetic as long as their owners are willing to give them the proper amount of affection and take them out for regular walks.

English Bulldog


The English bulldog is very accustomed to being a rainy day cuddle companion, as you might expect from any dog that was originally bred in one of the rainiest and dreariest countries in the world. They love to spend time with the family and are never upset when they are asked to stay inside. As long as you give them a great place to take a nap and keep them from overheating during the hottest days of the year, they are sound as a pound.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


With such a regal name, you might be surprised to hear that the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is comfortable spending its time indoors, but these dogs are best suited to a leisurely existence. Not only are they highly adaptable, but they are also the type of dog to enjoy curling up next to you on the couch. Best of all, their small stature allows them to exist within your apartment without taking up an excessive amount of space.

Boston Terrier


Boston Terriers are smaller dogs, which helps them to adjust living in a somewhat enclosed environment. They are very affectionate to their owners and their friendliness endears them to everyone else that they come across. Their size also keeps them from needing too much exercise and owners who are able to provide their Boston Terriers with a daily walk can leave them inside during the day without experiencing too many issues.



Well known for being one of the smallest dog breeds, the Chihuahua is an obvious contender when it comes to the best indoor dogs to own. Apartment dwellers everywhere have been in love with their Chihuahuas for years, because of their ability to spend time alone without needing too much attention. They require only the smallest amount of exercise and this makes them able to adapt to life within your apartment without experiencing any sort of growing pains.



Their name is fun to say and the Affenpinscher is also fun to play with. This toy breed was originally bred in Europe and they are widely considered to be one of the very best breeds for indoor living. While the Affenpinscher will appreciate their owner taking the time to bring them out for a daily walk, they are also able to meet their exercise requirements with some vigorous indoor playtime, so busier owners are not forced to carve time out of their schedule for strolls.



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The Beagle was originally bred as a hunting dog, but their small size allows them to spend time at home without issue. Their exercise needs are minimal and they are fine with a good daily walk. When this daily walk is coupled with the proper amount of attention and some additional playtime, you and your beagle will become the very best of friends and greatly enjoy the years you spend together.


What are the most popular dog breeds to own for families?

Some of the best dog breeds for families include Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Poodles, Beagles, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. These breeds tend to be kid-friendly, energetic, eager to please, and make loyal family companions.

What dog breeds are best suited for apartments or small homes?

Great dog breeds for apartments or small spaces include French Bulldogs, Pugs, Havanese, Greyhounds, and Shih Tzus among others. These dogs adapt well to compact living spaces and don’t require as much intensive outdoor exercise.

What dog breeds need the least grooming and maintenance?

Low-maintenance dog breeds that require minimal grooming include Doberman Pinschers, Greyhounds, Boston Terriers, Labradors, Vizslas, and more. These dogs have easy-care short coats.

What are the best dog breeds for jogging or running?

Active breeds that make ideal jogging or running companions include Vizslas, Dalmatians, Pointers, Weimaraners, Setters, Retrievers, and mixed athletic breed dogs like Labradoodles or Goldendoodles.

What are the best small dog breeds to own as pets?

Top small dog breeds kept as pets include French Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Havanese, Maltese, West Highland White Terriers, Corgis, and Dachshunds, which are portable and suited for apartment living.