Beagle Boxer Mix Facts

Beagle Boxer Mix Facts

Boxer combined with beagle

In recent years, dog owners and breeders have taken quite a liking to designer dogs. This is since the age of social media has given focus on posting about the beautiful things (or, in this case, animals) that we see or play within our spare time. No wonder our online feeds are teeming with videos and pictures of cute and adorable animals showing off their tricks, eating food, or running and playing around.

The Beagle Boxer mix is one such designer dog and one that is popular among owners of any kind. It is the crossbreed offspring of the Beagle and Boxer parents. Typically, the dog is known to be energetic, cheerful, and lively at best. Nonetheless, this pup inherits both the good traits of its parents, especially with regards to temperament, well-rounded features, and playful nature.

3 Reason Why You Shouldn’t Get a Boxer Beagle Mix

Boxer mixed with beagle

  • It’s susceptible to Mental health Problems. Unlike most designer dogs, the Beagle Boxer mix can contract neurosis which requires high maintenance and can be a tad bit too pricey for some. The medical bills would significantly increase as your bills go larger. It is no surprise that dogs would cost more than what you have to pay, but having this dog as your pet might take that up to a notch, and not suitable for those with a limited budget.
  • It has an unpredictable set of features. While it is true that the features of the Boxer combined with Beagle are well-rounded, the unpredictability of the outcome of physical characteristics (for those breeding Boxers and Beagles) would be unpredictable at the very least. Genetic diversity plays a huge role in this crossbreed, unlike other crossbreeds which come out almost identically with crossbreeds of its same kind. It is not ideal for those looking for similarities between dogs or the predicting of the defining characteristics of this crossbreed. In short, the physical features of this dog would come in varying degrees.
  • Its varying size is difficult to house in most homes. On average, this dog has a medium built. However, as with its unpredictable features comes also the unpredictability of its body size. Sometimes, breeders would find this dog being larger than usual and is not ideal for most of the apartment complexes across the state. You must be able to adapt to this dog’s size unpredictability because it might force you to change homes.

3 Reason Why You Should Get a Boxer Mixed With Beagle

Boxer beagle mix

  1. It’s an active dog. Exercises will be a great addition to your lifestyle, and this dog would join you during those active periods. It enjoys sweating, playing, and roaming around under the sun. While some people might find it difficult to take this dog out for a walk or sprint, it generally contributes to both your well-being since it will encourage you to stay active and exercise which can do only more good than harm.
  2. It’s easy to live with. The Beagle combined with Boxer is loving and caring. This means that the dog is not a chore to be around during family gatherings or reunions. You will not face any problem with regards to this dog’s temperament. Also, this crossbreed is perfect for young couples and families who want an active yet sweet companion in their lives.
  3. It’s a real beaut. Since it is a designer dog, you can expect your Boxer combined with Beagle to stand out among the crowd of dogs and people. While it depends on how your groom them and the outcome of their features, the charisma of this dog will have those other dog owners looking back at your pup. Typically, your dog would be a park head-turner and might get popular among your buddies as that one cute sweet and caring dog.

Appearance, Personality, and Traits of a Beagle Boxer Mix

Boxer beagle mix

In general, the Boxer combined with Beagle is a muscular dog with droopy ears, medium built and long bodies. The coat of this crossbreed pup is dense and smooth with moderate to a low amount of shedding. They are usually 50-60 lbs and 23-25 inches in height. Their coat and fur color vary depending on the genetically favored parent.

The Boxer crossed with Beagle has a wide big-sized head and a long tail. Since it is athletic, it has a broad chest with a well-balanced posture inherited from both its parents.

As such, this crossbreed is a mix of the best features from both its parents. Below is a table showing the characteristics and defining features of this pup.

Weight 50-60 lbs. (for both male and female)
Height 23-25 inches (both for male and female)
Size Medium to Large (depending on the genetic favorability)
Coat Type Medium length, smooth, soft, and dense
Coat Color(s) Tan, Black, Brown, White, or any mixture of these two colors
Amount of Shedding Moderate to low
Eyes Brown
Nose Black
Ears Long and droopy
Temperament Affectionate, Loving, Energetic, Friendly
Hypoallergenic No
Kid Friendly Yes
New Owner Friendly Yes
Breed Recognition n/a

Beagle crossed with Boxer Puppies For Sale

Beagle boxer mix

Dog owners are expected to know the basics of taking care of pups before they tend to them and bring them to adulthood. It is essential for dog owners to be able to recognize that crossbreeds inherit the good and bad from both its dog parents.

The purebred parents are typically not as healthy as their crossbreed offspring, but each of their diseases is what their pups inherit. The safety measure taken to ensure that the puppies do not inherit these diseases into adulthood is to be observant in choosing the Boxer combined with Beagle puppies that are up for sale.

The important tip to note is to never buy a crossbreed puppy from an online seller or a large pet store (unless you are sure that their breeding methods are cruelty-free). Dog owners must take this to heart because we want to make sure that you would make the right choices given the circumstances.

In a broader perspective, the real issue in opting not to purchase or adopt from large breeding companies and commercial pet stores is because most of them conduct large-scale breeding of dogs. Their methods might not be the most animal-friendly or ethical. Often, this practice does not take into consideration the health of the parent dogs concerning the health of their offspring.

The focus of the customer should be on local small-scale breeders who generally allow the customers to inspect their breeding and kennel operations. A reputable local dog breeder is one who is transparent of their ethical breeding methods. It is crucial for you to observe and assess if the facility is neat and spacious enough for the animals to roam around and have fun.

The transparency of these local breeders can also be noticed in their ability to provide for each of their puppies’ health and office records. Such breeders would be willing to present their held stock of genetic health issues and concerns to their customers. You can ask for the records of both the purebred and crossbred dogs for reference.

Here is a list of breeders to jumpstart your search:

Triad Farm

Angel Heart Kennel LLC

All across the state, one can also find puppies from rescue animal shelters. In one of these shelters, there is a possibility that one of them is a Boxer crossed with Beagle looking for a new lovely home. Here are some reliable shelters and rescue groups you can contact.

West Star Ranch (Pahrump, NV)

Adopt A Boxer Rescue (

Triangle Beagle Rescue of NC (Raleigh-Chapel Hill, North Carolina)

Other websites also are useful tools for your search, so long as they are reliable. You can try or

Grooming Your Boxer crossed with Beagle

Beagle boxer mix

The main selling point of the Boxer Beagle Mix is its beauty and affection. This is why owners of this dog breed are expected to know the basics of maintaining its well-defined features to a certain degree of elegance while keeping in mind the charm of the dog.

However, what sets this crossbreed as different from other designer dogs is that it is medium to low maintenance. The Beagle combined with Boxer is a medium to low shedder, and winter is when it sheds the most.

While they maintain lowkey shedding, their hair and coat need weekly brushing to remove dead hair. As regards to bathing and shampooing, they only will be done at least two times a week so as not to remove the natural and essential oils that the skin of the pup produces. Frequent baths will render the hair brittle and dry.

Regular brushing of the pup’s teeth is highly recommended not only for good oral hygiene but also prevention of dental diseases. The ears must also be a focal point of the cleaning, and must be regularly checked for signs of nasty infection and nails should be trimmed frequently. Note, when trimming their nails need, one needs extra care and precision so as not to cause bleeding and prevent bacterial infection.

You should also start introducing your Beagle combined with Boxer to proper grooming at a young age such that you will not have any problems to keep the dog clean and neat as he or she grows up.

Boxer combined with Beagle Health Problems

Beagle mixed with boxer

All dog owners must note that all crossbreeds are prone to an array of health issues from their purebred parents. Nevertheless, it is also possible that the offspring not be vulnerable to these diseases.

Nevertheless, a quick overview of the purebred parents’ diseases sheds light upon the future problems that the Boxer mixed with Beagle would potentially encounter.

While the Beagle is generally healthy overall compared with other active dogs, the known ailments to plague this purebred are glaucoma, patellar luxation, central progressive retinal atrophy (CPRA), epilepsy, hypothyroidism, chondrodysplasia, cherry eye, and keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS).

The Boxer, on the one hand, is a dog that is known to procure ailments when it reaches adulthood such as heart disease (like aortic stenosis), hyperthyroidism, gastrointestinal issues, hip dysplasia, neurological diseases, and eye diseases.

Depending on its genetically favored parent, the Boxer mixed with Beagle would be prone to these diseases:

  • Gastrointestinal issues: A particular focus on the diet of your Beagle mixed with Boxer should be observed to help prevent a lot of internal gastric problems that the crossbreed would potentially encounter in its latter adult years. Avoid constantly changing dog food and observe him in his travel outdoors since he might ingest something he is not supposed to eat (for example, stray squirrels, dead birds, etc.). Consult a veterinarian for a healthy diet and never stray away from the orders of the doctor
  • Hip Dysplasia: A lot of crossbreeds with a Beagle parent suffer from this, and the Beagle crossed with Boxer is no exception. A focus on exercise and diet high in meat and glucosamine is recommended to prevent Hip Dysplasia complications.
  • Ear infections: When you bathe your Boxer combined with Beagle, make sure to clean its ears thoroughly. Since it has long droopy ears, it would be best to cover all areas especially the back. Bacteria is easy to cultivate around this area so make sure to check it as often as you can. Observe the odor of the ears: it should not smell as bad because if it does, there might be some bacteria.

If the dog owners are willing to go the extra mile, they can control these health problems in the examination of the dog breeder’s records for the parent dogs. You should carefully pick the Boxer and Beagle parents from the local breeder.

Boxer mixed with Beagle Food Requirements

Boxer combined with beagle

To keep this dog fit, the right amount of food must be administered each day. On average, Beagle Boxer Mix’s can consume around two to three cups of dry dog food daily, preferably best dry dog food, split into two to three meals.

Because of their active lifestyle, the Boxer beagle mix needs a high-protein diet. Dry dog food containing meat, fish, and chicken is highly recommended. If you have a pup, best puppy food brands will provide your pooch with everything they need to reach their full growth potential. If your dog is an elderly citizen, vitamins and minerals in best senior dry dog food will help to keep their coat sleek and their bones less brittle.

Make sure to also introduced complex and healthy carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes and brown rice to his diet to keep his energy levels up.

If you give your pooch treats, make sure they are healthy. Administering of treats and scheduled feeding patterns must be intertwined with free feeding at least once per week. This is done to make sure that your Beagle combined with Boxer does not overeat and lead to obesity. The focus of your feeding pattern must be to make sure you do not overfeed your crossbreed, and this is why free-feeding must be inserted.

The veterinarian will be able to carefully indicate the nutritional and dietary needs of your Beagle combined with Boxer according to their weight and size. The right amount of vitamins and minerals for your dog must be determined in consultations with the veterinarian, but you can choose the right kibble yourself by browsing these handy dry dog food for small dogs and best large breed dry dog food guides.

Owners should focus on purchasing dry dog food rich in glucosamine or chondroitin. Don’t worry if the vet tells you your pooch needs more of these compounds—dietary supplements like Nutra Thrive dog food supplement can help you restore the balance of chemicals in the canine’s body.

Here are some examples of the dog food available in the market:

  1. Dog For Dog Food: This notable dry dog food is rich in glucosamine. The multiple protein sources from this dry dog food provide a healthy balance of amino acids, supporting muscle development and maintenance. Plus, it would be a flavorful change of palette for your dog with the natural flavors it possesses. Lastly, it has high levels of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids for diet control, along with a hint of Vitamin E to help maintain shiny and healthy skin and coat.
  2. Purina Beyond Grain-Free Adult Canned Dog Food: This is a dry dog food that is beneficial for building your dog’s muscles. It is a good choice for average dogs for stocking them up with muscle fibers. This works well with regard to joint health because, without strong muscles, the bone would remain to be susceptible to problems. Its main ingredients, among other things, are salmon meat (high in glucosamine), real beef, and chicken, perfect for a Boxer Beagle mix to enjoy.
  3. Wellness Core Dog Food: This dog food consists of blueberries, apples, chicken, spinach, and carrots. This formula is perfectly fit to cater to your dog’s needs in maintaining a healthy weight and strong bones and joints. This is perfect for your Boxer crossed with Beagle because of the nutrients it provides for your crossbreed.
  4. SmartBlend One: One of the essential benefits of this Purina One product is its ability to provide a rich and delicious diet for your pup. It has high amounts of essential botanical oils and glucosamine to improve your dog’s bone structure and health.
  5. Taste of The Wild Grain-Free Premium High Protein Dry Dog Food High Prairie Adult – Roasted Bison and Venison:  This USA-made dry dog food is sure to provide your dog with its daily high protein needs. It also keeps at par with scientifically advanced food safety protocols to ensure it does not cause many problems to your dog. The flavor of this food is sure to tickle your dog’s taste buds since it is made with roasted bison and real meat enriched with an optimal amino acid profile.  As such, lean and robust muscles would be gifted to your dog with its high-protein enrichment. The ingredients from this dog are made from sustainable and trustworthy sources and are made with no grain, corn, wheat, filler, or any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. What’s more, it is rich in vitamins and minerals from antioxidants, fruits, and vegetables that truly fit the nutritional needs of your Beagle mixed with Boxer.

Whatever you do, steer clear from the worst dry dog food—these kibbles are full of preservatives and artificial colors, and although dogs seem to love them, they won’t do your furry buddy any good.

Boxer combined with Beagle Exercise Requirements.

Beagle combined with boxer

The Beagle mixed with Boxer is a good option for owners wanting a medium to a large-sized dog that needs hours of daily activity. You need to at least take your crossbreed for a walk a couple of times a day with around 30 to 60 minutes of outdoor time.

Boxer Beagle Mix’s an exercise in the form of walks, jogs, or visits to the dog park.  If you have more time at your disposal, you can enroll your dog in canine sports programs like flyball, agility, and doc jumping to help them burn off their energy. However, a simple game of fetch or treasure hunts is recommended for those with limited time and who only have about an hour per week.

If you are not the type to have time to join him for activities, you can introduce him to interactive dog toys like Animal Sounds Babble Ball, Hide-A-Squirrel, or Trixie Flip Board (all available on to still keep him/her active and healthy while you’re away for work and chores,

Boxer combined with Beagle and Families

Beagle combined with boxer

The Beagle, mixed with Boxer, is a loving and affectionate dog. Its temperament would not be much of an issue to any dog owner, much less those with families to tend to.

Families with small children would not have difficulty introducing this dog to their kin because it quickly adapts to fit your family’s need for a new family member.

You would also not face any problems having this dog out of its cage or out in the yard during family gatherings or parties. Not only is it pretty to look at, but others might also find this dog a sweet and caring one to play with.

FAQs: Beagle Boxer Mix

1. What is a Beagle Boxer Mix?
Explore the characteristics of the Beagle Boxer Mix, a hybrid breed resulting from the crossbreeding of a Beagle and a Boxer. Learn about their unique traits, temperament, and appearance.

2. What is the size of a Beagle Boxer Mix?
Beagle Boxer Mixes typically fall into the medium to large size range. Adult weights can range from 30 to 60 pounds, depending on factors such as genetics and diet.

3. What is the temperament of a Beagle Boxer Mix?
Understand the temperament of Beagle Boxer Mixes, combining the friendly and sociable nature of Beagles with the intelligence and loyalty of Boxers. Discover how they interact with families and other pets.

4. How much exercise does a Beagle Boxer Mix need?
Beagle Boxer Mixes are usually energetic and benefit from regular exercise. Daily walks, playtime, and mental stimulation contribute to their well-being and happiness.

5. What are the grooming requirements for a Beagle Boxer Mix?
Learn about the grooming needs of Beagle Boxer Mixes, considering factors like coat length, shedding tendencies, and maintenance. Regular brushing and proper care keep their coat healthy.

6. What is the lifespan of a Beagle Boxer Mix?
Beagle Boxer Mixes generally have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. Factors such as genetics, diet, and overall care influence their longevity, providing a delightful and loyal companion for years to come.


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