Wire Haired Dachshund: A Furry Fluff

Wire Haired Dachshund: A Furry Fluff

The Wire-Haired Doxie is a variant of the famous Dachshund, one of the most beloved dog breeds in the world. They hold the 12th place on the American Kennel Club’s list of the most popular pets, and they bring joy and happiness to many people in every corner of the planet.

Dachshunds are proud and loyal pups with a strong will and feisty attitude. Their love and devotion to humans are legendary, and so is their unique appearance. Even if you are not a connoisseur, you will recognize a Doxie a mile away. Not even a Picasso could resist these beauties.

With their energy and character, Wire-Haired Dachshund can be a tricky pet, especially for new owners. With proper care, love, and some effort, they will become your best friend forever, and a loyal companion that will make your life more active and fun.

Coarse-Haired Dachshund–Traits and Looks

Wire haired dachshund: a furry fluff

Credit: pignolia

When it comes to body type, all Doxies are the same. Their most distinctive trait is a long body set on stout, short legs. These pooches stand close to the ground, and the fact that they are elongated and short makes them somewhat funny in appearance.

Make no mistake—Dachshunds are strong and resilient. Their sturdy, muscular frame and low chest make them stable and balanced.

All Dachshunds have long muzzles with a scissor bite. Their ears are floppy, and they frame their faces beautifully. Their almond-shaped eyes are wide-set, and their paws resemble paddles, which means that they can dig deep and fast. The tail is long and straight, while their noses always seem to be sniffing something.

Best Dog Food for Wire-Haired Dachshund

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Doxie Types

Their size and coat can vary, so not all Doxies look the same. When it comes to their hair, the breed standards allow for three variations:

  1. Long and silky
  2. Short and smooth
  3. Wiry

Although the Wiry-Haired Dachshunds are the rarest of the three, they are equally as cute as the other two, if not even more attractive. Their coat consists of a wiry upper layer and a dense undercoat, so it may be the product of mixing the breed with certain types of Terriers. Their beard and thick eyebrows also point out that possibility. They may look a little less disproportionate than their smooth-haired cousins because of the hair, but their character is the same.

The size of these pooches can vary considerably, and there are two types recognized as the breed standards:

  1. Miniature Dachshund
  2. Standard Dachshund

Miniature Doxies weigh up to 11 lbs while standard-sized pups can be as massive as 32 lbs. Both variants show the same physical and personality traits. Mini Doxies might be more suitable for people in urban environments because of the often limited living spaces in big cities.

When it comes to color, their palette is broad. The most common combination is black and tan, but Dachshunds can be cream, red, and gray as well. Markings are not rare in the breed, and they are usually sable, brindle, boar, and dapple.

The color of the eyes and nose will match that of their coat. Darker pups will have black or brown noses and dark eyes, while the lighter ones can have blue eyes and Isabella-colored noses.

Weight Standard Dachshund: 16–32 lbs

Miniature Dachshund: 9–11 lbs

Height Standard: 8–11 inches

Miniature: 5–6 inches

Size ●     Standard

●     Miniature

Coat type ●     Wiry
Coat color ●     Black

●     Brown

●     Red

●     Cream

●     Isabella

●     Sable

●     Brindle

●     Pied

Shedding Moderate to considerable
Eyes Brown
Nose ●     Black

●     Brown

●     Isabella

Ears Floppy
Temperament Active and friendly
Life expectancy 12–16 years
Hypoallergenic No
Kid-friendly Yes (if children are five and older)
New-owner-friendly Yes (with proper training)
Breed recognition Yes (American Kennel Club in 1885)

Rough-Haired Dachshund Breed History

Doxies come from Germany. They are an old breed and can be traced back to the 15th century. Their primary role, in the beginning, was to hunt small prey, especially den animals, but they even participated in boar hunting.

Their long bodies made them suitable for following foxes and badgers into their dens and capturing them with their strong jaws. Hunters used Dachshunds’ long tails to pull them out of holes with prey between their teeth. An interesting Dachshund fact is that their name means “the badger dog”  in German. Some experts say that Wire-Haired Doxies were developed for hunting in thick bushes.

As the need for hunting dwindled in Europe, the Badger Dogs became watchdogs and companions. Their loyalty to people and their loud bark proved to be useful features, even in urban households. The mini variant developed around that time.

In the late 19th century, Dachshunds came to America, where they soon rose to fame. It was there that their other nickname, the Sausage Dog, became common. It became more frequent during World War II when anything associated with Germany did not go well with people.

Even though the breed experienced a slight drop in popularity after the war, the Sausage Dog made a dashing comeback in the 1950s and remained a sought-after pet up to this day.

Wire-Haired Doxie–the Person Behind the Coat

Every new owner should get ready for a quick-tempered pet with a mind of their own. Even mini Wire-Haired Doxies are demanding in terms of training and integration. You need to be careful and avoid common mistakes in dog training.

Sausage Dogs are independent and stubborn individuals that like to have things their way. They are opinionated and vocal about their feelings, so they can turn into heavy barkers quickly.

The good news is that they are smart and affectionate, so if you make a tight bond with your pooch, there is nothing that they won’t do for you. Training is crucial, and with Doxies, it should start at an early age. In our article—best ways to train your puppy—you will find plenty of useful advice for training these youngsters.

Dachshunds are brave and loving, so if you take the time to understand them, you can raise a wonderful pet.

Rough-Coated Dachshund–Training Tricks and Tips

There are two crucial things to bear in mind when coming up with the best way to train your Wire-Haired Dachshund puppies:

  1. Their natural curiosity
  2. Their desire to chase things

Doxies are curious, and they love to explore. That is why you have to teach them house rules and basic commands from puppyhood. If you don’t, your home can turn into a playground, which can have devastating consequences for your furniture and appliances.

When outside, Badger Dogs tend to give in to their hunting instincts and wander off in search of prey. They like to run away as well, chasing whatever they may find interesting at the moment. To avoid this, you have to teach them commands like No and Stop. In urban areas, potential dangers lurk around every corner, so learning to comply with the rules is the only way for your pooch to stay safe.

Because of their proud and willful character, Coarse-Coated Doxies will react better to positive reinforcement, so Dachshund training should be based on rewards. Don’t underestimate the power of dog candy because most pups will do anything for a treat. You can also use gifts for Dachshund in the training process, they are going to love them!

Don’t hesitate to discipline your pup if they misbehave, but always stay within the limits of what’s reasonable and humane. Dachshunds are smart, and cruel punishments will only be counterproductive.

The best training collars can be of great assistance, especially if you are training a pooch for the first time. You should be aware, though, that they are not remote controls for dogs, and you are still the one who needs to do the work.

The only way to take control and gain the respect of your pup is to assume the role of the pack leader. This is even more true in the case of Doxies. They need to see that you are in charge. If you manage to accomplish this, they will look at you for permission and guidance in any new situation.

Wiry Doxie—Activity Routine

Wire haired dachshund: a furry fluff

Credit: wiry_dachsie

Sausage Dogs will never be suitable pets for couch potatoes. If you are not willing to spend a lot of time outdoors, avoid Dachshunds at all costs. Their hunting origins make them active and eager, so even mini Wired-Haired Doxies need to burn off energy frequently.

Although a couple of short walks per day should be enough to keep them calm, there are additional activities that are not to be neglected. Dachshunds need some off-the-leash time to explore, so you should include regular visits to the park into the exercise plan.

Due to their stubbornness, Sausage Dogs can become isolated and aggressive if not properly socialized. That is why they need to mingle and play with other dogs. You should attend doggy parties as often as possible if you want to raise an integrated and well-behaved pooch.

As territorial dogs, Doxies can develop into loud barkers, so you should introduce them to strangers whenever you get the chance. It’s a way for them to learn to trust other people. The same goes for unfamiliar environments. Try taking them somewhere new regularly, so that they can build confidence and courage.

Dachshunds are exceptionally intelligent, and they delight in mental activities as much as in physical exercises. Teaching them tricks is great because it keeps your pup entertained and attentive. Tricks can be exhausting as well, so it’s a great way to keep your pooch calm on a rainy day when you can’t spend a lot of time outside.

Activity level

Recommended miles/week Activity minutes/day
High 7 miles

60 minutes

Harsh-Coat Dachshund’s Beauty Tricks

Most experts say that Doxies are easy to maintain, and that’s true. With harsh-coat pups, the beauty routine may be demanding because of the undercoat. All dogs with a second layer of hair tend to shed more, so unlike their cousins, Wiry Doxies will require a deshedder treatment at least once a month.

These canines are susceptible to skin problems, which are difficult to spot with long-haired and wire-haired Dachshunds. This is why regular dog grooming is essential. Make sure you stick to the best dog grooming tips, and make the process enjoyable for both you and your lovely pooch. If you notice they’re suffering from dry skin, it could be related to their nutrition. Consider adding Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids to their diet, for a shiny and lustrous coat.

For the wiry upper layer, you can use a regular brush once a week.  Frequent bathing is not mandatory, but since Badger Dogs love to get dirty, it may become a standard requirement. Don’t hesitate to have their coat stripped two times a year to reduce the shedding and allow it to rejuvenate.

Their floppy ears are sensitive, so clean them regularly with wet wipes. The same goes for their teeth. Brush them as often as possible and give your pup any of the top 10 best dog dental chews to keep the gums healthy.

Nail clipping is obligatory, and if you are afraid that you may hurt your baby while doing it, take them to a beauty salon. You should try to participate in the grooming of your pooch as much as possible because it is a way to build trust and make a close bond with your furry friend.

Brushing frequency

Brushes for Coarse-Coat Dachshunds


●     Pin brush

●     Slicker brush

●     Nail clippers

●     Deshedder

Wire-Haired Sausage Dog’s Appetite

Doxies with coarse coats are overeaters and will swallow pretty much anything that comes their way and resembles food. Maintaining a well-balanced diet will have to be your responsibility.

With their inclination towards obesity, sticking to the best dry dog food for small dogs is the best way to keep them fit. The menu should be versatile, so always add some of the best canned dog food to the mix.

With age, Doxies tend to get lazy and sleep a lot, so consider adjusting their diet and switching to the best senior dry dog food once they get older. Although a cup per day is the recommended portion, we would advise splitting it into two or three meals. Dachshunds can show signs of gastrointestinal problems, so smaller, more frequent meals are a better option.

As much as you love to spoil your baby, you shouldn’t trust their taste when it comes to food. Dogs tend to like the worst dry dog food. The same can be said about doggy sweets, so avoid the worst dog treat brands as well as the worst wet dog food brands. These will only make your baby gain weight.

If you are not sure which brands to choose, try any of the following as they are healthy, and all pups love them:

Keeping Your Wiry Dachshund Healthy

Although Sausage Dogs are healthy and resilient pets, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, so pay attention to the health of your pooch. Pure breeds, especially older ones, are easier to monitor because there is a lot of information regarding the potential risks to their well being.

Doxies usually don’t have big health issues and they are resilient dogs with a long lifespan. If you take proper care of your Dachshund, they can stay vital and energetic for a long time. Consult with your vet regularly and keep them active, and they will be happy and safe.

The biggest concern for Wieners stems from their most prominent and likable feature—their elongated spine. It makes them susceptible to back problems. You should try to prevent them from jumping as much as you can because that’s the quickest way for them to get hurt. This is easier said than done since they are active and playful pooches.

Most Dachshunds hurt their back indoors while jumping on sofas and chairs. If your pup likes to climb around the house, set up ramps to keep them safe. Try to support their bodies when you pick them up and don’t encourage them to stand on their back legs.

In case your beautiful Doxie becomes destructive the moment you leave the room or house, it means they may suffer from separation anxiety. Provide your pooch with a crate where they will feel safe when you’re gone.

Dachshunds – especially the Dapple variety – are susceptible to seizures episodes. If you notice that they suddenly start spasming, you need to react immediately.

You can check out other potential risks in the table below.

Major concerns

Minor concerns

Occasional tests

●     Intervertebral Disc Disease

●     Hip Dysplasia

●     Bloat

●     Progressive Retinal Atrophy

●     Deafness

●     Epilepsy

●     Diabetes

●     Cushing’s Disease

●     Eye examination

●     Physical examination

●     Hearing tests

●     Blood tests

●     X-rays

Harsh-Haired Dachshunds as Family Members

Wire haired dachshund: a furry fluff

Credit: wiry_dachsie

There’s no doubt that Doxies can be a wonderful addition to your family. They adapt easily to different climates and can be happy even in smaller apartments. They are people-oriented and brave, and since they like to spend time outside, they can help you be more active.

Training and socialization are essential. If you do that part right, they will be well-behaved, and they’ll get along with other pets and children. If your kids are under five, wait until they are a bit older and can understand that dogs are not toys.

Dachshund potty training can be a little challenging, due to the stubborn nature of these cuties. If you start training early and follow our Dachshund breed guide, you won’t have any issues there.

Top Pros for Getting a Wiry Dachshund

  • They are intelligent and loyal.
  • They are adaptable and independent.
  • They are healthy and resilient.

Top Cons to Consider Before Getting a Wire-Haired Dachshund

  • They are challenging to train.
  • They tend to shed more because of the undercoat.
  • They can be territorial and loud.

It is crucial to understand both the positive and negative aspects of owning a dog before you let them into your family. They are loving creatures that deserve to be treated with respect and love, so changing your mind and getting rid of them would be irresponsible and unkind.

Adorable Dachshund Mix Breeds

Dachshund mix hybrids rarely end up on the top 10 world’s most expensive dogs to own list, but they are no less cute and affectionate. Check out some of them on our list.

Dachshund Pug mix Dachshund Lab mix Dachshund Beagle mix
Dachshund Golden Retriever mix Dachshund Pitbull mix Dachshund Corgi mix
Chihuahua Dachshund mix Jack Russell Dachshund mix Dachshund Poodle mix
Dachshund Yorkie mix German Shepherd Dachshund mix Dachshund Terrier mix
Pomeranian Dachshund mix Cocker Spaniel Dachshund mix Shih Tzu Dachshund mix
Min Pin Dachshund mix Basset Hound Dachshund mix Dachshund Husky mix
Maltese Dachshund mix Dachshund Dalmatian mix Australian Shepherd Dachshund mix
Border Collie Dachshund mix Rottweiler Dachshund mix Doberman Dachshund mix
Papillon Dachshund mix Rat Terrier Dachshund mix Italian Greyhound Dachshund mix
Bulldog Dachshund mix Blue Heeler Dachshund mix Boxer Dachshund mix
Great Dane Dachshund mix French Bulldog Dachshund mix Weimaraner Dachshund mix
Dachshund Boston Terrier mix Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dachshund mix Cairn Terrier Dachshund mix
Shiba Inu Dachshund mix Dachshund Bichon mix Pekingese Dachshund mix
Schnauzer Dachshund mix English Cream Dachshund

We strongly advise you to choose adoption instead of buying, so if you have your heart set on a Wire-Haired Doxie, visit your local shelter. There might be a perfect puppy there, waiting just for you. For additional ideas, look at some of the best dog breeds to adopt.

FAQ: Wire-Haired Dachshund

Q: What is a Wire-Haired Dachshund? A: A Wire-Haired Dachshund is a specific coat variety of the Dachshund breed, characterized by a coarse, wiry outer coat and a dense, softer undercoat. Known for their distinctive appearance and lively personalities, Wire-Haired Dachshunds make charming and spirited companions.

Q: How do you draw a Long-Hared Dachshund? A: Drawing a Long-Haired Dachshund involves capturing their unique features, such as the elongated body and characteristic long, flowing coat. Artists often start by sketching the basic shapes and then paying attention to details like facial expressions and coat texture to create a lifelike representation.

Q: What is a Silky Wire Haired Dachshund? A: The term “Silky Wire Haired Dachshund” is not a recognized breed variation. It may refer to a Wire-Haired Dachshund with a coat that has a softer and silkier texture compared to the typical wiry outer coat. However, variations in coat texture can occur within the Wire-Haired Dachshund population.

Q: How much does a Long-Haired Dachshund cost? A: The cost of a Long Haired Dachshund can vary based on factors such as the breeder’s reputation, bloodline, and geographic location. On average, prices range from $800 to $2,000. It’s essential to choose a reputable breeder who prioritizes the health and well-being of the dogs.

Q: How much should a Long-Haired Dachshund weigh? A: The weight of a Long-Haired Dachshund can vary, but in general, adult Dachshunds typically weigh between 11 to 32 pounds, with variations based on factors like sex and individual metabolism. Regular veterinary check-ups and a balanced diet are crucial to maintaining a healthy weight.

Q: How do you groom a Wire-Haired Dachshund? A: Grooming a Wire-Haired Dachshund involves regular brushing to maintain their wiry coat and prevent matting. Additionally, occasional hand stripping or professional grooming may be required to manage their coat texture. Routine tasks such as nail trimming, ear cleaning, and dental care are essential for overall grooming and health maintenance.


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