Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get A Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd Mix

Australian shepherd and golden retriever mix

A Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd Mix is a fantastic pet to have, but the perfect dog can depend on each person’s lifestyle. Without further ado, here are three reasons this breed might not be the pet you are looking for.

  1. They Require A Huge Space

The Australian Shepherd and Golden Retriever crossbreed are energetic creatures. They are usually the kind of pet you want to have around if you are an athletic person.

If your only purpose in having this dog is to have a friendly companion around the house, this dog can still work for you, but not if you live in a limited space. Since the Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd Mix is an energetic breed, it’s going to need a large area where it can run around and play. Without that, the dog might end up running over your furniture, or even biting and chewing on your stuff.

  1. They Require More Dog Training Than Other Dogs

The Crossbreed Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever is naturally possessive. With that, they will try to protect their property and family.

Once the dog breed becomes attached to its owners, it will tend to become aggressive and destructive, especially when visitors come to your home. The only way to combat this is through excessive training. As much as possible, you need to do it while the Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Crossbreed is still a puppy. If you don’t have the luxury of time for dog training, it might not be advisable for you to own one. Basically, it’s not for first-time dog owners.

  1. They Have A Sensitive Dietary Requirement

Since the Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd Mix is very active creatures, they require meals that can provide them with the nutrition and energy to rejuvenate their spirits.

You might need to consult with a dietary professional from time to time to craft the perfect diet for this dog. Take note that foods can vary from puppyhood to dog adulthood. So, if you feel you are unable to commit to the dog’s food, it might be a good idea to shift your interest to another dog breed that’s easier to feed.

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3 Reasons To Get A Golden Retriever crossed with Australian Shepherd

Australian shepherd golden retriever crossbreed

If you think you’re ready to get a Golden Retriever with Australian Shepherd breed, here are three more reasons to intensify your desire for one.

  1. They Are Easy To Train

The Golden Retriever and Australian Shepherd are both intelligent breed. So, it’s no wonder the dog wounds up to be an intelligent race as well.

Owing to the dog’s intelligent nature, it can quickly learn and understand hand signs that are essential to dog training. They have more focus compared to other dogs, and thus you will find dog training more of an enjoyment than a chore.

  1. They Make An Excellent Watchdog

The Golden Retriever mix with Australian Shepherd is a naturally loyal creature. This comes with a tendency to become protective over his family.

If placed in the wrong hands, this dog can be a culprit to undesirable incidents. On the positive side, with intense training, this breed could be the perfect watchdog around the house.

The Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd Mix is usually warm with visitors, but they have a keen nose for fishy or suspicious people too. It is known to be the kind of dog who barks a lot. So, when you hear it woofing outside your house, the dog is probably signaling you that a burglar or other unknown danger might be nearby.

  1. They Are Great With Kids

The Australian Shepherd with Golden Retriever Mix has high levels of energy. With that, you can expect to have loads of fun with your pet playing “catch the ball” or Frisbee.

It’s the perfect pet for people who have kids at home who are looking for someone to play with. Aside from having proportionate energy with playful children, this breed is also loving and friendly towards children. This means you don’t have to worry about any risks of injury.

Appearance, Personality, and Traits of a Golden Retriever with Australian Shepherd Mix

Crossbreed australian shepherd golden retriever

When the Golden Retriever crossed with Australian Shepherd becomes an adult, it can weigh up to 60 lbs if it’s male and 55 lbs if it is female, with a height of at least 28 inches up until 30.

The Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix has a coat that plumes around their body. Their most common coat colors are Merle, Blue Merle, Red, Black, Tan, and Tri-color. The Golden Retriever, on the other hand, has a thick, double coat, painted with the colors Gold, Blonde, and Yellow.

For the Mix of Australian Shepherd and Golden Retriever, the dog can either take on the color of its Golden Retriever or Australian Shepherd parent. There are also instances when it takes on the colors of both of their parents.

It is also known to have moderate shedding. So, brushing the coat once or twice a week might be enough. However, you may want to invest more time in brushing the coat if you want to maintain its shine and glamour.

The temperament of this dog can be unpredictable since it can take on the personality of either the Golden Retriever or the Australian Shepherd parent.

But there are still a couple of traits that both parents have, which are intelligence, loyalty, and possessiveness. With that, these are distinctive characteristics that you will surely find in your Golden Retriever crossbreed with Australian Shepherd puppy though you still need to watch out for more unexpected traits which the puppy might get from either of its parents.

Weight Male: 60 lbs
Female: 55 lbs
Height 28-30 inches for both male and female
Coat Type Fluffy coat
Coat Color Coat color will depend on which parent the dog takes after
Amount Of Shedding Moderate Shedding
Temperament Intelligent, loyal, possessive

Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale

Golden retriever crossbreed with australian shepherd

You can buy the Golden Retriever with Australian Shepherd race pup for as low as $450, but if you want to make sure that your dog is free from all types of diseases and illnesses, the best approach would be to hire a breeder for $1000 at most.

This dog is naturally healthy, and thus free from genetic-based illnesses. However, there are also reports of this kind of breed getting cancer, hyperthyroid, allergies, and many more. The best way to avoid these scenarios is by getting a breeder.

Grooming Your Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd Mix

Golden retriever crossbreed with australian shepherd

The Australian Shepherd mixed with Golden Retriever is known to have a bountiful coat. With that, we recommend brushing it on a daily basis if you want to maintain its luscious and shiny coat. Otherwise, cleaning the coat at least once or twice a week will do.

It is known to have moderate shedding periods as well, but there are two seasons where they drop more hair than usual.

With that, you might also want to invest in a vacuum. This will make it easier for you to get rid of the shedding hair that has been stuck on the Crossbreed Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever’s body. Not only will this make your dog cleaner, but it will also save you the trouble of doubling your cleaning chore from time to time.

If you want your Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd Mix to look its best, you need to make sure that your pet isn’t just beautiful, but also healthy in and out.

In line with that, you need to create hygienic routines for the dog. As much as possible, give it a bath once a day. Not only that, but you also need to trim the nails, clean the ears, and brush its teeth on a daily basis.

You might want to put more attention to your dog’s ear hygiene if it has floppy ears. Ears that are in this position are more prone to acquiring infection due to the absorption of moisture. If not cleaned and treated properly your dog might be prone to ear mites and other infections.

You can also rent grooming services. If you do this, you will only have to take your Golden Retriever with Australian Shepherd breed for a bath when it is visibly dirty. However, this can still depend on the type of coat of the dog’s parents. For more information regarding this, it would be best to discuss it with your dog breeder.

Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd Health Problems

Golden retriever australian shepherd mix

One great thing about Golden Retriever crossed with Australian Shepherd is that they are free from genetic-based diseases. This is due to the flexibility and genetic variety of this particular breed.

However, this doesn’t mean that this dog is free from all types of illnesses. Reports have shown that the Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix is also capable of acquiring diseases such as cancer, hyperthyroidism, deafness, allergies, and epilepsy. Aside from that, some dogs of this kind are also known to be sensitive to drugs.

But among all the illnesses this dog is prone to having, the ones you need to watch out for are pigmentary uveitis, heart diseases, eye conditions, and hip dysplasia. It would be best to check with your dog breeder for certain illnesses that each of the dog’s parents had. Overall, however, you can expect your Golden Retriever crossbreed with Australian Shepherd to be a healthy and athletic dog.

A Golden Retriever can live from 10-12 years. An Australian Shepherd, on the other hand, has an average lifespan of 12-15 years. With these numbers in mind, you can expect your Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever to live for about 11-14 years.

Golden Retriever Crossed with Australian Shepherd Food Requirements

Golden retriever with australian shepherd breed

The Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd Mix has a sensitive diet owing to their high energy levels. A dog nutritionist will tell you to engage your dog in routine meals on a daily basis. This will provide it with the standard amount of energy and nutrients to rejuvenate the ones that it lost running around and playing in your house.

You might need to seek your nutritionist ’s advice from time to time since your dog’s diet may change as it grows from puppy to an adult dog. Meanwhile, here are our top suggestions for dog food.

  1. Merrick Grain Free Real Chicken and Sweet Potato Recipe

Seventy percent of this dog food is made out of meant nutrients, which can help build lean muscles. It also makes the dog’s coat and skin look healthier.

With this dog food, you can also be sure that your pup eats corn, soy, and wheat free. You might also be thrilled to know that the company is known to be a manufacturer of locally produced dog food, which crosses out the possibility of some ingredients coming from China.

  1. Wellness CORE Grain Free Original Formula

Wellness has a reputation for being America’s number one dog food producer. One of the best features of this dog food is its 34 percent crude protein paired with 16 percent crude fat. Aside from that, it only has 421 kcal/cup.

Its top ingredients are deboned turkey, chicken meal, turkey meal, potatoes, and peas. The ingredients used in this dog food were explicitly added to boost your dog’s joint health, coat, skin, and digestion.

  1. Earthborn Holistic Puppy Vantage

This is probably the best dog food for your Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever crossbreed while he is still in his puppy stage. Earthborn has been known to produce one of the best dog foods for adult dogs, but the company recently released one variety that was specially made for Golden Retriever with Australian Shepherd race puppies. This dog food aims to give your pup a healthy brain and good eye development.

Your doggo deserves to have the best care and nutrition you can give them. If you come across some of the worst dry dog food in the market, just keep going. Instead, look for Wellness Core Dog Food, Dog For Dog Food, or Nutra Thrive dog food supplement. Puppies should get food that will give them enough proteins, which you can find among best puppy food brands. Dog-grandpas should get only the best senior dry dog food to make them feel young and strong. Also, if you stumble upon best dry dog food brands for Pugs give it a go (these pups have refined taste buds and your doggo might, too). Your cutie carries the genes of super-unique and distinctive parents, so you can always opt for best dry dog food for small dogs or best large breed dry dog food. Don’t forget to consult your vet prior to changing your doggo’s diet.

Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd Mix Exercise Requirements

Crossbreed australian shepherd golden retriever

Many dog owners are disappointed with having dogs contribute to mischief around the house. Little do they know that this mischievousness is just a result of high energy levels. Such is the case with the Golden Retriever with Australian Shepherd race.

The dog is quite energetic. In line with that, if they do not get sufficient amount of exercise, it will try to release their energy through other means.

This is why some owners find their Mix of Golden Retriever and Australian Shepherd chewing and biting their shirt, slippers, or socks. Here are some friendly exercise suggestions for your dog:

  • Walk in the park
  • A friendly game of Frisbee or “catch the ball.”
  • Leash training

Aside from that, we also recommend joining networks of other dog owners of Golden Retriever with Australian Shepherd breeds. You can schedule a session where the dogs can socialize with each other.

Despite being a crossbreed, this dog also needs to socialize with its kind because it has a natural desire to be part of a herd. This is due to the dog’s DNA from the Australian Shepherd parent. Socializing with other dogs of its kind will teach your puppy how to play nice with other animals.

An Australian Shepherd crossed with Golden Retriever Training

Australian shepherd and golden retriever mix

Exercise is usually part of training since your puppy won’t engage in any dog training if you don’t give it sufficient exercise. Still, these two things are done separately.

In the case of Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd Mixes, you won’t be having many problems with dog training because they pretty much obey whatever their master tells them to do, given that they are provided with their essential circumstances.

However, to be able to take advantage of the dog’s loyalty to its owner, you need to start training your dog as early as the time you to bring it home either from a pet shop or a breeder.

The first thing you need to do is let the dog become acquainted with the environment since these types of dogs have hunting instincts.

If you have other pets at home, it would be best to let your Golden Retriever crossbreed with Australian Shepherd mingle with them. Let them play with each other. This will give the animals sufficient time to get to know each other. You might even want to walk your dog around the neighborhood. The reason for this is to familiarize your dog not only with the surroundings but also your neighbors so that when someone visits your home, your puppy will not think of them as trespassers.

Once you have done that, you should invest your time in teaching these simple training tricks:

  • Walk
  • Stand
  • Sit
  • Speak
  • Rollover
  • Stop

Once you have successfully taught your Australian Shepherd with Golden Retriever Mix these tricks, teaching them more complicated tricks will become easier. Teaching them those simple tricks means you have already earned your dog’s respect.

Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Crossbreed and Families

Australian shepherd golden retriever crossbreed

Dogs can be a problem if you have a family and kids at home, but not with your Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd.

This dog is a great companion to have around the house, not just for you, but for the children around the house.

If you have trained your dog well, it will be easy to tell him off if he tries to play with you during your busy hours. With that, you can have your little dog pal guarding you in your home office without the risk of him being a disturbance.

Aside from that, the Australian Shepherd with Golden Retriever Mix can also become a friendly little playmate for your kids. The puppy wouldn’t be hurting any of your kids, primarily if the dog was already familiar with them from the time you took it in as a pet.

Your kids will surely love the unlimited ball of energy. They can play ball, run around, and talk with the dog as if they were hanging out with some of their real friends.

You can also rest assured that your family is safe while you are on road business trips because the Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever tends to become overprotective of its herd. In this case, the herd equates to its human family.

In line with that, whenever the dog senses danger, it would either bark loudly for other members of the family or physically protect the people at home from a threat.

Indeed, the Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd is a loyal and friendly creature towards its masters, but when faced with danger, it becomes one of the bravest and courageous dogs you will ever see. To recap, these are the reasons why a Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd Mix could be a good pet for your family:

  • They can guard the house.
  • They can be your family’s playmate.
  • They will do what you tell them to do provided that you give it proper and sufficient training.
  • Life companion


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