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Did you know that Alpha Paw has its own channel on YouTube? Watch the latest episodes with host Bernie Zilio as she tackles your pet parent questions with our board of pet experts. In this episode,... Read More
14 MAY
Therapy Dogs Go To Washington State University A three-year study conducted at Washington State University has shown that the availability of therapy dogs to college students on campus not only... Read More
14 MAY
Most of the time, you have to chase down your pooch and forcefully put him in the tub. If that’s not enough, the struggle isn’t over yet as your dog would try to break free from... Read More
12 MAY
Where Does The Kissing Bug Live? Pet parents beware of the kissing bug! It carries a deadly parasite that can kill your furry family member. The nightmarish bug makes its home in the southern states,... Read More
09 MAY
The Smaller the Snout, the Bigger the Bond! It’s true, dogs with shorter snouts are more social. Pugs, Shih-Tzus, and bulldogs have often been commented on for their so-called funny looks. With... Read More
08 MAY
A Labrador Puppy’s New Chew Station Popular actress Reese Witherspoon reveals her black labrador puppy Major is probably going through a teething stage. The adorable pup decided to test out his... Read More
05 MAY
Two Dachshunds Free Ever Given Cargo Ship A ship stuck in the Suez Canal was finally free with the help of two hard-working Dachshunds, Crusoe and Oakley. The duo is seen in an adorable video posted... Read More
05 MAY
Dog in Texas Saves His Owner’s Life A dog in Texas, Cosmo, is one courageous pup! We all know first responders to be firefighters, police officers, and EMTs, but have you ever considered a... Read More
18 APR
Dan McClelland and Midge Were Inseparateable A retired Ohio sheriff and his police dog died on the same day. Sheriff Dan McClelland and his tiny chihuahua-rat terrier mix K-9 partner Midge, both... Read More
17 APR
CHP K-9 “Apis” Sniffs Out Massive load of Smuggled Drugs A California Highway Patrol drug bust couldn’t have happened without the help of their K-9 dog, Apis. The sharp-nosed canine... Read More
16 APR
Barking At Death’s Door A dog escapes death row and ends up with a forever home. Blue is a dog that has definitely lived through interesting times. Despite having three families willing to... Read More
20 NOV
Fostering a cat is one of the noblest things you can do as an animal lover. It is an opportunity to save a life and potentially give others the chance the joy of taking care of a cat. However,... Read More
22 NOV
We have chosen to make September the month of helping Dachshunds in need. We have chosen to support The Dachshund Rescue of North America, as they are one of the largest Dachshund Rescue... Read More
06 SEP
This month, use code "GIVE10" and in addition to receiving a 10% discount, we will also donate 10% of the profit to ASPCA to help rescue and protect homeless dogs in need. No donation is too small.... Read More
06 SEP
Humane Societies all over are looking for volunteers who are willing to become pet cuddlers. Yes, you read that correctly. This may be the best job... Read More
16 AUG

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