My Dog Hates Baths! What Can I Do! 

My dog hates baths! What can i do!  

Your Pup Is Cute, Adorable, And Yes, He Hates Baths Too.

Don’t you wish that you can give your dog a bath without too much struggle and drama? The problem is, it is not. Most of the time, you have to chase down your pooch and forcefully put him in the tub. If that’s not enough, the struggle isn’t over yet as your dog would try to break free from you. Thankfully, there’s good news. There are a few things you can do to ensure your dog will be more submissive to you and make bath time a really pleasurable time for both of you.

My dog hates baths! What can i do!  

Aside from chasing your dog is tiring, it is actually not recommended. Your dog may think that you’re playing with him and will simply keep you on chasing him. That’s something you don’t want to happen especially if you want him to overcome this behavior.

Moreover, don’t force your dog to stay in the bath area. It may cause trauma to your dog and would hate bath time more. As much as possible, bath time should be a cooperative and peaceful act between you and your canine friend.

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Make Your Dog Comfortable With Bathing Area

Whether it is your bathtub, the shower, or a place in the backyard, you need to make sure your dog gets used to where he is getting a bath. How do you do this? There are plenty of ways. One, you can give your adorable dog meals in their bathing area.

This should help your pooch create a positive association with the place. Next, you can give your dog a treat and let him play with his favorite toys in that same area. The bottom line is that you create happy moments in your bathing place. So, when you need to give him a bath, he won’t feel too uneasy anymore.

Use Warm Water

Using warm water is a simple trick that can help your pup relax. Coldwater can easily agitate your dog. If you use warm water, he will feel more comfortable all throughout the bath time.

Don’t Spray Your Dog With Running Water

Dousing your dog with water can make him nervous. It may give them a drowning feeling and the pressure of water hitting them may feel like they are being punished. It is best to pour water instead. You can also use a washcloth to wash your dog’s face. Don’t let water splash on his face, especially over his snout. Avoid getting water into his nose.

Let Your Dog Exercise First Before Bath Time

The less energy your dog has, the more submissive he can be. That’s why a nice trick to help your dog become more receptive to you is to schedule your bath time right after he had exercised.

This can be done by taking him for a long walk, playing with lots of running and moving, or bringing him to the park where he can run around and expel his excessive energy. Once your pooch is tired, he will not have enough energy to resist and flee from you during bath time.

Prevent Your Dog From Slipping In The Tub

Bathtubs can be slippery at times for humans, but they can be more slippery for your dog. When they can’t fully stabilize themselves in the bathtub, they tend to become more nervous, fearful, and stressed.You can add a rubber mat or towel to the tub. This helps your dog keep his balance during the bath.

Get Your Things Ready

Before you even bring your dog to the bathing area, make sure you have all you need within reach. These include shampoo, soap, conditioner, brush, and towel. You don’t want to be leaving your dog in the middle of bath time just because you forgot something.

From Fearful To Happy Bath Time!

Be patient with them. Like a child, dogs may not understand fully what you want to happen. They don’t even know why bath time can be good for them. However, with enough practice and getting used to this routine, you should have a better and nicer time giving your four-legged friend a bath.