Help a Homeless Dog in Need This Month

Help a dog in need this month

Did You Know That Approximately 6.5 million Companion Animals Enter U.S. Animal Shelters Nationwide Every Year?

Of those, approximately 3.3 million are dogs. Of those 3.3 million, 670,000 dogs are euthanized annually. Because of those heartbreaking statistics, we decided that we wanted to donate a portion of our September sales to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

This Month, Use Code “GIVE10”

In addition to receiving a 10% discount, we will also donate 10% of the profit to ASPCA to help rescue and protect homeless dogs in need. No donation is too small. In fact, just 63 cents a day has the power to give abused animals a better life.

Help a homeless dog in need this month

So How Will Your Donation Be Used? Here Are Just a Few Examples:


1. Food And Shelter – Many dogs that come into shelters have been homeless for most of their lives. This means that they often have not had any access to food, water or nutrients that help to keep them strong and healthy. Therefore, many shelters use donations to purchase dry food, canned food and milk replacers that will help provide dogs with nutrients to help nourish them back to their proper health.

2. Vet Expenses – All veterinary expenses for dogs that are in animal shelters are paid for by the shelters themselves. The local government or animal control centers do not pay any vet expenses for the animals that are brought in. Unfortunately, quite a lot of dogs coming into a shelter, as well as many surrendered animals, need an initial vet visit to undergo a routine health examination and update them on any vaccinations that they may not have.

In more serious cases, dogs with illnesses may need extra medical care. This means extra costs for helpful medications, doctor visits, and blood work that may need to be done. Monetary donations are what help make this entire process possible for dogs who are in need.

Help a homeless dog in need this month

Last But Not Least

3. Training – Sometimes all it takes for a dog to become adoptable is a little extra training to ward off any bad behaviors or habits that may have formed before they arrived at the shelter. In these cases, many shelters will invest money in training an animal so that they can become a good, adoptable pet for a family. However, a few weeks with a trainer can be costly and this option is not always available to shelters due to budget restraints, even though it may make a world of difference in the attitude and temperament of a future household pet and future family member.

Help a homeless dog in need this month

What’s The Catch?

Knowing that we are a part of rescuing and protecting dogs in need. Our hope is that we can all work together to raise awareness and lower the heartbreaking statistics. This is just one of many ways we can do that! What are other ways we can shine a light on this issue and and help these precious animals we love so much? Let us know in the comments below.