Great Pyrenees Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Great Pyrenees Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Appearance, Personality, and Traits of Great Pyrenees with Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Great pyrenees bernese mountain dog mix

This type of dog breed looks big and sometimes resembles a Border, Colie. It has almond-shaped eyes and triangular shaped ears that are quite small for its size.

Moreover, it has a strong muzzle and large teeth. Its abundant hair makes this breed looks fluffy and cute despite its size. Their furs are thick as the dogs are initially live in cold places.

When it comes to the lower back and loins, this type of breed is muscular. Not only their shoulders are high, and their hind limbs are well-toned, but their chests are broad as well. Their tails are well-plumbed, too.

Their coats are thick and white, but sometimes have orange and black. Here is some information about their coats.

Weight Toy: 10 lbs to 24 lbs

Mini: 25 lbs to 49 lbs

Standard: 50 lbs to 90 lbs

Height Toy: 12 inches to 17 inches

Mini: 18 inches to 22 inches

Standard: 23 inches to 29 inches

Coat Type Long and wavy, curly, straight (rare)
Coat Color combination of white, black, and brown
Amount of Shedding Minimal shedding for curly and wavy coats
Temperament Friendly, affectionate with family, intelligent, craves attention

The weight and height of Great Pyrenees with Bernese mountain dog mix vary depending on their gender. Many factors can affect, too. These are:

  1. Food
  2. Breed
  3. Activities

You shouldn’t worry about the size and height of your dogs, as they can change. Also, you need to think about the size of the breeders. If the breeds are both small, then expect that the pup will be little, too. On the other hand, if the parents of dogs are big, then your puppy will grow bigger than you’ve known.

Mountain dogs mixed with the Pyrenees look like a big stuffed toy you can rely on, too. They are affectionate, loving and gentle. They are calm as well. They are reliable and considerate. Just like any types of dogs, they won’t bite strangers as long as they are not threatened.

The way you treat them also affect their behavior. If you manage them properly, you can ensure that they will handle you properly, too.

This is why it’s essential to ensure that your property has some areas where the pups can run and be active. If your place is small, you need to ensure that you can walk them every day as their breeds are lively. You need to satisfy their instinct and make sure that they won’t lose their authority.

With these characteristics, it’s safe to say that the Great Pyrenees with Bernese mountain dog mix can be good guard dogs.

The Great Pyrenees With Bernese Mountain Dog Mix Puppies For Sale

Great pyrenees bernese mountain dog mix

Many people sell this breed. The price of each puppy ranges from $1000 to $3,000. However, it depends on the breeder and the size of the dog.

Some of the reliable breeders that you can purchase from are:

  • Pine Acres Farm
  • Kiji Canada
  • Dog Breed Great Bernese

Grooming Your Great Pyrenees Crossed with Mountain Dog Mix

Great pyrenees bernese mountain dog mix

It is an essential part of keeping your pets healthy. You need to ensure that they are clean. This is especially right if you have a Bernese Mountain Dog with Great Pyrenees mix. You should make them sanitary as they have long coats.

The products you need to improve their appearance are:

  • Brush – There are different kinds of brush for your dogs. You need to know their coats to be able to choose the right one. With this, you can have a brush that can keep your pups neat. Some of the types of brush you can purchase are a rake and a slicker brush. These can comb thick undercoat. If your pet has a soft undercoat, you need to find a different kind of comb for them. Many shops offer these brushes, so don’t forget to ask them before purchasing.
  • Soap – Yes, you need soaps that are made for dogs. You should not use the ones that are made for humans, because they have different ingredients. Although your soap works for you, it doesn’t mean it should be used for your pets. After all, you won’t use dog soap for your skin, so we suggest not to do the same. We’ve been giving lots of care to dogs in our veterinary area, so follow this suggestion.
  • Conditioner – Dogs need to use their conditioner, too. They are made for them as they can remove fleas, so ensure to get the right one for their furs to be shiny and healthy.
  • Fur Dryer – Your dogs’ coats need to be dried right away. Otherwise, they will be tangled and will make your pets uncomfortable. You should buy this equipment, and don’t buy a blower. Dryer and blower have different levels. The ones made for humans may harm your dogs’ skin. While you can use the towel, you need to dry your pets’ coats with a blower as they will be shinier and healthier if you do this. In our clinic, we use it.

If you want to ensure that your pup will be neat, you need to ensure that you’ll clean them properly. If you don’t know the ways to do that, then you can bring them to a groomer. The professional will clean and remove the dirt and fleas in your dogs.

To add, they will ensure that your pets’ coats are not tangled. They will use the right brush to remove the skin that hurt your pets. This is essential as their coats can affect their mood. Moreover, they can also bathe them properly.

Since the Great Pyrenees crossed with Bernese Mountain Dog mix’s fur is long, they need to go to a groomer on a regular basis for their coat to be cut. The groomer will cut the hair so that the pup will be comfortable in your house.

This is essential if your house is not located in a cold area. You see, this breed is born to live in cold places, so their furs are thick. If you don’t bring them to a groomer to cut their hair, you’ll make them uncomfortable.

Determining your dog’s coats is essential for their grooming session. You need to identify what those are to know the right grooming products for them.

For this, you can know how to wash them and the other products to use. You’ll know the right soap and brush to apply.

Great Pyrenees Bernese Mountain Dog Health Problems

Great pyrenees bernese mountain dog mix

Many Great Pyrenees With Mountain Dog mix are more likely to be obese. You should not enclose in a small space. You need to have a house where they can run and play. This goes for all dogs. However, a big house is needed for this breed as they need to be energetic and in the right weight.

Most of the Great Pyrenees Bernese that has mountain dog mixes have skin allergies. Since they have thick fur, fleas love them.

Bernese Mountain Dog Great Pyrenees Mix Food Requirements

You can keep your dogs healthy by giving them the right food. For puppies of this breed, you won’t need more than a small bowl of dog food and milk a day. To be on the safe side, go only for the best puppy food brands that guarantee your little pooch will get all the nutrients they require for their growth. As your mixed breed pup will grow up to be a big fellow, you can also offer them some of the best dry dog food for small dogs while they are still young. Later on, you can move on to a more comprehensive diet with these best dry dog food brands.

On the other hand, an adult Great Pyrenees Bernese Mountain Dog Mix needs to eat more for their growth, but the food has to be of adequate quality for such a large breed. Try to avoid these worst dry dog food options that are filled with questionable ingredients and preservatives. You cannot go wrong with our selection of the best large breed dry dog food. If you need more specific recommendations, give these foods and suplements a try:

Just as puppies need special food, older dogs have specific food requirements. Here is the best senior dry dog food that we swear by.

Ask your veterinarian for advice before you change your dog’s diet to make sure your pet remains healthy. They will tell you beforehand the things you should do to treat your pets. They will give you an idea of the right nutrients.

The Great Pyrenees Crossed with Bernese Mountain Dog Mix Exercises

If you want to keep our pets healthy and lively, you should stay energetic. This will only happen if you will train them to exercise. The type of exercise depends on the dogs’ age. Some of the things they can do are:

  1. Jogging
  2. Walking
  3. Swimming

Great Pyrenees Mixed with Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy Training

The Great Pyrenees that have Bernese Mountain Dog needs to be trained. As mentioned, this breed is born to be a leader. They are guard dogs so that they can be appropriately trained. You need to start teaching them at a young age. When preparing them, you should positively approach them. Give them rewards and praise them if needed. Doing these things is essential for them to learn.

You also need to train them in public or vast space. Don’t put them in your house when teaching them, so they will be used to open environment. Also, you need to be useful to them.

You need to approach them suitably. When the dogs see that you can train them well, they might follow you. The pet will be more into you if you do so.

You can ask professionals about the right training for your dogs. For this, you can determine the right and wrong things for your fur buddies. You can say if you need to reward them or when to discipline and ignore them. When you learn from the pros, you can teach your dogs appropriately.

Watching videos about training on the internet can help you, too. You can learn lots of things regarding their behavior. You can also attend practices that are related to your dogs. Do you want to learn more? Read info about your pets.

The Great Pyrenees with Bernese Mountain Dog Mix and Families

They are good with children. You don’t need to worry as they can give the care and gentleness you need. For sure, your kids will have fun with them.

They are good with socialization, too. They can adapt and play with you and your family members. They can know if you need them, as they are kind-hearted. Just watch videos of this breed, and you can see how loveable they are.

They are sensitive. Even though they are known as guards, they are kind. They can blend well with other dogs, too. You shouldn’t worry about your behavior with your other pets.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Great Pyrenees Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Great pyrenees bernese mountain dog mix

The Great Pyrenees crossed with Bernese Mountain Dog mix is aggressive than others. Since they are called guard dogs, they are more likely to be more belligerent compared to different breeds.

A Bernese Mountain Dog Great Pyrenees mix is more attention seeker, too. You need to pay interest to them and spend lots of energy and time playing with them.

If you don’t have the time to play and discipline them, you should think of getting another breed. Taking care of a Great Pyrenees Bernese crossed with Mountain Dog is hard. As mentioned, you need to be with them at all times.

Other Bernese Mountain Dog Mixes

Not sure the Great Pyrenees Bernese Mountain Dog is the perfect pup for you? Check out our blog post with pictures and facts on 30+ different types of Bernese Mountain Dog mix breeds.

Doing a a ton of research? Check out the most comprehensive breed reviews on the top Bernese Mountain Dog mixes, includes info on health, temperament, price, food, exercise grooming and more.

  1. Husky Bernese Mountain Dog Mix
  2. Poodle Bernese Mountain Dog Mix
  3. German Shepherd Bernese Mountain Dog Mix
  4. Golden Retriever Bernese Mountain Dog Mix
  5. Australian Shepherd Bernese Mountain Dog Mix
  6. Labrador Bernese Mountain Dog Mix
  7. Corgi Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

3 Reasons Why You Should Get a Mountain Dog Great Pyrenees Mix

Great pyrenees bernese mountain dog mix

The Great Pyrenees with Bernese Mountain Dogs is safe to play with. If you have children whom you want to be safe, you don’t need to worry as these breeds are gentle. These fur buddies can be trained. These pups are lovable so that you can feel secure.

The Great Pyrenees and Bernese Mountain Dog mix puppies are smart. They know the threats and where to respond. Since they can be trained, you can easily instruct them to be kind to your child. You can tell them to be gentle and be patient when playing with the kids. Great Pyrenees with Bernese mountain dog mixes are sweet but also responsible. They are warm-hearted, alert and friendly. They are sensitive and gentle, too.

They May Protect You. You can ensure that these dogs are safe to be around. They can protect you and your kids from any stranger. After all, they are called guards. They can also:

  • Attack Robbers
  • Protect You From Other Animals

Best Dog Food for Great Pyrenees Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Combining the majestic traits of the Great Pyrenees with the gentle nature of the Bernese Mountain Dog, this mix requires a balanced diet to support its large size and overall health. Consider feeding a high-quality dog food formulated for large breeds, ensuring it includes essential nutrients for joint health and maintaining a healthy coat.

Purina beneful dry dog food, original with real beef, 3. 5 lb bag
  • Features farm-raised beef as the number one ingredient and this naturally delicious premium food is made with added vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
  • Made without artificial preservatives or flavors and with colors only from natural sources.
Royal canin medium breed adult dry dog food, 30 lb bag
  • Medium adult dry dog food formulated with precise nutrition specifically made for dogs 1–7 years old weighing 23–55 lb.
  • Supports natural defenses for immune support with a blend of prebiotics and antioxidants for dogs.
  • Maintains healthy skin and a healthy dog coat with optimal levels of EPA and DHA.
  • Promotes dog digestive health with easy-to-digest proteins and a balanced supply of fiber.
  • Palatable, medium breed adult dog food has an exclusive kibble design to encourage chewing.
Pedigree complete nutrition adult dry dog food roasted chicken, rice & vegetable flavor dog kibble,
  • Complete and balanced nutrition has antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Optimal levels of omega-6 fatty acid nourish the skin and help keep his coat shiny and healthy.
  • Whole grains and a special fiber blend support healthy digestion with a delicious roasted chicken flavor.
  • Unique, crunchy texture helps clean the teeth with every bite to support good oral health between brushings.
  • Proudly made in the USA with the world’s finest ingredients; contains no high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors or sugar.

(FAQs) about the Great Pyrenees Bernese Mountain Dog Mix:

What is a Great Pyrenees Bernese Mountain Dog Mix?

A Great Pyrenees Bernese Mountain Dog Mix is a crossbreed resulting from the mating of a Great Pyrenees and a Bernese Mountain Dog. This mix combines the noble traits of the Great Pyrenees with the gentle strength of the Bernese Mountain Dog.

What is the size and appearance of a Great Pyrenees Bernese Mountain Dog Mix?

Great Pyrenees Bernese Mountain Dog Mixes are typically large dogs with a sturdy and well-muscled build. They may inherit a combination of the distinct features of both parent breeds, including a thick double coat and a noble expression.

What is the temperament of a Great Pyrenees Bernese Mountain Dog Mix?

These mixes are known for their gentle, loyal, and protective nature. They often exhibit a calm demeanor and are affectionate towards their family members, inheriting the guarding instincts of the Great Pyrenees.

How much exercise do Great Pyrenees Bernese Mountain Dog Mixes need?

While they are not extremely high-energy dogs, they benefit from regular exercise to keep them physically and mentally stimulated. Daily walks, playtime, and outdoor activities are recommended.

Are Great Pyrenees Bernese Mountain Dog Mixes good with children and other pets?

Generally, these mixes are good with children and other pets, especially when socialized from a young age. Their gentle and patient nature makes them suitable for family life.

What is the grooming routine for Great Pyrenees Bernese Mountain Dog Mixes?

Grooming requirements include regular brushing to manage their dense coat, particularly during shedding seasons. Other routine grooming tasks such as nail trimming and ear cleaning are important for their overall care.

Do Great Pyrenees Bernese Mountain Dog Mixes have specific health concerns?

They may inherit health issues common to both parent breeds, such as hip dysplasia and certain genetic conditions. Regular veterinary check-ups are crucial for preventive care and early detection of potential health issues.

How trainable are Great Pyrenees Bernese Mountain Dog Mixes?

These mixes are usually intelligent and trainable, but they may have an independent streak. Positive reinforcement methods and early socialization contribute to successful training.

What is the lifespan of Great Pyrenees Bernese Mountain Dog Mixes?

The average lifespan of Great Pyrenees Bernese Mountain Dog Mixes is typically around 8 to 12 years with proper care, nutrition, and regular veterinary attention.

What are some considerations for potential Great Pyrenees Bernese Mountain Dog Mix owners?

Prospective owners should be prepared for a loving and protective companion. Understanding the needs of both parent breeds, including grooming, exercise requirements, and potential health issues, is crucial for providing a happy and suitable home for a Great Pyrenees Bernese Mountain Dog Mix.


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