57+ Bernese Mountain Dog Mix Breeds

57+ Bernese Mountain Dog Mix Breeds

Corgi Bernese Mountain Dog Mix = Bernesegi

Learn more about the Corgi Bernese Mountain Dog.

Boxer Bernese Mountain Dog Mix = Boxnese

Boxer bernese mountain dog mix

For Boxer mix Bernese Mountain puppies, you will need to provide high-quality food. With the supervision of a veterinarian, you need to consider the age and size of your pup in giving the amount of dog food. When it comes to training, you can give them treats, but keep in mind a suitable limit to avoid obesity.

The combination of Boxer and Bernese Mountain breeds will result in a pup with a medium length coat. Your Boxnese pup will have less shedding than a purebred Bernese Mountain dog since Boxers have a short and tight-fitting coat. You need to cut their nails at least once a month and to brush their teeth frequently.

If you want to adopt a Boxnese puppy, you should inquire breeders who did genetic testing on the parent breeds and the litters. Make sure to check for if the breeders abide by the regulations of dog breeding.

Husky Bernese Mountain Dog Mix = Bernesky

Husky bernese mountain dog mix

Husky Bernese Mountain Dog Mix puppies have a body with a double coat and medium in length. Compared to a purebred Bernese Mountain Dog, a Bernesky dog will require less coat maintenance and will have less frequent shedding of the coat. When you ask for shaving, the pup’s fur will grow back within the next few weeks.

Bernesky pups enjoy attention and are affectionate to their owners. They also aspire to please the family and are truly loving dogs. They get along well with children and some strangers. You can enjoy your time with your family and the Husky mix Bernese Mountain dog. Depending on the parent breeds, they can have a certain shyness and preference with people.

Your Bernese Mountain mix Husky puppy will need activities with a low to medium-high intensity. Here are some activities to try:

  • Walking
  • Playing fetch
  • Simple obstacle courses

You need to spend time with your pup as the Bernesky develops the skills and maintains a fit dog body.

Poodle Bernese Mountain Dog Mix = Bernedoodle

Poodle bernese mountain dog mix

Overall, the combination Poodle and the Bernese Mountain Dog, also known as the Bernese Mountain Poo, is a friendly and affectionate pup. Being of Bernese Mountain descent, Bernedoodles have intense loyalty with their human families. Poodle mix with Bernese Mountain puppies crave human interaction, so it is best to never leave them alone for a long time. They can also be wary around strangers.

The Bernese Mountain and Poodle mix puppies have a variety of sizes, toy, mini, and standard. The size of the food your pup will need is dependent on the dog’s size. For the early stages of your Bernedoodle, it is advisable to give special kibble for puppies with the required nutrients and vitamins.

Due to the cross-breeding, Poodle Bernese Mountain puppies are often healthy. Their large gene pool reduces the risk of congenital diseases. Reliable breeders did genetic testing on the parents and the litters to avoid passing down illnesses.

German Shepherd Bernese Mountain Dog Mix = German Bernese

German shepherd bernese mountain dog mix

Without an exact and well-known history, the history of the parent breeds will help with further knowledge on the German Bernese dogs. In the late 19th century, Captain Max von Stephanitz developed the relatively young breed of German Shepherd for farming and herding. Later on, Stephanitz discovered that German Shepherd dogs can be protectors and guards too. Meanwhile, the Bernese Mountain Dog is an older breed, seen over 2,000 years ago. These dogs served as helps for the farmers and herders. With these two breeds crossed, the Euro Mountain Sheparnese serves as a companion dog for many people.

German Shepherd Bernese Mountain Dog mix puppies weigh from 75 to 110 lbs. The major concerns you could encounter with this breed are bloatedness, meningitis, and hip dysplasia.

They require pin brush, nail clipper, and a slicker brush for grooming their straight, dense, and medium length double coat. You should brush the coat of these pups, especially during the warmer months.

Beagle Bernese Mountain Dog Mix = Bergle

Beagle bernese mountain dog mix

Beagle Bernese Mountain Dog mix puppies may overeat when they get a chance since the Beagle parent breed are known as ‘chow hounds.’ There is a need to monitor their food intake, more than other breeds. They can also become aggressive when disturbed during meal times. You will have to make sure to seal your trash can, so that the Bergle pup would not sniff and look around for its favorite food. You can use treats as a reward during obedience training.

Younger Bernese Mountain Dog mix Beagle puppies are more active than the older ones, 18 months or older. They tend to be lazier and prefer to lie around the house as they get older.

If you are interested in adopting a Bergle pup, you should seek nearby rescue shelters and take a puppy from there. However, if there are no available pup of this breed, you may opt to look for reliable sellers and breeders who can help you acquire this pup.

Labrador Bernese Mountain Dog Mix = Labranese

Labrador bernese mountain dog mix

Lab Bernese Mountain Dogs have reduced risks for developing congenital diseases because of the enlarged gene pool. You can help reduce the risk of contracting illnesses by controlling some modifiable environmental conditions and the diet of your pup. Trusty breeders will have a result for the genetic testing of the parent breeds and offsprings.

In 1991, a Canadian guide dog facility called MIRA foundation developed the Labranese breed with the intention of creating assistance dogs. They aspired to mix the strong characteristic of Labradors with the intelligent, loyal, and pleasant traits of Bernese Mountain dogs.

Bernese Mountain mix Labrador dogs are versatile as they have eagerness and intelligence. Also, it is not difficult to train this breed, but these pups can be more aloof than the average Labrador. Children gravitate towards them as they have a caring and patient attitude. They form firm family bonds that could sometimes trigger separation anxiety.

Chow Chow Bernese Mountain Dog Mix = Chownese

Chow chow bernese mountain dog mix

Chownese pups have squarely built and sturdy-boned bodies. The coat on them is dense and thick, with a long length. They require at least moderate maintenance. They tend to have a moderate to high levels of shedding, so a daily brushing would help control the shedding. Shampoo during the bath is not always required for the pup, to keep the natural oils on the coat.

Berner Chow puppies require a moderate amount of energy-consuming activities, like 30 to 60 minutes of backyard play, playing fetch, or walking. It will be beneficial for the pup’s weight and health if there is daily exertion of energy.

Chow Chow Bernese Mountain Dog Mix puppies can weigh up to 120 lbs. The major concerns that may arise when it comes to their health are meningitis, histiocytosis, and elbow and hip dysplasia. You can ask the breeder for the result of genetic testing of the puppy.

Border Collie Bernese Mountain Dog Mix = Bernese Collie

Border collie bernese mountain dog mix

Being Bernese Collies are a moderately active breed, they should get plenty of playtime and exercise in a week. They need at least three days of walking or fetching activity in a week. You can take the pup to a nearby dog park or in your safe backyard space.

Another name for these dogs is Bordernese. They have a charming and agreeable personality. They are alert and energetic, and they would make an excellent watchdog for your home. You can rely on their loyalty as well. Border Collie Bernese Mountain mix dogs get along wonderfully with other types of pets and children.

Bernese Collie puppies may be susceptible to some diseases because they are hybrid pups. Here’s a list to name a few:

  • Diabetes
  • Deafness
  • Epilepsy
  • Eye problems
  • Neurological problem

There is no assurance of the state of their health, but your appropriate care will help a great deal in preventing much illness.

Australian Shepherd Bernese Mountain Dog Mix = Aussie Bernese

Australian shepherd bernese mountain dog mix

Australian Shepherd Bernese Mountain Dog Mix puppies have an excellent congeniality trait. They get along with other people well, particularly when you initiate early socialization. They do not have much temper issues. Aussie Bernese puppies seek your attention and are affectionate. It is not ideal for them to be alone for a long time.

Australian Shepherd mix Bernese Mountain Dog puppies can be prone to developing allergies, joint dysplasia, and eye problems. However, with proper genetic testing beforehand and correct care, your pup will have a lesser chance of having these illnesses. Trusted breeders will also secure a health warranty for these pups.

If you are interested in adopting an Aussie Bernese pup, you should seek nearby rescue shelters and adopt a puppy from there. However, if there are no available pup of this breed, you may opt to search for reliable sellers and breeders who can help you acquire this pup.

Cocker Spaniel Bernese Mountain Dog Mix = Spaniel Bernese

Cocker spaniel bernese mountain dog mix

Spaniel Bernese pups shed their fur less than the average Bernese Mountain Dog. They have a very low drooling potential, so you do not need to worry about cleaning after their drool in public. They may have a high potential for weight gain. A weekly schedule to the groomer and almost daily brushing of your pup’s coat will help maintain the beautiful appearance of the pup.

Cocker Spaniels are known to be sporting dogs, and this parent breed will make your Spaniel Bernese pup require medium to high-intensity exercise routines. They will have a high tendency for playfulness, so you have to match their energy levels. Here are my suggestions for activities:

  • Frisbee
  • Running
  • high-intensity obstacle course

Cocker Spaniel mix Bernese Mountain Dog puppies adapt well to the living conditions such as apartment living and cold weather. They are incredibly affectionate towards the family and kids. They demand attention and likes to snuggle close. They are somewhat friendly to strangers and other dogs.

St. Bernard Bernese Mountain Dog Mix = St. Bernese

St. Bernard bernese mountain dog mix

The cross between St. Bernard and Bernese Mountain Dog does not require a lot of time for exercising. This breed only needs 30 to 60 minutes of exercise. They can go around playing in the backyard or by walking. Optimum performance of this mix can be achieved if their exercise session goes up to 90 minutes.

Breeders of St. Bernese can be challenging to find. Once you locate a St. Bernard in a nearby area, the chances are high that there will also be Bernese Mountain Dogs nearby. They are often mixed to produce a more intelligent breed. If you have a Bernese Mountain Dog, you can also look for St. Bernard and ask an expert if breeding will be possible.

St. Bernard and Bernese Mountain Dog puppies require grooming sessions to be done every 4 to 8 weeks. Moreover, when the season changes to spring and fall, they often shed their furs. With that, proper grooming should be done extensively.

American Bulldog Bernese Mountain Dog Mix = American Bernese

American bulldog bernese mountain dog mix

Mixing the American Bulldog and Bernese Mountain Dog can result in the following traits:

  1. Large to giant size
  2. Short and flat furs
  3. Good guard dogs, but they rarely bark
  4. Can adapt to the home well, making them an excellent house pet
  5. Can be trained, but not easily
  6. Can live for an average of 9 – 12 years
  7. High socialization skills

Health concerns may arise in this type of breed. Before purchasing, ask for the health history of the parents of the puppy. American Bulldog and Bernese Mountain Dog mix are prone to several diseases such as cancer, portosystemic shunts, and some eye dysfunctionalities. More extended hours of exercise can also result in breathing disorders.

American Bulldog is a type of dog from the Mastiff type that originated in England with the purpose as baits for bulls, while Bernese Mountain Dog is from the Molasses pedigree from Switzerland. The history of the American Bulldog and Bernese Mountain Dog is not known yet because of the increasing popularity of cross-breeding in the past years.

Shar Pei Bernese Mountain Dog Mix = Bernshapei

Shar pei bernese mountain dog mix

Just like any other dogs, the offspring of the mix between Shar Pei and Bernese Mountain Dog requires a lot of protein in their food matrix. One cup of food per 6 pounds of weight is recommended for the puppy. As it grows older, an average of two meals each day can be given.

Taking the characteristics of the Shar-Pei, Bernsharpei puppies are generally clean. They often clean themselves when they get dirty. However, for maintenance, a grooming session once to twice in three months is recommended. If the dog gets very untidy, then it calls for bath time. They are easier to bathe because of their short and flat coats.

Bernese Mountain Dog and Shar Pei mixes are easier to train. They can also serve as guard dogs. Additionally, they do not require extensive exercises. Once in a while, they will need exercises to build up their strength and shake off the excessive fats in their body.

Akita Bernese Mountain Dog Mix = Bernakita

Akita bernese mountain dog mix

The mix between Bernese Mountain Dog and Akita can result in a large size since both breeds can grow into a giant. As for health concerns, this crossbreed is prone to the following disorders:

  1. Bloating
  2. Cancer, in some hybrids
  3. Abnormal growth in hips, elbows in some
  4. Degeneration of the retina causing abnormal vision and night blindness

Bernakita puppies require higher maintenance concerning grooming. Proper care should be given to the furs. A grooming session of once a month is highly recommended. Shedding of the coat is normal; when it becomes frequent, change the schedule of grooming. Some mixes often drool, so check if it affects their furs.

Since the crossbreeding history is not determined yet, it is difficult to know where this breed originated. The history of the Bernese Mountain Dog is already discussed above. As for the Akita, this breed came from Japan. Akitas are first introduced as hunters. This breed can be aggressive due to its history.

Golden Retriever Bernese Mountain Dog Mix = Golden Bernese

Golden retriever bernese mountain dog mix

The genetic diversity that is a product between the mix of Golden Retriever Bernese Mountain Dog resulted in a breed that requires a higher quality of food. Dog foods made from lamb or beef are recommended because they contain the appropriate amount of protein needed by the dog.

For the preservation of the happier mood of the puppy, daily exercise should be done. The Golden Bernese needs extended hours of exercise sessions. You can have this dog join you in your regular walking or jogging. Training this dog can be made easier if they are given treats at the end of the session.

Since the Golden Retriever and Bernese Mountain Dog are both well-known breeds, breeders of Golden Retriever and Bernese Mountain Dog mix are quite easy to find. This hybrid is becoming popular because they can make an excellent house pet. You can search for these dogs on the internet if you can’t find breeders in nearby areas.

Great Pyrenees Bernese Mountain Dog Mix = Great Pyreneese

Great pyrenees bernese mountain dog mix

Crossbreeding the Great Pyrenees Bernese Mountain Dog can have an offspring with brown eyes and variation of fur colors such as:

  1. Black
  2. White
  3. Brown
  4. Gray
  5. Red

Owners of this breed say that this dog is affectionate that make them as lovely house pets. They also have high socialization skills.

Since they can develop into giants, bloating is common in Bernese Mountain Dog and Great Pyrenees mix. Abnormalities in the tissues, nerves, and bones might form if care is not properly given to them. Cataract is also a common disease. A regular visit to the veterinarian should be done to prevent the spread of diseases.

In transitions between seasons, shedding is frequent in Great Pyreneese. To prevent excessive loss of furs, a brush with thinner pins is required for grooming. This breed can maintain their cleanliness, so they can last several months without taking a bath. However, proper hygiene should be observed such as brushing the teeth and cutting the nails.

French Bulldog Bernese Mountain Dog Mix = French Bernese

French bulldog bernese mountain dog mix

For the French Bulldog and Bernese Mountain Dog Mix, an average of 30 minutes per day of exercise is required. They do not need extreme exercise, and they are good with moderate activities. Intense types of tasks should not be given to them because they might develop breathing disorders.

Different health concerns such as hyperthyroidism can be one of the problems that should be checked in this breed. Upon birth, consultation with the veterinarian should be done to test the puppies for congenital diseases that might be a result of the breed. Cardiac testing is recommended to know if the puppies have high stamina for their training in the future.

French Bernese puppies are not high maintenance breeds, and they are self-maintaining. Low to moderate amount of grooming should be done once in a while for proper hygiene. A bath of once every month can be done to conserve the quality of their coats. Once the seasons change, shedding can occur regularly.

Doberman Bernese Mountain Dog Mix = Dobernese

Doberman bernese mountain dog mix

A Doberman mixed with Bernese Mountain Dog is an intelligent dog because it can be trained easily. Like most dogs, they can socialize very well. If your family is looking for a sensitive and affectionate dog, the Dobernese is the perfect breed for you. They are always ready to play, and they rarely bark.

A Bernese Mountain Dog mixed with Doberman should be fed with high-quality dog foods that contain the number of proteins, vitamins, and minerals needed by the puppies. Infants require three meals a day. When they grow into adults, to prevent bloating, an average of two meals per day should be given. Obesity can progress if they are given a large number of meals.

Since crossbreeding became popular in the past years, the origin of the hybrid is also unknown. Looking back at the history of the parents, Doberman is a dog that originated from Germany, while Bernese Mountain Dog is from Switzerland that is introduced in the United States.

Newfoundland Bernese Mountain Dog Mix = Newfouneseland

Newfoundland bernese mountain dog mix

The charms of the Newfoundland mixed with Bernese Mountain Dog is fascinating. With the different coat and eye colors, the aesthetics of this breed are very pleasing. For the first time dog-owners a Bernese Mountain Dog and Newfoundland mix is the perfect breed because they are sweet and loyal to their owners. If you have children in the house, Newfouneseland can be great pets because they are kind to children.

The offspring that is a result of crossbreeding Newfoundland and Bernese Mountain Dog requires moderate to very high grooming sessions. To maintain their coat quality, extensive grooming is needed because they have a higher tendency of shedding. This breed has a high-quality fur coming from the Newfoundland breed that needs to be maintained.

Since they are from the Bernese Mountain Dog types, a Newfoundland and Bernese Mountain Dog mix does not require strenuous exercises. Like most dogs, an average of 30 minutes a day is enough for their exercise sessions. To build up strength, exercising can exceed 30 minutes but should not be longer than 1.5 hours.

Bernese Mountain Dog Food Requirements

Every Bernese Mountain Dog cross deserves a healthy diet that promotes their overall physical wellbeing and, in the long run, increases their lifespan.

Long-time dog community members already know what makes the best dry dog food and what brands are the worst dry dog food around.

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Best Dog Food for Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

The ideal dog food for a Bernese Mountain Dog mix should feature a balanced blend of high-quality proteins, healthy fats, and essential nutrients to support their large size and energetic nature. Look for reputable brands that address potential joint health concerns and cater to the specific needs of the mix, ensuring a well-rounded diet for the overall well-being of your Bernese Mountain Dog mix.

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(FAQs) about Bernese Mountain Dog mix breeds:

What is a Bernese Mountain Dog mix breed?

A Bernese Mountain Dog mix breed is a dog resulting from the crossbreeding of a Bernese Mountain Dog with another dog breed. This creates a hybrid dog with a mix of traits from both parent breeds.

What are some common Bernese Mountain Dog mix breeds?

Popular Bernese Mountain Dog mix breeds include the Bernese Mountain Dog Labrador mix (Bernese Lab), Bernese Mountain Dog Poodle mix (Bernedoodle), Bernese Mountain Dog Golden Retriever mix (Golden Mountain Dog), and Bernese Mountain Dog Australian Shepherd mix (Bernese Aussie).

What is the size and appearance of Bernese Mountain Dog mix breeds?

The size and appearance of Bernese Mountain Dog mix breeds can vary depending on the other breed involved. Generally, they are medium to large-sized dogs with a sturdy build and distinctive markings.

What is the temperament of Bernese Mountain Dog mix breeds?

Bernese Mountain Dog mix breeds often inherit the friendly, gentle, and affectionate nature of the Bernese Mountain Dog. Their temperament can be influenced by the characteristics of the other parent breed.

How much exercise do Bernese Mountain Dog mix breeds need?

Bernese Mountain Dog mix breeds typically have moderate to high energy levels and require regular exercise. Daily walks, playtime, and mental stimulation activities are important for their well-being.

Are Bernese Mountain Dog mix breeds good with children and other pets?

Bernese Mountain Dog mix breeds are generally good with children and other pets, especially when properly socialized from a young age. Their gentle and tolerant nature makes them suitable for family life.

What is the grooming routine for Bernese Mountain Dog mix breeds?

Grooming requirements depend on the coat type inherited from both parent breeds. Regular brushing, especially during shedding seasons, and routine grooming tasks such as nail trimming and ear cleaning are important.

Do Bernese Mountain Dog mix breeds have specific health concerns?

Bernese Mountain Dog mix breeds may inherit health issues from both parent breeds, such as hip dysplasia and certain genetic conditions. Regular veterinary check-ups are crucial for preventive care.

How trainable are Bernese Mountain Dog mix breeds?

Bernese Mountain Dog mix breeds are usually intelligent and trainable, but they may have a stubborn streak. Positive reinforcement methods and early socialization contribute to successful training.

What is the lifespan of Bernese Mountain Dog mix breeds?

The average lifespan of Bernese Mountain Dog mix breeds varies, but they typically live between 8 to 12 years with proper care. Providing a balanced diet, regular exercise, and veterinary attention contribute to their overall well-being.