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Cats love to scratch for some various (and good) reasons. They scratch to stretch, play, mark their territory, maintain healthy claws, communicate, and sometimes out of boredom. Having cats in your... Read More
02 OCT
In order to learn how to get your cat to stop ignoring you, we should look at why your cat is ignoring you to begin with. Only then can we learn the root of this behavior. Here are some things you... Read More
23 SEP
These oils generally come in tincture/drop form and will be administered either mixed in your dog’s food or under their tongue. You may want to start by mixing it with food because most of the oils... Read More
14 SEP
Cats have a strong and instinctive need to scratch. A cat scratching furniture and other desirable objects is a kind of exercise, especially for growing kittens. Scratching is a method that cats of... Read More
07 SEP
Do you sometimes struggle to know what your cat is trying to communicate? Sometimes, our cats can seem like they're living on another planet. But fear not! Here are some tips on How to Speak... Read More
12 AUG
Just like humans, dogs can experience anxiety, especially during stressful situations. Fireworks can be a major trigger, so read our list of tips to prepare your fur baby for 4th of July... Read More
25 JUN

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