How to Speak Cat 101


How to speak cat 101

Communicating With Your Cat

Do you sometimes struggle to know what your cat is trying to communicate? Sometimes, our cats can seem like they’re living on another planet. But fear not! Here are some tips on How to Speak Cat:

Speaking with their Eyes

If your cat gives you nothing more than a blank stare, consider yourself lucky that you were even noticed. However, if your cat blinks at you once or twice, she is saying hi. Try doing it back and see how your friendship progresses. If your cat blinks slowly, give yourself a pat on the back: she just showed deep affection for you.

How to speak cat 101

Tail Flick

If you’re a dog-person, don’t confuse the swishing tail for “I’m happy to see you!”. A flicking, swishing tail means “I am annoyed.” A more gentle moving tail can mean “I’m interested”. If the tail is up when the cat walks then all is fine in her world. A tail that’s down means “I am unhappy”. Last but not least, we all know what the puffed out tail means: angry, defensive, get ready for an attack.

How to speak cat 101

Exposed Belly

If your cat rolls over and exposes her fluffy belly, she probably isn’t asking for a belly rub, but it’s still a good sign. Exposing the belly means the cat trusts you completely. Cats know their belly is vulnerable, so they don’t go exposing it to just anyone.

How to speak cat 101


Cats can totally talk! Whether it’s a little chirping noise, a yowl, a meow… If you listen, and consider the circumstance, you’ll start to understand them. A firm “meow” at the food bowl, or when you’re preparing meat is obviously, “I’m hungry! Gimme my food!” Chirps are usually just casual chit-chat, sharing her day with you. Some cats even talk back when you speak. Each cat is different though, so just simply listen and you will learn.

How to speak cat 101

Bite Bite Bite

Gentle bites are always playful; it’s her way of showing you she likes you. So are licks. However, cats won’t usually bite you out of anger (unless you’re doing something to really annoy them). A gentle bite on the arm is often an indication of something, usually, “hey, wake up. It’s past my breakfast time.”

How to speak cat 101

Butting Heads

Ever wondered why a cat will butt her head against you, or rub her face on you. Certainly, it’s a sign of affection. But more than that, a cat is a territorial creature, and she has scent glands in her face. She’s actually marking you as her territory to other cats! This is why cats are very interested in sniffing you when you come home (especially when you’ve been around other cats).

How to speak cat 101

Better Communication Results in a Happier Cat

Now you have the basics on how to better understand and communicate with your cat! They are incredibly expressive and affectionate creatures. It takes the slightest effort to understand them which will make them happier in return.

Let us know how your cat communicates with you in the comments below!

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