Dachshund Gifts: Surprise Your Doxie Loving Human!

Most Adorable Dachshund Gifts Any Doxie Lover Will Appreciate

Here at Alpha Paw, we value our readers’ opinions more than anything, and we strive to make their wishes come true. After receiving several requests, we decided to dedicate an entire article to perfect gifts for Wiener Dogs owners and all-around Dachshund aficionados and immediately embarked on a quest for an ideal present that will make their hearts melt.

Birthday, Christmas, or a housewarming party—these Dachshund-inspired gifts can fit into any occasion!

Without further ado, we give you the selection of the best gifts for Sausage Dog devotees and their loyal companions.

Top Dachshund-Themed Gifts

From mugs to tableware holders, the silhouette of these famed pooches can be found everywhere.

There’s no better way to wish someone a happy birthday or congratulate on the new job than by showing you appreciate your friends or family members with a little Dachshund-themed token of affection.

Classic Dachshund Lover Gifts

We thought that the best way to start is to offer an assortment of our favorite presents for Doxie aficionados before we move on to gifting Weenies!

We’ve studied Dachshunds for a long time, and we are aware they are not the patient kind. Until we get to the part where we recommend the best gifts made specially from them, feel free to toss them a healthy treat and enjoy our article while they munch away on it.

First Thing’s First: Dachshund Coffee Mug

Dachshund gifts: surprise your doxie loving human!

Image source: Amazon

We’re talking about the king of classic gifts! Is there a better way to start your day than by sipping coffee from your favorite Dachshund-themed mug? They come in all shapes and sizes, but the best ones are those that feature witty remarks that sound as if uttered by a Doxie.

You may prefer a morning coffee mug with a simple silhouette or a beautiful drawing of the Dachshund, or taking a sip from a Sausage Dog-shaped cup, but either way, you will have a hard time picking the cutest one!

We thought maybe the best ones are coffee mugs that feature a witty remark that resembles the Doxie’s true nature. With these mugs, you’ll be making a statement with each sip.

It’s Wine O’Clock: Wiener Dog Wine Glass

Dachshund gifts: surprise your doxie loving human!

Image source: Amazon

Red or white, every wine tastes better when served in a glass that features one of these little rascals!

If you’re having friends over, dazzle them with these beautiful Dachshund-inspired glasses.

Choose between classic or stemless, just make sure you limit yourself to one glass per day!

Handy Dachshund Corkscrew

Dachshund gifts: surprise your doxie loving human!

Image source: Amazon

Before serving that glass of Pinot Noir, you’re gonna have to open the bottle. Although we are certain there are at least a couple of bottle openers around the kitchen, we bet none of them is as cute as this Dachshund-shaped corkscrew.

To keep the wine from turning sour, we suggest you couple this gift with a handy Wiener Dog-shaped bottle stopper.

Dachshund Ice Cube Tray

Dachshund gifts: surprise your doxie loving human!

Image source: Amazon

Mixing cocktails for friends or enjoying a glass of lemonade, a decent amount of ice is a must!

This is an essential item for any serious party thrower. Surprise a Dachshund mom or dad by giving them this Weiner Dog ice cube tray. We bet they didn’t even know ice-making could be so much fun!

Cheeky Dachshund Jar Opener

Dachshund gifts: surprise your doxie loving human!

Image source: Amazon

We never knew that opening a stuck jar lid could be this fun! This hilarious jar opener will not only come handy when you crave a spoonful of that homemade jam but will also make you laugh every time you reach for it.

Dachshund Dinner Plates

Dachshund gifts: surprise your doxie loving human!

Image source: Etsy

Now, this is one we know any Doxie would approve of! They love to chomp, and they enjoy their owners’ dinner time as much as they love theirs.

These adorable plates with a picture of a Doxie strutting are sure to make any dish more delicious. Resist sharing your meal with them, though—these creatures are prone to gaining weight, which can trigger all sorts of nasty diseases.

Sausage Dog Tote Bag

Dachshund gifts: surprise your doxie loving human!

Image source: Etsy

Wouldn’t it be nice to take your Dachshund everywhere you go? This Doxie-inspired tote bag lets you do just that!

Besides, it’s handy to have a tote around. Think of all the treats and snacks you can pack in this cotton baggy! Apart from featuring an adorable print of a tiny Dachshund in a sweater, you can personalize it with your fluff’s name!

Dachshund Socks

Dachshund gifts: surprise your doxie loving human!

Image source: Etsy

Dogs like to sleep with their people, and the Dachshund is no exception to the rule. With these cozy socks, every Sausage Dog lover can keep their feet warm even if their doggy is not around.

You can find them in a variety of colors, so make sure you pick the right one. Or you can go crazy and buy several pairs; we bet the Dachshund parent won’t mind.

Dachshund Notebook

Dachshund gifts: surprise your doxie loving human!

Image source: Etsy

If you have a friend who is at the same time a Doxie aficionado and likes to take notes, we’ve got a perfect gift for them.

This handmade notebook is also carefully crafted from recycled paper, which will make any eco-friendly fella or girl even happier.

Who knows, maybe your lucky friend even starts writing their first novel in one of these notebooks.

Wiener Dog Umbrella

Dachshund gifts: surprise your doxie loving human!

Image source: Amazon

This colorful Dachshund umbrella is sure to take away the blues on a rainy day!

Although there are many different kinds, you can probably guess why we chose this particular one. Yes, we are crazy about Doxies in sweaters! Just looking at them can bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Dachshund Gifts For Kids

Affection for Dachshunds knows no boundaries of age. There are Doxie lovers among kids, too, which is why we made the following selection with the youngest Weenie devotees in mind.

From kitchen utensils for kids to bedroom decoration, we have every angle covered!

Dachshund Hot Dog Holder and Slicer

Dachshund gifts: surprise your doxie loving human!

Image source: Amazon

Care to make cooking hot dogs more interesting?

Kids just love snacking on hot dogs packed in a fresh, fluffy bun, so we thought you might turn this simple dinner into a cooking experience for your children. Let your kids feel the fun of cooking with this hot dog slicer and holder, and we assure you they will join you in the kitchen every single time!

Plush Dachshund-Shaped Pillow

Dachshund gifts: surprise your doxie loving human!

Image source: Etsy

No doubt seeing a kid taking a nap with a Doxie is a cute sight to behold, but sometimes it’s better to let both your child and your Doxie have a good night’s sleep without worrying if any of them would fall off the bed!

A soft Dachshund-shaped pillow is a perfect solution for this! This is an ideal gift for the youngest munchkins to remind them of their favorite pet while they’re apart.

That’s not all—you can personalize the pillow and have the seller embroider your Doxie’s name! Sweet, ha?

Dachshund Pull Along

Dachshund gifts: surprise your doxie loving human!

Image source: Amazon

You know how we always remind you not to let young children play with Dachshunds unsupervised because they can easily hurt them by inadvertently pressing on their delicate backs or by pulling their short leggies?

We got you covered: this Dachshund-shaped pull along lets your kid drag around this handy, wooden version of a Sausage Dog, while saving a softer touch for the real-life pooch. Kids can also play pretend they are taking the dog for a walk before they are old enough to take the dog for a stroll.

Dachshund-Themed Costume for Girls

Dachshund gifts: surprise your doxie loving human!

Image source: Amazon

This one is for all the little girls out there who are in love with their Doxies!

Be it a costumed birthday party or a recital, this cute tutu coupled with a pair of ears on a headband and paw gloves will make any munchkin girl rejoice!

Best Gifts for Dachshunds

How bout we move on to the biggest stars of this story? Our loving Doxies deserve to be splashed in presents as much as any Dachshund lover!

From feeding bowls to ramps that make them hop on to the sofa more easily, here are our top choices for a perfect gift for Dachshunds.

Patterned Harness

Dachshund gifts: surprise your doxie loving human!

Image source: Amazon

Did you know that as many as 25% of Doxies suffer from a back condition called intervertebral disc disease? This handy guide to Dachshund back problems sheds more light on this disease and steps you can take to prevent it.

One of the ways to keep your Sausage Dog’s back in good condition is to introduce a harness! We chose this patterned harness that looks like a cute little sweater! It comes with a leash, so your Sausage Dog will be fully equipped in no time!

Treat your Doxie with this practical gift, and you won’t have to worry about injuries while they jump and goof around.

Neat Collars and Tags for Dachshunds

Dachshund gifts: surprise your doxie loving human!

Image source: Etsy

It’d be a shame if you wouldn’t round off your pooch’s outfit with a nice collar and a tag to match!

Out of many collars out there, we singled out this one that pictures two Dachshunds doing what they enjoy the most—munching on a sausage link!

Among numerous tags, we opted for these. Apart from cute drawings of Doxies, this seller offers to personalize the tag by inscribing your pet’s own name!

Cozy Bed for Doxies

Dachshund gifts: surprise your doxie loving human!

Image source: Alpha Paw

Dachshunds are always ready for action—they’re full of energy and keen explorers. Although it doesn’t happen that often, sometimes they too get tired!

You know how they dig around the couch until they make it cozy enough? Pooches love to nap in soft and comfy spots.

With this bed, you will never again have to worry whether they’re comfortable because this fluffy bed adapts to your doggy’s body shape.


Dachshund gifts: surprise your doxie loving human!

Image source: Alpha Paw

Their long backs and stubby legs limit Doxies’ agility, and sometimes they can’t make a high jump onto the sofa.

This is where the DachRamp steps in to make the life of your Weenie easier. The lightweight ramp made especially for Dachshunds can be adjusted to three different heights so it can be used for couches, beds, sofas, or any other place your little explorer wants to reach!

Keep Your Weenie Fit with This Rope Toy

Dachshund gifts: surprise your doxie loving human!

Image source: Amazon

We already mentioned how spunky Dachshunds are. They are bursting with energy and they should be given a moderate amount of exercise.

One of the best ways to keep your pooch fit is with a cute, squeaky Dachshund-themed rope toy.

Just make sure you’re not playing tug-o-war—playing this game can hurt their fragile backs. Instead, play fetch and let the little sausage squeak the rope back to you.

Dress Your Doxie Up in a Charming Costume

Image source: Amazon

Dressing up a Dachshund in a teeny weeny costume may cause a condition known as cuteness overload. The symptoms include taking a ton of photos and posting them on Instagram. Be extra careful when attempting to do this.

No, really, dressed up Dachshunds are hands-down the most adorable thing you’ll ever see! If you never tried it, we believe it’s time to change that.

The best thing is that you can pick from a variety of options. In no time, your precious pup can become a tiger, Superman, a bee, or a hot dog! Whichever you choose, we guarantee the outcome will be equally hilarious and cute.

More Unique Dachshund Gifts

Being a Weenie lover, you must know all sorts of things about these furry rascals. Regardless of that, we want to present some of our favorite books about Dachshunds.

We prepared a selection for dog owners, experienced and noobies, as well as their youngest family members.

Dachshund Books for Adults

  • Dachshunds – The Owner’s Guide from Puppy To Old Age by Alex Seymour. This is a comprehensive guide to this curious breed, offering advice and tips on maintaining their health, how to train them, and what to feed them.
  • Dachshunds for Dummies by Eve Adamson. This is a Doxie guide for those who are less experienced in the art of dog-caring and those with no experience at all! Feeding, healthcare, training, grooming, housebreaking—this book has all the Doxie-related tips and tricks!

Dachshund Books for Kids

  • The Very Very Long Dog by Julia Patton. The Very Very Long Dog is a story about Bartelby, a lovable Dachshund who resides in a bookstore, unaware that his long back always makes a mess without him knowing.
  • Hot Dog, Cold Dog by Frann Preston-Gannon. The book reveals Dachshund’s nature in an amusing way through rhyme and offers an insight into many varieties of the famed Sausage Dog. Boldly illustrated, this book is perfect for goodnight read for the youngest.
  • Pretzel by Margret Ray. Pretzel is a story about the longest Dachshund in the world and his love interest, Greta, a Doxie that doesn’t care much about very long dogs.

Treat Yourself with a Gift of Dachshund

Perhaps you landed on this page because you were curious about the most compelling gifts for Dachshunds and the people who are in love with them.

Now that you’ve seen what the world of Dachshunds has to offer, maybe you’ll decide to get one.

We’d like to help you in your search by pointing to these fantastic Wiener Dog mixed breeds! Maybe one of them will be your next best furry friend.

Dachshund Pug mix Dachshund Lab mix Dachshund Beagle mix
Dachshund Golden Retriever mix Dachshund Pitbull mix Dachshund Corgi mix
Chihuahua Dachshund mix Jack Russell Dachshund mix Dachshund Poodle mix
Dachshund Yorkie mix German Shepherd Dachshund mix Dachshund Terrier mix
Pomeranian Dachshund mix Cocker Spaniel Dachshund mix Shih Tzu Dachshund mix
Min Pin Dachshund mix Basset Hound Dachshund mix Dachshund Husky mix
Maltese Dachshund mix Dachshund Dalmatian mix Australian Shepherd Dachshund mix
Border Collie Dachshund mix Rottweiler Dachshund mix Doberman Dachshund mix
Papillon Dachshund mix Rat Terrier Dachshund mix Italian Greyhound Dachshund mix
Bulldog Dachshund mix Blue Heeler Dachshund mix Boxer Dachshund mix
Great Dane Dachshund mix French Bulldog Dachshund mix Weimaraner Dachshund mix
Dachshund Boston Terrier mix Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dachshund mix Cairn Terrier Dachshund mix
Shiba Inu Dachshund mix Dachshund Bichon mix Pekingese Dachshund mix
Schnauzer Dachshund mix English Cream Dachshund