Mixed Breeds

Mixed Breeds

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Many dog enthusiasts decide to adopt pure breeds without even considering the fact that a mixed breed might be a better choice for them. Well, what if we told you that mixed-breed pups come with even more pros than their pedigreed relatives?
The greatest advantage of mixed-breed dogs is that they’re generally healthier and less prone to certain genetic disorders. They also tend to have a longer lifespan, so you will be able to watch your goofy pup turn into a wise old sage.
Another fantastic thing about mixed-breeds is that they are full of surprises! You can never know what to expect, as even the pups from the same litter may look completely different and have distinct personalities.
But the best thing about choosing a mixed-breed pooch is that your choice will probably save their life. Unlike purebreds, muttons are usually thrown to dog shelters where they live with very little hope of finding a family of their own. By adopting a mixed-breed dog instead of spending loads of cash on a purebred one, you will save them from being euthanized, for which your furry child will forever be grateful to you.
If all this sounds like a dream come true, check out our guides to mix-breeds below to find out which combination is the perfect one for you!

Table of Contents


  • Akita mix
  • American Bulldog mix
  • Australian Shepherd


  • Beagle mix
  • Bernese Mountain Dog mix
  • Border Collie mix
  • Boston Terrier mix
  • Boxer mix


  • Cocker Spaniel mix
  • Corgi mixed breeds


  • Dachshund mix
  • Dalmatian mix


  • French Bulldog mix


  • German Shepherd mix
  • Great Dane mix
  • Greyhound mix
  • Golden Retriever mix


  • Havanese mix
  • Hound mix
  • Husky mix


  • Labrador mix


  • Maltese mix
  • Mastiff mix


  • Papillon mix
  • Pitbull mix
  • Pomeranian mix
  • Poodle mix
  • Pug mix


  • Rat Terrier mix
  • Rottweiler mix


  • Schnauzer mix


  • Whippet mixed breeds
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