How Social Are Dachshunds?

How social are dachshunds

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Probably a question countless parents have asked themselves: Will Doxies get along with my kids?

Dachshunds are just adorable, cute, and cuddly. Thus, it is not difficult to see that a lot of pet lovers would like to have a doxie they can call their own.

If you are one of them and still weighing your options, perhaps, among your biggest concerns is the personality of wiener dogs. Are they sociable? More importantly, will they be okay around your kids, and will their temperament change throughout their lives? 

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These concerns are valid and need to be addressed. For this reason, in this post, let us look at how sociable doxies are and if they would be a great pet with your kids around.

How social are dachshunds

How Social are Dachshunds?

Dachshunds are among the most social dog breeds in the world. They love to be around their pet parents and even with other dogs. They love gardening, digging up things, and being with their fur buddies.

The statistics say it all. According to the AKC registration, the dachshund breed is the 13th most popular dog breed in the US. This is an impressive accolade for dachshunds considering there are more than 300 dog breeds in the United States.

Now, why am I tell you this? It is because dogs won’t be that popular if they aren’t good and sociable dogs. Nobody wants an unfriendly dog and because dachshunds are sociable and loving, they are chosen by a lot of pet owners out there.

So, if you are worried about the sociability of dachshunds, you can be confident that they are friendly and outgoing. In fact, doxies show signs of loneliness and sadness whenever they are left alone in their homes. They feel super excited when somebody returns home and keeps them company.

Of course, you also need to remember that though dachshunds are sociable, they aren’t always friendly to strangers, which is understandable and to be expected. They tend to be territorial and aggressive when unknown people come to their place.

Thankfully, dachshunds become friendly again once they know a person or get used to them.

How social are dachshunds

Will They Get Along With Kids?

You don’t have to choose between your kids and your dachshund. Because of the high sociability of doxies, there’s no trouble in getting them around your children.

Dachshunds love attention and so, they will try to always follow you around. This is a great trait especially for kids who love to play.

Moreover, doxies like to comfort their humans and family members. They know when something is wrong. They try to comfort you by snuggling and trying to get you to pet him. Kids would love to have your doxie as a friend who is always there for them.

Another trait that makes wiener dogs perfect for kids is their protective instinct. Yes, they are small, but they make up for their size by their loud bark. This can be annoying to some, but it gives you peace of mind knowing that your doxie is alert and watchful over your kids.

Since dachshunds are small, they tend to shy away from rough play which is good for smaller kids.

How social are dachshunds

Now, please note that dogs have their individual characteristics. Though dachshunds are generally friendly and great with kids, it is smart to be cautious at first. Check how well your new doxie would be able to adapt to the kids around.

Moreover, it is wise to introduce doxies to kids while they are young. This allows your doxie to get used to your kids and be familiar with them as they grow up.

More importantly, make sure you teach your kids how to properly take care of your dachshund. While doxies are friendly, they may become aggressive when they sense danger. Growling, barking, and biting can be natural responses.

Teach your kids not to give food to your dachshund if you are following a strict diet for your dog. Tell them not to hug them too tightly considering that doxies have a fragile back.

How social are dachshunds

Final Words

Dachshunds are sociable and good with kids around. No doubt about that. However, if you want to know more about dachshunds, feel free to read more about the topic. The more information you have, the better.

Talk to your vet, friends, and family. Discuss to them the pros and cons. From there, you should be able to make a better decision.

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