This Can Happen If You Neglect Your Puppy’s Teeth!

This can happen if you neglect your puppy's teeth!

Dental Health Affects the Whole Body

Dog dental disease affects more than 80% of canines. Puppies as young as two years of age can suffer from it. Some diseases caused by dental issues can be deadly. Below is a breakdown of illnesses that can result from poor dental hygiene.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease in dogs is a progression of dental diseases. Bacteria causes damage to the gums, bones, and ligaments that hold the teeth in place. It affects teeth under the gum line and by the time it’s noticed, it’s too late.

Heart Valve Infections

Many pet parents don’t realize that the bacteria in their pup’s mouth can travel down to the heart valves, mixing with the bacteria there. This causes inflammation and infection of the interior of the heart. If left untreated, it can lead to heart disease and even heart failure.

Liver Abscesses (Infections)

The liver filters everything that passes through your canine buddy’s body, including bacteria in the mouth. When bad bacteria make their way into the liver, infection will happen. Treatment for abscesses in the liver is long, painful, and costly. Sometimes, it can be fatal.

Sepsis (Blood Infection)

When mouth bacteria make their way into the bloodstream, it can cause sepsis. It is a deadly infection because it travels everywhere the blood flows. The treatment for septic pets has to be aggressive, and expect a long and painful recovery.

Dog dental disease: this can happens if you neglect your puppy's teeth!

Osteomyelitis (Bone Infection)

Severe dental disease can cause a broken jaw and osteomyelitis (bone infection). When the teeth and gums are not healthy, periodontal disease will develop. The bone under the teeth can become infected, brittle, and break. A broken jaw may not heal and that causing life-threatening complications for the poor pup

Preventative Care Tips

There are simple things you can do to maintain the dental health of your dog. First, set up a daily dental routine. It can be as simple as including a mouthwash for dogs in their water.

The mouthwash is tasteless and will also help in giving your dog fresh breath. You can also include daily dog dental treats in their diet. These treats are made specifically to aid in tartar and plaque removal.

Alpha Paw also offers a dental care bundle that makes cleaning your pup’s teeth easy and pain-free. To learn more about the bundle, click here. 

Dog dental disease: this can happens if you neglect your puppy's teeth!

The best routine is a regular dental checkup for your pup. Even the most vigilant pet parent can’t keep tooth decay at bay. While regular checkups may seem costly, they will be nothing compared to the costs of treatment.

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