Thinking About Getting A Dog? Here Are A Few Reasons Why You Should Go For It!

Thinking about getting a dog? Here are a few reasons why you should go for it!

Dogs Are No Doubt The Most Popular Pet In The World.

With so many breeds, sizes, and colors, there are just so many types of dogs to choose from. In the United States alone, there almost 90 million dogs.

Your friends have dogs. Your co-workers have dogs. Your neighbors have dogs.

So, now you’re thinking, should I get a dog? Well, if you’re still undecided, let this blog show you some of the best reasons why you should go for it!

Thinking about getting a dog? Here are a few reasons why you should go for it!

1. Helps Produce Happy Hormones

Researchers say that spending 15-30 minutes with your dog will help you feel more calm and relaxed. Not only that but dogs help reduce stress and increase happiness level. It’s no secret that coming home with a happy, tail-wagging dog waiting for you just gives you a boost of energy.

Playing with your furry friend helps in producing dopamine and serotonin in your body, which in turn, makes you feel good and positive.

2. They Help You Stay Healthy

Do you want to stay healthy? Start an active lifestyle? Or improve your quality of life? If yes, then getting a dog should be on top of your list.

According to researchers, dog owners are more active than people without dogs and active people tend to get a dog too. So, there’s really a correlation between staying active and having a dog.

Dogs are known to be playful and active. They like running, chasing and walking. Your pooch requires daily exercise and so you do! As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to play and work with your dogs. So it makes sense to note that people with dogs tend to be more active.

Dogs can also help kids to stay away from computer screens or gadgets and help them enjoy exercise.

What’s more interesting is how dogs can help you avoid illnesses and recover from them. Experts say that dog owners have a much higher rate of recovery from illnesses than non-dog owners. In fact, having a dog could decrease your chance of developing cardiovascular diseases.

In short, dogs can help you live a longer, healthier, and fulfilling life!

Thinking about getting a dog? Here are a few reasons why you should go for it!

3. More Than Just A Close Buddy

Dogs are not just a company to keep, but they do more than just give you a warm, fuzzy feeling.

One good example would be service dogs. They are highly trained dogs who are specialized in helping people with disabilities and families with great needs. These dogs can be trained to bring medication, alleviate the stressful situations for their human, and detect medical emergencies.

Dogs can also serve as your “burglar alarm.” It’s worth noting that dogs can serve as a deterrent and keep malicious elements away from your home.

Burglars and thieves usually avoid a house with a watchdog. When push comes to shove, your dog can even serve as your knight in shining armor who will save you not just from criminals, but also from dangerous animals.

4. Great Around Kids

One way of showing your love to your kids is to give them pets. Having a dog of their own teaches a lot of lessons about responsibility and accountability.

Moreover, dogs have therapeutic effects on kids, too. For example, playing with a dog can calm an overly aggressive and hyperactive kid. It has been shown that dogs are helpful for children with special needs.

Pet ownership may also be beneficial for a kid’s self-esteem. By participating in pet-oriented tasks, your kid can develop self-confidence. Kids feel wanted and loved in the company of a dog. The love for a pet can also improve the bond between siblings.

Thinking about getting a dog? Here are a few reasons why you should go for it!

5. Loyalty

Dogs see their human as fellow members of their pack and form the same close bond with their owners as their canine brothers and sisters. In line with this, this pack behavior makes domestic dogs so loyal.

Through their great sense of smell, sight and hearing dogs are ultimately intelligent creatures who sense human body language, emotions, feelings, which leads to an unbreakable bond.

Dogs are loyal friends that won’t leave you, hit you, yell at you, or hurt you. Canines are trusted friends whom you can share anything without being judged. They always got your back and will support you anytime.

Pooch is the best companion for adults and kids when they are sad, angry, depress, stress, nervous and other emotional breakdowns. People tend to feel wanted and loved in the company of a dog.

Thinking about getting a dog? Here are a few reasons why you should go for it!

Should You Get A Dog?

There’s no doubt; there’s a lot of good reasons why you should get a dog. Life is even happier with a dog around.

However, you still need to assess your current and future situation as well as your readiness to take care of a dog. Talk to a vet, a pet owner, a friend, or someone who has already owned a dog before. Do your own research too. By doing so, you should be able to make a better and more informed decision.

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