Best Dog Ramp for a Truck: A Buying Guide for Pet Parents January 20, 2021

Best Dog Ramp for a Truck: A Buying Guide for Pet Parents

The Best Dog Ramp for a Truck: Reviews and a Buying Guide for Owners

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Whether your dog is big or small, we’re sure that they are finding it hard to manage in a human-sized world at times. How wouldn’t they? They live in our homes, roam our yards, look out for our property, and ride in our vehicles. Small breeds and dogs with walking difficulties almost always have trouble climbing our furniture, but dogs of all sizes face obstacles when it comes to entering our rides.

Fortunately, a dog ramp can help in most of those situations. It is a useful aid that can facilitate your dog’s access to sofas, beds, decks, patios, and even swimming pools! It is also excellent when it comes to getting your pup into a vehicle — you no longer have to pick them up and help them get in your car or RV. If you have a truck and take your dog with you wherever you go, a dog ramp is an absolute must.

TheDogDigest took upon itself to find the best dog ramp for trucks. We looked into what makes these ramps reliable and searched the depths of the internet to find our top picks. We used a set of rigorous criteria to ensure that nothing was left to chance and that you know exactly what you’re getting with each product.

How We Selected the Best Dog Ramps for Trucks

Buying a dog ramp is not something you should take lightly. Getting a reliable ramp or a random one could mean the difference between having a safe, healthy pooch and an injured, disabled one. 

To make your choice easier, we did the due diligence and inquired about what criteria truck dog ramps need to meet. To that end, we consulted:

  1. Veterinarians 
  2. Pet store employees
  3. User reviews
  4. Dog trainers

Veterinary physical therapists were our main source of information. Ramps are primarily recommended for tiny, old, or disabled canines, but we wanted to learn the dog truck ramp essentials.

We found out that dogs can seriously injure themselves when jumping out of such tall vehicles and need a proper ramp that would prevent accidents. That refers to all breeds that are prone to skeletal issues, like Dachshunds are to intervertebral disc disease or German Shepherds to elbow dysplasia. The ramp has to have a non-slip surface and an incline suitable for the dog in question — the smaller, older, or more injured they are, the milder the incline of the ramp should be. 

Pet store workers shared their industry’s inside knowledge on dog ramps. They revealed that most products that customers returned had one of the following flaws:

  • One-size-fits-all dimensions — dog ramps need to be long, wide, and tall enough for your dog to feel comfortable walking on; the same ramp would hardly be suitable for, say, a Pug and a Newfoundland
  • A walkway that bends — if the ramp isn’t sturdy enough, your doggo could refuse to use it, or the ramp could break, hurting your dog in the process
  • A cumbersome design — truck ramps for dogs are used only when getting in or out and are stored inside when they aren’t needed, so they ought to be compact enough not to get in the way when folded or collapsed 
  • Impractical features — besides being bulky, ramps that are too heavy or hard to assemble are among the least functional ones, so you should never settle for those that weigh over 20 pounds or don’t attach or unfold easily

We made sure to avoid those traits at all costs in our search for the best dog ramps for trucks, but we also wanted to check which ramps received the highest praise from users online. We compared those products to the expert advice we got and chose the 12 that ranked the highest.

Several members of our team drive different truck models, and they were more than happy to test out the ramps we selected for review. Since dog trainers use dog agility ramps on daily basis, we asked them for tips on how to teach our doggies to use their truck ramps. 

TheDogDigest-Approved Dog TruckRamps

Our selection process has thus come to an end. We were confident that we have chosen the best of the best, and quite literally so. Below you will find our picks for the top dog truck ramps that are perfect for vans and pickup trucks, while some are even long enough to be used for semis or big rigs.


Alpha Paw PicksRating
Best OverallPetSafe Happy Ride Extra Long Telescoping Dog Ramp



Gen7Pets Natural Step Ramp for Vehicles4.8
Best Multipurpose RampThe PawRamp


Our Budget Pick

Titan Aluminum Telescoping Collapsible Pet Ramp4.8

Best for Giant Breeds

PetSTEP Original Folding Dog Ramp


Best Overall: PetSafe Happy Ride Extra Long Telescoping Dog Ramp

Credit: PetSafe

PetSafe Happy Ride Extra Long Telescoping Dog Ramp was our top pick across the board. It is easy to transport and even easier to use. The telescopic design allows this ramp to slide effortlessly from 47 to whopping 87 inches!

The aluminum frame allows this huge ramp to weigh only 18 pounds but also to be sturdy enough to support canines of up to 300 pounds! That means that even a chubby, 230+ pound Mastiff could freely strut up and down this doggo runway, and dogs rarely get heavier than that!

This ramp is 20 inches wide, which makes it suitable not only for large breed dogs but also for other animals, such as pigs or goats. That is fantastic news if you also happen to have a farm, a veterinary practice, or you keep or transport other animals in your truck.

This ramp has a high-traction surface and side rails that ensure the safety of your dog. It stores like a charm, too — it is only four inches thick, and it comes with a safety latch that locks the telescopic mechanism in place.

More pros:

  • You can control the length and customize it to your vehicle (check out other adjustable dog ramps here)
  • Long enough for most trucks, including semis, raised trucks, and big rigs
  • A carry case for this product is also available


  • When retracted, the ramp is still rather long at 47 inches
  • The walkway lining does have a sandpaper-like feel to it, but it may not provide sufficient support for older doggos

Runner-Up: Gen7Pets Natural Step Ramp for Vehicles

Credit: Petmate

Gen7Pets Natural Step Ramp for Vehicles is a unique product in terms of its lining. It is designed to give woofers the impression of walking on a natural, grassy surface. The poly-grass surface also provides goggies an excellent grip of the ramp, regardless of the incline. 

Rubber grippers located at the ends of the ramp give it stability and allow it to stay in place even when the dog runs over it to climb in the truck or another vehicle. The ramp is portable, weighing 18 pounds in total, features rubber-grip handles for easier transport, and stores flat.

The maximum weight capacity for this ramp is 250 pounds, which is excellent for any dog, and even other animals. When extended, it is 72 inches long, which is optimal for most high-rise vehicles.

More pros:

  • Comes in two sizes — regular for trucks, jeeps, and SUVs, and mini for cars and minivans (42 inches long)
  • Folds in half (3 inches thick)
  • Has a locking clip that prevents it from opening when stored


  • 16 inches wide, which is not enough for giant dog breeds
  • The mini-sized ramp doesn’t have a safety tether that is featured in the regular version of the ramp

Best Multipurpose Ramp: The PawRamp

Credit: thepawramp

You may recognize The PawRamp as our top pick in our dog ramp article. It is produced by Alpha Paw, the makers of other superb pet products, such as the famous DachRamp featured in our Dachshund ramp reviews, the Dog Car Safety Seat, and the ScratchyRamp for all the felines in our lives.

We were incredibly impressed by The PawRamp’s sheer multitude of functions and surprised that this product is touted as ideal for furniture. We believe it is splendid for SUVs and pickup trucks, too, and are glad we were able to prove it in practice!

The Full PawRamp is 40 inches long and 16 inches wide, which makes it an excellent side truck ramp — all you need to do is lean it against the vehicle. It may even be suitable for the tailgate, but that would depend on the size of your truck. This one is an adjustable ramp, so we recommend using the upper-most height setting for your pickup.

Although it is wooden, it is surprisingly lightweight, so you won’t have a problem bringing it in and out of the vehicle for your pooch. Wooden ramps are durable, weather-resistant, and incredibly easy to clean — all you need to do is wipe it with a damp cloth! The ramp’s walkway is carpeted with a ridged fabric that guarantees your dog won’t slip on it at any incline. 

More pros:

  • Comes in two sizes — Full and Lite
  • Packs flat into a 3.5-inch rectangle
  • A fantastic multipurpose item for owners on a budget, as you get a two-in-one deal — a practical ramp for both indoor use and your vehicle


  • Not suitable for raised vehicles and large trucks and rigs
  • Can only support small- and medium-breed dogs or those that weigh up to 80 pounds (for comparison purposes, Retriever breeds have roughly 70 pounds, and German Sheps usually don’t exceed 90 pounds, according to the American Kennel Club)

Our Budget Pick: Titan Aluminum Telescoping Collapsible Pet Ramp

Credit: Titan Ramps

Titan Aluminum Telescoping Collapsible Pet Ramp won as the dog ramp for owners on a budget. It offers most of the features that ramps we looked at have, such as:

  • Easy storing — the three-part, collapsible telescopic design is fantastic as it stores rather compact and opens effortlessly
  • Rubber feet to prevent sliding on the sidewalk or other surfaces
  • Grooved walkway — the textured surface ensures your dog won’t slip when climbing up or down this ramp, which is vital for senior dogs or others with difficulty walking

This ramp is made from aluminum, which makes it both lightweight and sturdy — it is tested for dogs of up to 180 pounds, while the ramp itself weighs a mere 13 pounds! The telescopic design is functional as it allows for single-hand operation. The ramp is 61 inches long when open, which is enough for most trucks.

More Pros:

  • Comes in two colors — silver and black
  • Almost 17 inches wide, which is enough for most doggos
  • 28 inches long when collapsed


  • The walkway is plastic, which could potentially fracture if you treat it harshly or if it gets tossed around in the trunk or the truck bed
  • Can’t support giant breed dogs (180 pounds maximum weight capacity)

Best for Giant Breeds: PetSTEP Original Folding Dog Ramp

Credit: Amazon

PetSTEP Original Folding Dog Ramp can withstand dogs of any size, so it had to take the win as the best ramp for large, hefty canines. It has a 500-pound weight limit, which makes it suitable not only for giant dog breeds but also for other animals. It is often used in veterinary stations to facilitate the climb of many four-legged patients onto the exam table.

This product features a rubber, no-traction walkway, which protects against slipping and is ideal for all weather conditions. Whether it is wet or dry outside, you can rest assured that this ramp won’t trap moisture. It is made of fiberglass, which also means it is strong, durable, and corrosion-free. It can even be used in pools or other bodies of water that are shallow enough for this ramp.

This dog ramp is 17 inches wide, which is wide enough for most dogs, but some may be reluctant to use it if they feel it is too narrow for them. Our top pick beats this one by three inches, which is precisely what we loved about it.

At 18.5 pounds, it is easy to use this ramp for each car stop on the road trip with your furry companion, and the side handles make carrying the ramp a breeze. Rubber grips at each end keep it stable and in place, regardless of how big of a dog steps on it.

More pros:

  • Long enough for most trucks: 70 inches when unfolded
  • Compact enough for storage in any vehicle: 36 inches when folded
  • Comes in two colors: beige and black


  • Not an ideal choice if you have a small doggo
  • Almost six inches thick when folded, which exceeds the majority of similar products

Why A Dog Needs Dog Ramp For a Pickup Truck

Small breed dogs don’t have it easy when it comes to climbing anywhere where their owners need them to — from beds to cars. If you own a miniature pup and also drive a truck, that leaves you with two options:

  1. Bending down, picking them up, and carrying them around everywhere
  2. Investing in a quality dog ramp (or making one yourself)

If your pooch suffers from a health issue that renders them incapable of entering vehicles by jumping in, a dog ramp is an ideal solution for both owners and the dogs in question. This applies to doggos that recently underwent surgery, have a physical disability, are missing a limb or use a wheelchair, or are simply too old to negotiate tall surfaces.

Dog ramps aren’t only meant to help pooches climb into a truck, but also to exit it. All dogs can sustain an injury when jumping out of a vehicle, which makes getting them a ramp all the more important. The impact of a jump is powerful and can wreak havoc to your pup’s joints. This is particularly important for dogs that are prone to back problems, such as Doxies.

How to Train Your Pooch to Use Their Dog Ramp

Credit: saltofamerica

The secret of getting your pooch to use their dog ramp lies in the power of positive associations. 

You have to teach your dog to associate the ramp with something pleasant, such as food, play, or praise. You also have to be patient and move slowly during the training process. Whatever you do, make sure to avoid these dog training mistakes.

Start by laying the ramp flat on the floor and putting a treat on it. Slowly put more treats in different places along the ramp to encourage the dog to walk on it. Once they have gotten used to feeling it under their feet and have started sitting or lying on it, you’re good to move to the next step in the training process.

Set the ramp against your truck, and place treats along it all the way to the top. Once your dog climbs up the ramp, praise them and reward them with a pat or more treats. Make sure you only use natural and healthy treats, and don’t overfeed your little muncher. Here are our suggestions of the best dog treat brands and the worst dog treat brands we could find.


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