Why Dog Ramps are the New Trending Item for Dog Owners

Why dog ramps

Why Dog Ramps are the New Trending Item

Americans are now pampering their pets more than ever, spending a whopping $100 billion on their pets last year, which is more than triple the amount spent two decades ago, this is according to the American Pet Products Association.


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But what do you buy for your pup who has it all? It turns out Dog Ramps have become the must-have item for dog owners, these ramps offer a convenient way to help your pooch onto the bed or couch for easier cuddles, and best of all, they actually help to prevent painful injuries and joint strain that can occur from trying to reach these areas.

Some common injuries caused by jumping are

  • Broken toenails
  • Footpad injuries
  • Sprains to the legs, and wrist
  • Broken teeth
  • Slipped kneecaps
  • Spinal injuries, this is especially true for dogs with shorter legs.

Why dog ramps are the new trending item for dog owners
Our dogs are an important member of our family, for much of their lives, they will need to jump to reach the bed, couch or car and sometimes reaching those heights isn’t even possible. Offering a safer and easier way to help them reach these areas will be a huge help, and the purchase of a Dog Ramp may be just the thing you need to keep your pup happy and healthy.

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“As lifelong dog lovers and parents to a Dachshund who is prone to back issues, we know first-hand the importance of providing your dog a safe alternative to jumping up and down from furniture. A dog ramp isn’t a luxury item, it’s a must-have for any pet parent that wants to protect their pups back and hips” – said Joey & Lulu, owners at PawRamp

Dog ramp for breeds

Small breed dogs

Small dogs love jumping on and off the furniture and will do this many time throughout the day.

But just because your dog looks like it’s doing this with ease, it doesn’t mean he should. Months and years of this jumping up and down puts enormous stress on your pups back and joints, risking injuries and arthritis.

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A dog ramp will protect a small dog’s joints by reducing the number of times he jumps each day. If your pup is too small to reach the bed or couch, owning a ramp is a great way to avoid needing to lift them up and down throughout the day.

Senior and arthritic dogs

Older dog’s joints just like our own have suffered a lot of wear and tear over the years, helping them to reach high areas with ease is a must to keeping them comfortable as they age.

Why dog ramps are the new trending item for dog owners
If your dog suffers from arthritis, jumping up and down will cause a lot of pain and will put unwanted strain on the back and joints, an arthritic dog’s quality of life will improve drastically with a dog ramp.

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“My 13-year-old got to the point where he could not get up or down the furniture. Now, he has the freedom to do so. Wish I had bought it much sooner.” – Deborah, PawRamp Customer

Senior dogs dog ramp

Dogs prone to IVDD (Intervertebral disc disease)

Smaller dog breeds such as Dachshunds, Corgis, and Shih Tzus have a predisposition to developing IVDD, in part, because of their genetic makeup and because their bodies carry a disproportionate amount of weight on a small frame.

IVDD is a common cause of back pain, weakness, and paralysis in dogs. The condition is a disease of the spinal cord that causes the discs to lose moisture, harden and degenerate.