VIDEO: 5 Most Common Questions For Vets, ANSWERED!

Watch the latest Alpha Paw episodes with host Bernie Zilio as she tackles your pet parent questions, along with our board of pet experts. You can watch the video and read the transcript below!

Welcome back to Alpha Paw, your destination for everything dog. Bernie Zilio is on a mission to answer every doggone question you’ve ever had about your fur babies and today she’ll tackle the top five questions you want to know about your doggo, so we can hopefully save you some time scrolling through PetMD!

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And fortunately, we have an expert vet, Dr. Ross Bernstein, with us today. Dr. Ross is a seasoned veterinary professional and pet care expert. He earned his doctorate degree in veterinary medicine at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and his work has been featured in several industry-leading publications, including the Journal of Veterinary Surgery. He is our go-to vet for everything we want and need to know about our fur babies!

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