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June 05, 2019

How to Train your Dog to use a Dog Ramp

how to train your dog to use a dog ramp

A common question we receive here at Paw Ramp is how do I train my dog to use a Dog Ramp? Well, the good news is, If you’ve trained your dog to do anything, training them to use their PawRamp shouldn’t be an issue.

The trick for most dogs is training with treats, and lots of praise when they go up or down the ramp. Many dogs will take to the ramp immediately and enjoy the freedom of running up and down, but if your dog is hesitant, training and persistence will help them get used to using their new method of transportation to the bed or couch.

Getting Started

Once your ramp arrives you will need;

  • Ramp set up by the bed or couch you are using
  • Material to block alternative routes, such as pillows or a baby gate
  • Treats in small sizes
  • A collar or harness attached to a leash

Once you receive your ramp, set it up and let your dog sniff around and inspect it, let them get used to it being in the house before moving onto the next steps

Initial Training

Once you are ready to begin training, you will want to stand by the ramp and use your hand to encourage your dog to go up it, most pups will naturally take to the ramp and you can practice them going up and down like this, each time your dog goes up or down the ramp, make sure to praise them and give them a treat.

For dogs that are not taking to the ramp fast, you can attach a leash and block off alternative routes with cushions or a baby gate, then gently guide them up and down the ramp again using treats and praise when they complete their journey, make sure not to force or drag them onto the ramp, the leash is for gentle guidance only.



Once your dog is comfortable using the ramp and has made several guided journeys up and down, you will need to be persistent to create a lasting habit, a few daily sessions with 5-10 repetitions may be all you need to train this behavior if your dog at any time bypasses the ramp then block off the alternative routes again and leave these blocks in place until you are comfortable that they will continue using the ramp.

Why Ramp Training is essential

Small dogs love jumping on and off the furniture and will do this throughout the day. Months and years of this jumping up and down puts enormous stress on your pups back and joints, risking injuries and arthritis. A dog ramp will protect your dog’s joints by reducing the number of times he jumps each day. If your pup is too small to reach the bed or couch, owning a ramp is a great way to avoid needing to lift them up and down throughout the day

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