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The temps may be dropping but that doesn’t mean that your pup’s energy levels will. Whether you live in an area where it snows all-season long or just enjoy a crisp sunny day, we are giving you 5... Read More
28 DEC
When a person says that their dog’s stomach flipped, it basically means that their dog is bloated. While this may sound like a common and minor problem, it can be deadly if the bloating is severe.... Read More
17 AUG
It’s hot outside. Your dog invites you to go for a walk. However, before anything else, you need to take extra precautions. One dog owner reported how his beloved dog was injured after walking... Read More
17 AUG
When summer comes around, we begin to think about beaches, getaways, and good times. We all want to look good, flaunting our summer outfits and fancy sunglasses. Best of all, this is the best time to... Read More
10 AUG
Like humans, your dog isn’t bullet-proof. They are not invincible. The time comes when they get injured and when that happens, you should know what to do. The question is, how prepared are you when... Read More
22 JUL
Taking care of your dog involves taking care of his oral health as well. Neglecting this vital part of his wellness could lead to serious problems in the future. Without paying attention to your... Read More
07 JUL
Intervertebral Disc Disease is a crippling disease that is common in dogs with longer spines, heavier set weight, or underlying physical conditions. It is a herniated or slipped disc on the spine... Read More
02 JUL
You know that dust can make your house dirty. However, have you ever thought whether dust can affect your dog or not? If it does, how exactly can dust affect your four-legged... Read More
01 JUL
They say that life can’t exist without water and that’s true. Water is life and when it comes to your dog, water is the best drink you can give to him. However, out of curiosity, you might... Read More
29 JUN
Exercise is as important as giving your dog proper nutrition and the right amount of rest. However, like in any aspect of life, too much of good things can become a bad thing. That’s why you are... Read More
24 JUN
Your dog is so playful and active. He gets too much exercise and burns a lot of energy. As a result, you see him as skinny. He doesn’t gain weight, but rather lose them. With that being said, you... Read More
17 JUN
Dogs are just cuddly, adorable, and cute especially when they are fat. Because of this, some pet owners don’t take overweight and obesity too seriously. After all, if your dog looks happy and even... Read More
15 JUN

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