Top 10 Smelliest Dog Breeds to Own

Top 10 Smelliest Dog Breeds to Own

Every dog lover knows the importance of giving a dog a bath. However, there are some dogs that can’t stop smelling, no matter how many times you bathe them. The fact remains that dogs are the perfect pet, and no degree of smell can change that.

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Saint Bernards


This dog is best known for its projectile drooling. It is at a very high risk of stench if their face and neck accumulate too much saliva. Apart from that, there is a thick double coat and their active outdoor lifestyle contributes to the smell.

English Bulldog


Bulldogs are usually prone to misalignment of the teeth which leads to tooth decay. The teeth of an English bulldog need continuous attention as neglect can lead to buildups and even infection.

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Do you know that the tail of an English bulldog can also get infected and begin to rot? You can reduce the smell by regularly cleaning of the nubs.



The Beagle is another smelling hound. They hunt in packs and have a practically offensive dog odor that helps them track other pack members when on a hunt. Beagles have an oily, close coat like every other hound. They have very long ears that may get infected if they aren’t properly maintained.



Pugs are known for their extreme gassiness that is usually as a result of their pushed-in snouts. They have deep facial wrinkles that can hold gunk and food. The smell terribly and need regular maintenance of their anal glands.



The Bloodhound is a noble breed. It has long ears that are always prone to infection as a result of injury. When this happens, the dog begins to smell even worse than before. The bloodhound has a slick and oily coat with lots of loose flooded skin underneath. Regular bathing may help, but you have to be willing to endure the smell.



The Yorkie breed is a beautiful dog with a bad smell. It has a long glamorous coat that stores up dirt when not regularly maintained. The long hair around the Yorkie’s mouth can also get very messy and skin a great deal.

Regular trims and bathing would go a long way to reducing the smell. The Yorkie’s signature hairy ears require regular and meticulous cleaning to avoid infection.

Cockers Spaniel


A Cocker has long signature ears that are always prone to infection. The more the infection spreads, the more the Cocker smells. The coat of the Cocker has a very oily coat so it can easily attract dirt and smell. The smell could also be attributed to overbreeding or inbreeding. Gas skin conditions resulting from food conditions could also lead to offensive odor if not taken care of.

Shar Pei’s


This dog breed has distinctive wrinkles on its face that are mainly caused by high levels of hyaluronan in their skin. Shar Pei can endure and survive when afflicted with a condition known as hereditary cutaneous hyaluronic. When this happens, the skin begins to develop blisters and hyaluronic. This infection can lead to regular offensive odor.



Boxers are listed here for only one reason: flatulence. Like all other flat-faced dogs, boxers swallow air when eating and prefer a particular slow-feed dish.


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In addition, boxers can have food allergies and might benefit from some research into possible allergies, like picking a diet that’s grain-free, or knowing which protein source is easily digested.

Basset Hounds


The basset hounds are prone to ear infections as a result of their long ears. This gives them a serious odor. An oily hound coat that has a lot of loose skin folds needs to be bathed frequently to stay fresh, as well.

Smelliest Dog Breeds FAQ

1. How tall are the smelliest dogs?

The height of the smelliest dogs can vary depending on the specific breed. Smelliness is not necessarily linked to height but can be influenced by factors such as skin folds, coat type, and overall hygiene.

2. What do dogs smell the most?

Breeds with skin folds, oily coats, or a predisposition to certain skin conditions may be more prone to having a noticeable odor. Examples include Basset Hounds, Bloodhounds, and Bulldogs.

3. Why do Basset Hounds stink?

Basset Hounds have loose, wrinkled skin and long ears that can trap moisture and create an environment conducive to bacterial growth, leading to a distinct odor. Regular grooming and cleaning of skin folds can help manage their smell.

4. Why do some dogs smell more than others?

The intensity of a dog’s smell can be influenced by various factors, including breed, individual health, coat type, and grooming habits. Dogs with oily skin or prone to skin infections may have a stronger odor.

5. What dog has the worst sense of smell?

No dog breed can be considered to have the “worst” sense of smell, as different breeds excel in different olfactory abilities. Breeds like Basset Hounds and Bloodhounds, however, are known for their exceptional sense of smell.

6. Why do Beagles smell bad?

Beagles have a keen sense of smell and are prone to exploring their environment with their noses, which can result in picking up odors. Regular bathing and grooming are essential to manage any potential odor.

7. What kind of dog was Fred in Smokey and the Bandit?

Fred, the Basset Hound in “Smokey and the Bandit,” was a Basset Hound. Basset Hounds are known for their excellent sense of smell and distinctive appearance.

8. What are the most miniature smelly dogs?

Breeds with short, smooth coats and minimal skin folds, such as Maltese, Poodles, and Basenjis, are often considered to be among the least smelly dogs. Regular grooming and proper hygiene practices also contribute to their cleanliness.

9. How to get rid of fishy smell from a female dog?

A fishy smell in female dogs can be attributed to various factors, including infections or diet. Consult with a veterinarian to rule out health issues. Maintaining proper hygiene, including regular baths and cleaning, can help manage odors.

10. American Bully smell

The American Bully breed, like any other, can have a natural doggy odor. Regular bathing, grooming, and attention to the cleanliness of their skin folds (if applicable) can help manage and minimize any potential smell.

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Irrespective of the natural stink, all mutts benefit from regular bathing, brushing, dental ear cleaning, checkups, and anal gland inspections. Also, an abrupt change in the odor of your pet is often a serious sign of illness and must be taken seriously and handled quickly.