Rottweiler Pitbull Mix Facts

Rottweiler Pitbull Mix Facts

There are many reasons why I enjoy doing my job. I enjoy being around animals, and I take pleasure in knowing that I have helped other animal lovers with treating and taking care of their beloved pets. The joy I get from seeing the massive smiles they have on their faces is out-of-this-world. I was able to save and treat hundreds of dogs and communicate with their respective owners last year alone. I truly believe that dogs should be treated the same way as humans are. They need to have a loving family, a comfortable home, and many great friends.

Rottweiler Pitbull Mix

The crossbreed of a Rottweiler and a Pitbull is called a Rottweiler Pitbull mix, otherwise known as a Pitweiler. Breeders originally wanted a dog that was powerful and had great traits such as a robust stature, protectiveness, and strong will, which is why they mixed the two breeds that commonly shared these traits.  These dogs are sturdy, muscular, and are incredibly loyal due to the characteristics taken from both the Rottweiler and the Pitbull. These hybrids are very intelligent, confident, courageous, and obedient, but at the same time, very calm, strong-willed, and have dominant personalities. As long as they receive the massive amount of love and care they need, the Rottweiler and Pitbull mix will end up as an affectionate, loyal, and devoted dog.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Pitbull Rottweiler Mix

Rottweiler crossed with pitbull

  1. They are prone to many common health problems. Since this mix is considered a large dog, it can develop some health problems, one of which is hip and elbow dysplasia. They could experience pain in their hip and elbow joint as they grow older, but a veterinarian can quickly fix it with surgery. Other common diseases include Addison’s disease, aortic stenosis, bloat, and cataracts. Make sure to bring your dog to the vet regularly.
  2. They can be dangerous and aggressive and fearsome if you don’t train them properly. Both Rottweilers and Pitbulls are known to be aggressive breeds, but as long as you train their hybrid puppies well, they will grow up to be fantastic family dogs. These dogs need enough socialization so that their protectiveness trait does not turn into aggression.
  3. They will try to dominate you. Because this crossbreed has a strong will and has a mind of its own, its owner must be someone who can exude more confidence and can take charge. They are brilliant dogs, which is why they always try to be the leader during training, doing whatever they want to do. If you are not a skilled trainer, it would be better to hire a professional for this mix.

3 Reasons Why You Should Get a Rottweiler Pitbull

Pitbull rottweilers

  • It is the ultimate watchdog. If you train them well, they will be able to protect you without being told to and purely based on its instincts.
  • They make to be great furry friends. These dogs are amazingly affectionate and loyal, which will subsequently bring you warmth and happiness into your life. If you train them well, you will have a spirited, fun, and energetic companion by your side.
  • They do not shed as much. This news is excellent for people who have allergies to fur. You would not have to worry about brushing your pet’s coat as many times as you want in a week. Also, as far as baths are concerned, there is no particular schedule that you have to adhere to, and you only have to bathe them when necessary.

Appearance, Personality, and Traits of a Pitbull Rottweiler

Rottweiler pitbulls

Weight 40-100 lbs
Height 18-25 inches
Size Larger than average
Coat Type Depends on which parent it inherits its coat from,

Rottweiler – thick and dense; Pitbull – short and fine

Coat Color Chocolate, brown, black, speckled, white, golden, merle and brindle
Amount of Shedding Low to moderate
Eyes Maybe dark or light, depending on which parent it mostly inherits it from
Nose Dark
Ears Short and floppy
Temperament Affectionate,  confident, fun, loyal, loving
Life Expectancy 10-15 years
Hypoallergenic No
Kid Friendly Yes with proper socialization
New Owner Friendly No
Breed Recognition DRA, IDCR

The Pitbull Rottweiler crossbreed is thought to be a highly aggressive dog, and although that is true in some instances, people need to understand that they have the potential of becoming a more playful and loyal companion. All these hybrids need is tender, love, and care from their owners. They can be very energetic with the family they are with but can maintain their calmness in certain situations, such as when they think you are in a dangerous situation. They are highly intelligent and protective, and so if the need arises, they will guard you with their lives.

The Rottweiler Pitbull mix tends to exude dominance over their owners, but you need to be aware that it is essential to deal with this situation when your pet is still young to show it that you are in charge and that it needs to follow your orders. Never let it control you or else it will do whatever it wants.

Physically, this crossbreed is very masculine. When you look at these dogs, you can immediately tell that they are sturdy and robust due to their prominent muscles, especially in the front area. They may come across as intimidating due to their facial features. This physical trait can be both positive and negative. It is excellent if you want a guard dog that can help you avoid any potential dangers, but if you wish to stroll around a park and socialize with fellow pet lovers, this might be a letdown.

These guard dogs are known to be affectionate and eager to please with their owners but may be unapproachable to strangers. Bringing your untrained dog around to places with many people may not be the best idea.

Rottweiler crossed with Pitbull Puppies for Sale

Rottweiler pitbull mix

Rottweiler Pitbull mix is illegal in some communities due to the growing concerns of the authorities regarding the aggressiveness portrayed by those that aren’t well-trained and their danger to the society. They are also worried about people purchasing these hybrids without fully committing to the proper training of these dogs. So check out the laws your area has regarding owning a Pitweiler.

Before getting a Pitbull Rottweiler mix, you have to be 100% sure that you are ready to take on the responsibility of training them and consistently showering them with love and affection, just as they do with you. They exhibit many significant characteristics that make them amazing companions – powerful, faithful, dedicated, obedient, cheerful, affectionate, and courageous.

There are numerous of these crossbreeds available for sale on the internet, but it is imperative that you do your research on the breeders because many of them run puppy mills or do their breeding in their backyard. Puppies raised in this kind of environment end up being incredibly aggressive and fearsome so make sure you get your pet from a responsible breeder. Try to visit their breeding sites to see how they run the operation and to meet the parents of the puppy. It is vital to assess the personality of its parents, as it will most likely inherit their traits.

Instead of buying a puppy from a breeder, you may opt to adopt one from rescue shelters such as so that you can save the lives and give a home to those who were abandoned by their previous owners.

You can find Pitweiler puppies born from qualified breeders from these sites:


Grooming Your Pitbull crossed with Rottweiler

Pitbull rottweilers

A Pitbull mixed with a Rottweiler has minimal grooming needs. They shed only on a low to moderate basis at most times but may shed a slightly higher amount during shedding seasons. With this information, you can freely brush their fur a couple of times in a week. You do not have to worry because this crossbreed does not need to bathe on a strict schedule. You may wash your pet from time to time just so its skin does not dry out. Once you own a Pitweiler, you will have to check and wipe clean their ears weekly, regularly clip their nails, and brush their teeth at least three times a week.

Rottweiler Mixed with Pitbull Health Problems

Rottweiler pitbull mix

As previously mentioned, this hybrid is prone to some common health problems. It is vital to have your dog checked out by a veterinarian once a year to make sure that it is still healthy and fit. Here are some of the health-related issues they might face:

  1. Addison’s Disease. This disease is hypoadrenocorticism, which means that your pet’s glands are not producing enough hormones for their body to function correctly. Female Pitweilers are more likely to suffer from this disease.
  2. Heart Problems. Aortic stenosis is when the dog’s heart produces a murmur instead of a clear beating sound due to the narrowing of the aorta. To fix this condition, your dog will have to undergo open-heart surgery.
  3. Bloat. Your dog may experience gastric dilatation wherein its stomach twists and stores gas thus causing its belly to bloat. If your pet experiences this, it will have trouble breathing, and the blood flow to the heart will be weak. If not addressed quickly with surgery, the stomach may rupture.
  4. Cataracts. As this crossbreed grows older, it may develop cataracts which cause the eye lens to cloud or be covered with a white film thus obstructing its view. Fortunately, this condition does not cause your dog pain and is curable by removing a part of the milky film in surgery. After the surgery, your dog will be able to see again. You can avoid surgery and use eye drops instead, but in the long run, your dog will lose its vision.
  5. Allergies. Pitbulls and Rottweilers are both allergic to chickens and ingesting such meals will result in dry and flaky skin, itching, stomach upset, bloating, and vomiting. As soon as you get your pet, you need to let a veterinarian do a complete assessment for you to avoid these allergens.
  6. Joint Problems. Because it is a large dog, this mix is likely to have problems with its hips and elbows. If they are suffering pain in their joints as they walk or run, that is because the ball and socket joints are grinding together. To prevent your dog from developing this condition, you should keep it at a healthy weight. You can also choose it to get surgery to take off small parts of the bones to help it glide better.

Pitbull Mixed with Rottweiler Food Requirements

Pitbull crossed with rottweiler

This mix is considered a large dog and can weigh up to 100 lbs, so you should make sure you first offer them one of the best large breed dry dog food options. This dog is prone to bloat, and although the cause of this condition is unknown, veterinarians do suggest that you feed Pitweilers multiple smaller meals of the best dry dog food instead of giving a few large meals in a day. Try to avoid feeding the dog an hour before or after its exercise and stay away of the worst dry dog food.

Puppies of this crossbreed should eat four times a day in small and equal portions, but as soon as it turns 12 months old, you could reduce its meals to two or three meals in a day.  Check out our list of the best puppy food brands.

In choosing your pet’s dog food, select one with high quality, and meets the daily nutritional requirements. If your dog is considered an adult, it will need 1.6 grams of fat and 2.62 grams of protein per kilogram body weight. Puppies have their own formulas (but also like nibbling on the best dry dog food for small dogs), and older doggos also have different needs (refer to our best senior dry dog food guide). The calorie intake shall also depend on its activity level for the day. Here are some products that are best for this mixed breed:

  • Wellness Core Dog Food
  • Dog For Dog Food
  • Nutra Thrive dog food supplement
  • BLUE Wilderness High Protein Grain Free provides 35% protein, which is best for growing pups. They do not contain any chicken or poultry ingredients just in case your puppies are allergic to them. It also includes a balance of Omega 3 and 6 – ideal for puppies.
  • Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula for adult Pitweilers, which is rich in natural and organic vegetables, blueberries and cranberries. It has 10% moisture and 14% fat, which is perfect for this mixed breed.

Rottweiler Pitbull Mix Exercise Requirements

Pitbull crossed with rottweiler

As mentioned, this dog is highly energetic, which is why it requires daily exercise to release the built-up energy inside regularly and to avoid destructive behaviors. Rottweiler Pitbull crossbreeds are expected to spend at least 60 minutes exercising every day and maybe additional time to train and play around.

There are many various kinds of activities that you can do with your Rottweiler Pitbull mix as exercise. To mention a few: walking, running, jogging, and playing fetch. Listed below are some fun games you can play with your pet:

  • Laser pointer – Dogs enjoy chasing objects, and laser pointers are very eye-catching and can keep your dog busy.
  • Setting up obstacles – This activity will help your dog to be physically fit and also to stimulate its brain. It allows them to think about what they are supposed to do to pass through the obstacles.
  • Playing fetch – This activity is a classic. You can use a toy or a frisbee and throw it to different directions for your dog to run around. It can also be used to train your pet to learn that he/she has to come back and return the object for you to be able to throw it again.

Although your Pitweiler has a friendly nature, it is possible that there are certain limitations that authorities have set regarding the ownership of these hybrids. Be aware of all the rules and regulations like putting your pet on a leash while walking around the town or city.

Pitbull Rottweiler Mix Training

Rottweiler pitbull mix

Similar to all dog breeds, the best way to train Pitweilers is by establishing a positive reinforcement and reward-based training. Punishing dogs when they make mistakes has an opposite effect and may bring about negative traits in the dog. Below are some tips for your training:

  • Use different kinds of rewards like food and toys. when your companion is following what you are telling him to do or behaving well. If it is producing undesirable actions, you have to ignore it and redirect until it can get it right.
  • Be persistent and make it exciting. There will be instances wherein your Pitbull Rottweiler will ignore you during training, but you have to be persistent for it to understand you. Your dog will more likely be able to remember your tricks if you make your training session more motivating and fun.
  • Have them socialize with others. You have to avoid having them interact with smaller animals because this hybrid is likely to chase them around. However, one way to prevent this is by having them often socialize at an early age. Never isolate your dog in the house because when it meets an outsider for the first time, may it be another dog or other humans, it will portray an antagonistic behavior.

If you do not know much about this breed and how to train it, it would be better if you hire a professional dog trainer. Although this is a more comfortable option, still, the best way to bond and gain the trust of your Pitweiler is to play an active role in its training.

Rottweiler Crossed with Pitbull and Families

Pitbull rottweiler mix

It is undeniable that the Rottweiler Pitbull mix is a dog that can bring so much warmth and joy in a household, but there are things that you have to consider before buying this crossbreed.

First, you have to make sure that your home is suited for such an energetic and playful dog like this one. Rottweiler Pitbull mix is not suitable for a family that lives in a condominium or an apartment because it requires a big space to play, exercise and train in or else it will not grow to be the loving dog that you initially wanted.

Second, you have to think long and hard if you are ready to commit to giving this dog the attention it needs. If you and your family members are too busy with work and school, this dog will feel neglected and will end up being very fearsome and aggressive. It has the potential to be the most affectionate furry family member, but you also have to show them that you love them and that you care about them.

Third, if you have very young children, you have to think about whether the puppy or dog you are bringing in to the house is already trained or not because if not, then there is a possibility that they will be aggressive and possibly harm your children. If you are sure that they have all the positive characteristics of this hybrid, then you will not have to worry about how it will treat your kids. Still, these dogs are larger than the average dogs and will be difficult for your children to control, so always keep an eye on both your dog and your child when they are interacting.

The Rottweiler Pitbull mix can be your ultimate watchdog, but you’ve got to put effort into shaping it to be one. You can’t expect it to be loving and faithful to you if you don’t do the same. Treat it as best as you can, and you will find yourself a dog that has all the best characteristics of a loyal companion.

FAQ – Rottweiler Pitbull Mix:

What is a Rottweiler Pitbull Mix?

A Rottweiler Pitbull Mix, often referred to as a Pitweiler, is a hybrid breed resulting from the mating of a Rottweiler with an American Pit Bull Terrier. This mix combines the characteristics of both parent breeds.

What is the size and appearance of Rottweiler Pitbull Mixes?

Rottweiler Pitbull Mixes are typically medium to large-sized dogs with a muscular and solid build. They may inherit the Rottweiler’s robust frame and distinctive coat markings, combined with the Pitbull’s athletic physique.

What is the temperament of Rottweiler Pitbull Mixes?

These mixes are known for their loyalty, intelligence, and protective instincts. They often exhibit a gentle and affectionate nature with their family, showcasing the Rottweiler’s calm demeanor and the Pitbull’s friendly disposition.

How much exercise do Rottweiler Pitbull Mixes need?

Rottweiler Pitbull Mixes are generally active dogs that require regular exercise to keep them physically fit and mentally stimulated. Daily walks, playtime, and activities that engage their minds are important for their well-being.

Are Rottweiler Pitbull Mixes good with children and other pets?

When properly socialized, these mixes can be excellent family pets. They are typically good with children and may get along with other pets, showcasing their adaptable and social nature.

What is the grooming routine for Rottweiler Pitbull Mixes?

Grooming requirements for Rottweiler Pitbull Mixes are generally moderate. Regular brushing, occasional baths, and attention to ear cleaning contribute to their overall well-being.

Do Rottweiler Pitbull Mixes have specific health concerns?

Like any mixed breed, Rottweiler Pitbull Mixes may inherit health issues from both parent breeds. Regular veterinary check-ups are crucial for preventive care, and potential concerns may include hip dysplasia and certain skin conditions.

How trainable are Rottweiler Pitbull Mixes?

These mixes are often intelligent and trainable, responding well to positive reinforcement methods. Consistency, early socialization, and structured training contribute to their well-behaved nature.

What is the lifespan of Rottweiler Pitbull Mixes?

The average lifespan of Rottweiler Pitbull Mixes is typically around 10 to 12 years, with proper care, nutrition, and regular veterinary attention.

What are some considerations for potential Rottweiler Pitbull Mix owners?

Prospective owners should be prepared for a devoted and protective companion. Understanding the needs of both parent breeds, including exercise requirements, grooming, and potential health issues, is crucial for providing a happy and suitable home for a Rottweiler Pitbull Mix.


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