44+ Rat Terrier Mix Breeds

44+ Rat Terrier Mix Breeds

  1. The Boxrat Terrier Mix is a hybrid of the Rat Terrier and Boxer. This is a pretty rare breed, and thus, there isn’t much-published information about them. By looking into the characteristics of the parent breeds, we can arrive at a conclusion of how your mixed breed will end up.
  2. Both the parents of the Boxrat Terrier Crossbreed came from the Terrier family and were originally bred for vermin control and house pets.
  3. The Mix of Boxrat Terrier, like its breed parents, is a small dog. It often resembles the color of the Boxer, which comes in black and white or brown and white.
  4. The head of the Boxrat Terrier Mix is in the shape of a square, Which has a certain softness to it.
  5. This hybrid displays the facial features of both parent breeds. The muzzle of the Boxrat Terrier Mix is not as short as of the Boxer parent. It’s not as long as the Rat Terrier as well.
  6. The Boxer is known to shed frequently. The Rat Terrier is known for moderate shedding. In line with that, it would be best to brush your Mix of Boxrat Terrier at least twice a week.

Husky Rat Terrier Mix = Ratsky Terrier

Husky rat terrier mix
  • The Ratsky Terrier Mix is good-natured and easy-going. The intelligence of the Siberian Husky also makes the hybrid puppy easy to train.
  • There is a slight chance that the Mix of Ratsky Terrier inherits the dominant genes of the Siberian Husky. This can result in some challenges in training the Ratsky Terrier Mix during its puppy stage.
  • The Ratsky Terrier Crossbreed is a highly energetic dog. With that, you need to provide them with an exact diet regimen, as well as sufficient exercises such as long walks and active playtime.
  • You have two options when finding a Ratsky Terrier Mix. You can either look for a breeder or adoption center. On the other hand, if you opt for a breeder, you need to find one who’s responsible and who is willing to prioritize the health of the dog among anything else.

Corgi Rat Terrier Mix = Corgi Terrier

Corgi rat terrier mix
  1. The Corgi Terrier Mix has an intense exercise requirement, but due to its small size, this can easily be met through running or a few hours off-leash.
  2. The original Corgi was bred for herding needs. With that, the Mix of Corgi Terrier tends to become protective over its owners.
  3. They may not do well spending time alone and may develop Separation Anxiety since they can easily get attached to their masters and other pets you have at home.
  4. The Corgi Terrier Crossbreed is a loyal dog and can be easily trained. They will perform in flying colors for training sessions on agility, obedience, and active sports such as herding competitions and fly ball.
  5. To look for a Corgi Terrier Mix, the best place to start would be Purebred Corgi Rescue Groups. Aside from the purebred Corgis there, you will also find a ton of Corgi mixes.

Poodle Rat Terrier Mix = Poorat Terrier

Poodle rat terrier mix
  • The Poodle was originally bred to collect waterfowl for hunters in Germany. Aside from being a fantastic swimmer, they are also brilliant. The Poodle is also known to have a funky hairstyle, which served to make the dog flexible when it is in the water.
  • We know that there are three sizes of Poodles, but the Germans only used the small ones to breed the Poorat Terrier Mix.
  • The Mix of Poorat Terrier is lovable, friendly, and adorable due to its small size.
  • But regardless of its size, the Poorat Terrier Crossbreed can also be feisty at times. It is capable of living with other animals as long as it is trained for it back when it was still a puppy.
  • The Poorat Terrier is prone to obtaining some health risks. However, if you get the dog as a puppy, it’s a lot easier to avoid health problems. Breeders can provide guarantees on puppies. Look for a health clearance before taking the puppy home.

German Shepherd Rat Terrier Mix = German Terrier

German shepherd rat terrier mix
  1. From a Rat Terrier to a German Shepherd, you are bound to get a mixed breed that likes to play and dig.
  2. There’s no telling what traits and characteristics your German mix of terriers will have since both the parent breeds were raised to perform different tasks.
  3. If you are purchasing the German Terrier Crossbreed for the sake of doing a particular job, we advise you to buy a purebred instead.
  4. On the other hand, if you’re only looking for a lively family dog, the German Terrier Mix would be an excellent choice.
  5. The German Terrier isn’t a typical dog you will find in the streets or neighborhood. However, you will surely find one in rescue centers since these organizations usually keep mix breeds among anything else.

Beagle Rat Terrier Mix = Beagat Terrier

Beagle rat terrier mix
  • The Beagat Terrier Mix is a naturally loving creature. With that, they can go along well with other animals. They are also warm around visitors.
  • On the other hand, the Mix of Beagat Terrier also has a strong prey drive. In line with that, you will often catch them chasing birds or squirrels around your yard.
  • The Beagat Terrier Crossbreed can respond excellently to training as long as it is provided with a wise and patient trainer.
  • You need to start with obedience training followed by house training. Once your Beagat Terrier has perfected those training sessions, it’s time to move on to leash training and teach your pup some tricks.
  • The Beagat Terrier is known to have a smooth coat. This means you don’t need to worry about constant shedding. However, you might want to give it weekly brushing to remove the dirt and to maintain the shine.

Bull Mastiff Rat Terrier Mix = Mastiff Terrier

Bull mastiff rat terrier mix
  1. The Bull Mastiff dog is a bit standoffish compared to its Rat Terrier counterpart who is energetic and friendly towards its owners. Despite that, the Bull Mastiff has a soft spot for the people it loves. Based on the Mastiff Terrier Mix’s parental characteristics, there’s a considerable chance that the temperament of your dog would range from moderate to sweet.
  2. The information about the Mix of Mastiff Terrier is obscure. However, you can still create an estimate of what the personality of your dog would be like based on the traits and characteristics of the parent breed. You might want to speak with your breeder to know about the history of your dog’s parents.
  3. Just like all kinds of dogs, the Mastiff Terrier Crossbreed is also prone to genetic illnesses. To ensure that your dog is in full health, it would be best to obtain your dog from a breeder instead of rescue centers. Breeders can provide with you with a health clearance which is evidence of the pup’s perfect health.
  4. The Mastiff Terrier can either take on the genes of the Rat Terrier or Bull Mastiff regarding height. The Terrier can grow up to 17 inches while the Bull Mastiff has a height maximum of 27 inches.

Labrador Rat Terrier Mix = Labrador Terrier

Labrador rat terrier mix
  • Aside from being sweet and friendly, the Labrador Terrier Mix is also a people pleaser. With that, it is bred to be a family and companion dog.
  • The Mix of Labrador Terrier isn’t the type of dog you’d see lying on the couch or your outdoor porch. It is energetic, lively, and always looking for someone to play with. Due to its playful attitude, it can sometimes appear dominating towards its owners and children. With early training and socialization, however, the Labrador Terrier Crossbreed can be a great family pet.
  • The Labrador Terrier is expected to be in decent health due to the high health status of both of its breed parents. However, you need to watch out for particular illnesses that the dog mix can catch, such as heart disease and hip dysplasia.
  • The typical height for the Rat Terrier is 10-18 inches depending on whether the breed is on the miniature or standard size. With that, the height of a Rat Terrier crossbred with a Labrador can also fall within these numbers.

Chihuahua Rat Terrier Mix = Ratchua Terrier

Chihuahua rat terrier mix
  1. The Ratchua Terrier Mix, which was considered one of the best designer dog breeds, was first discovered in the 1990s.
  2. The Mix of Ratchua Terrier is perfect for people looking for a pet with enough playful confidence and cuteness.
  3. Aside from being a wonderful pet, the Ratchua Terrier Crossbreed is also recognized by the Designer Dogs Kennel Club (DDKC) and the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC).
  4. Information about the personality of the Ratchua Terrier is quite obscure. Sources say, however, that the dog’s traits and characteristics could fall between the kind of character its parent breeds has. This means the Ratchua Terrier could either behave more like a Chihuahua or a Rat Terrier.
  5. The color of the Ratchua Terrier can have variations of black, sand-white, or tri-color.
  6. This dog breed typically has a short coat, but there’s still a chance that your pup will develop a longer coat due to its Chihuahua parent.

Great Dane Rat Terrier Mix = Ratdane Terrier

Great dane rat terrier mix
  • Initially, The Great Dane was bred to hunt down wild boars. Eventually, however, the skill and traits to hunt down animals were bred out of The Great Dane. The Modern Great Dane that we know now is a noble and gentle creature who gets along quite well with almost everyone, whether it is a human, dog, or other animal.
  • The Great Dane is quite similar to the Rat Terrier breed parent who also likes to have fun and play around with children. A notable difference lies in size. The Great Dane is usually called the ‘Gentle Giant’ due to its colossal size and calm and caring demeanor.
  • Your Ratdane Terrier Mix can either take after the Rat Terrier parent, whose height can go up to only 18 inches, or The Great Dane parent, who can grow up to 34 inches tall.
  • You will notice in your Ratdane Terrier Crossbreed whether it takes on the size of its Terrier or The Great Dane parent. If your puppy happens to land the genes of The Great Dane, the best approach would be to train the Mix of Ratdane Terrier pup immediately. The Great Dane genes might prove to be gentle and loving, but due to the enormous size, this can be a huge problem for children or if you have smaller pets at home.

Border Collie Rat Terrier Mix = Collie Terrier

Border collie rat terrier mix
  1. The Border Collie and Rat Terrier are both alert dogs. The Rat Terrier was initially bred for vermin control. The Border Collie has an instinct to protect its herd. With that, whether you are looking for a guard or family dog, the Collie Terrier Mix would make a fantastic choice.
  2. Meanwhile, both the Border Collie and Rat Terrier are quite energetic dogs as well. In line with that, we can conclude that your Mix of Collie Terrier will require long exercise periods.
  3. The Mix of Collie Terrier is prone to have wired hair if you don’t give it many brushes. The reason for this lies in the thick fur of the Border Collie parent.
  4. The Collie Terrier Crossbreed is excellent with kids and other animals. However, in the case of cats, they have a high tendency to chase them away, most likely due to the nature of the Rat Terrier parent.

Australian Shepherd Rat Terrier Mix = Ratterrier Aussie

Australian shepherd rat terrier mix
  • As a hybrid, the Ratterrier Aussie Mix can be the perfect house pet if it takes after the Australian Shepherd. On the other hand, if this dog breed catches its Rat Terrier parent’s traits, you can expect your dog to be a bit feisty, and thus needing a dominating and strong owner to train it.
  • If you intend to buy a Mix of Ratterrier Aussie, it would be best to expose it to training and socialization while it is still a puppy due to the off chance that it takes after the traits of its Rat Terrier parent.
  • The Ratterrier Aussie Crossbreed is typically healthy. However, they can also be prone to certain illnesses, such as joint dysplasia, allergies, and eye problems, among others.
  • Despite being a modest shedder, you might want to give your Ratterrier Aussie routine grooming and baths. This can guard them against certain illnesses.

Dachshund Rat Terrier Mix = Dachrat Terrier

Dachshund rat terrier mix
  1. The Dachshund is known to have a long spinal cord and a small rib cage. This makes it prone to diseases concerning those parts of the body. Just the same, the Dachrat Terrier Mix will tend to catch those illnesses as well if the Dachshund genes happen to dominate the Rat Terrier.
  2. We suggest that you prevent your Mix of Dachrat Terriers from jumping from high elevations, such as tables and chairs. By doing so, your dog can quickly acquire a slipped disc.
  3. The Dachrat Terrier Crossbreed is excellent with children. This crossbreed is one of the best pets to have if you are looking for a companion around the house. They are quite energetic and playful.
  4. They are easy to care for as well. Just leave them in a reasonable space, and they can keep themselves occupied for a couple of hours without supervision.

Pug Rat Terrier Mix = Prug Terrier

Pug rat terrier mix
  • The Pug and Rat Terrier are both friendly and energetic dogs, which means they get along well with children and visitors.
  • On the other hand, they can’t always be trusted around the house if you live with other animals since both breeds have a strong prey drive. Because of those traits present among both parent breeds, there’s a likely chance that your Prug Terrier Mix will develop those traits as well.
  • The Mix of Prug Terrier is relatively small since both its parent breeds are quite miniature.
  • If the Prug Terrier Crossbreed takes on the Pug genes, it will be squarish in appearance, not to mention have a short muzzle and broadhead.

Cocker Spaniel Rat Terrier Mix = Spaniel Terrier

Cocker spaniel rat terrier mix
  1. The Spaniel Terrier Mix is an intelligent breed with a lively and friendly personality.
  2. Aside from their desire to spend time with their owners having fun, they can also be an excellent companions for hunting.
  3. The Mix of Spaniel Terrier is also known to love getting attention from its owner. With that, these breeds have a strong need for training at a young age. Otherwise, it can cause mischief around the house.
  4. Your Spaniel Terrier Crossbreed will be a miniature dog since both of its parent breeds are small in size.
  5. While the Cocker Spaniel is known to be one of the sweetest dogs you will ever see, the Spaniel Terrier can potentially take after the traits of the Rat Terrier. So, it would be best to expose it to lots of socialization at a young age, especially if you have other pets around the house.

American Bulldog Rat Terrier Mix = American Bullrat Terrier

American bulldog rat terrier mix
  • The American Bulldog is muscular, stocky, and is built for chasing down lost cattle, as well as helping out with work. The Rat Terrier is somewhat the same in the sense that it was also bred to search for certain animals.
  • Both the Rat Terrier and American Bulldogs are great housepets due to their protective and sweet nature.
  • There is no recorded history of the American Bullrat Terrier Mix. Due to the similar characteristics found in both the parent breeds, however, we can conclude that your American Bullrat Terrier Crossbreed will make a marvelous house pet and guard dog as well.
  • On the downside, you can’t leave your Mix of American Bullrat Terrier for long periods because it tends to become attached to its owner.

Shar Pei Rat Terrier Mix = Shapreit Terrier

Shar pei rat terrier mix
  1. There’s quite an obscure source of information for the Shapreit Terrier Mix, but by looking into the history of its parent breeds, we can get a good idea of what the personality of your pet will be like.
  2. The Shar-Pei is an independent, intelligent, and loyal dog that originated in China. While it is caring towards its owner, it can come off as a bit standoffish when it comes to strangers.
  3. The Rat Terrier is the opposite, which is usually friendly with everyone.
  4. Regardless of what genes your Mix of Shapreit Terrier will take on, it will require long hours of training and socialization. This will allow your dog to become adept to meeting new people if it takes on the Shar-Pei genes. Meanwhile, the exercise will also help tame the high energy if your Shapreit Terrier Crossbreed takes after the Rat Terrier genes.

Blue Heeler Rat Terrier Mix = Blue Terrier

Blue heeler rat terrier mix
  • You can expect a high energy crossbreed for your Blue Terrier Mix due to the alertness and liveliness of both parent breeds.
  • The Mix of Blue Terrier is mildly destructive and has strong jaws. With that, this breed requires consistent training during its puppy stage.
  • We suggest you take it for long walks or a game of frisbee at the park.
  • The Blue Terrier Crossbreed has a sporty nature, which helps it to live up to 15 years.
  • While the Blue Terrier can be tamed, it isn’t advisable to have as a pet if you have smaller animals around. Its countenance tends to scare them off.

Golden Retriever Rat Terrier Mix = Golden Terrier

Golden retriever rat terrier mix
  1. The Golden Retriever and Rat Terrier are both hunting dogs. Despite that, both of these breeds are obedient and loyal to their masters. In line with that, you can expect these traits to be present in your Golden Terrier Mix as well.
  2. If you want to utilize your Mix of Golden Terrier for rescue operations and competitive events, there is a need for consistent training during its puppy stage.
  3. The Golden Terrier Crossbreed is easy to train due to the obedient nature of the Golden Retriever parent.
  4. The Golden Terrier typically has a short coat, but will still depend if the Golden Retriever’s genes are dominant. In this case, your Golden Terrier will have a fuller coat and will require frequent brushing.

Pitbull Rat Terrier Mix = Pitrat Terrier

Pitbull rat terrier mix
  • The Pitrat Terrier Mix is one of the most tenacious dog breeds. You can count on them for competitive event and hunting. Meanwhile, they are also sweet pets to have around the house.
  • Your Mix of Pitrat Terrier will have a muscular chest with a narrow body towards the rear. It will have a broad jaw and square-like face.
  • It’s easy to groom your Pitrat Terrier Crossbreed because its coat is quite short. Although we suggest, you give it frequent brushing to keep the coat shiny.
  • You can expect your Pitrat Terrier to grow up to 22 inches and 110 pounds.
  • This breed prefers warm climates and is quite healthy.

French Bulldog Rat Terrier Mix = French Terrier

French bulldog rat terrier mix
  1. The cost of a French Terrier Mix would start at $900, but the price has variations depending on your location.
  2. The Mix of French Terrier tends to develop back problems. With that, you shouldn’t allow your pup to move from higher surfaces.
  3. It is sweet and affectionate towards owners but can come off as aggressive towards strangers. Sufficient training and socialization are required.
  4. The shape of your French Terrier Crossbreed can resemble either parent. However, for the ears, you can expect it to be bat-shaped, just like the French Bulldog parent.

Catahoula Rat Terrier Mix = Catarat Terrier

Catahoula rat terrier mix
  • Both the Catahoula and Rat Terrier are affectionate and pleasing breeds. On the other hand, the Catahoula has a history for being stubborn. In line with that, you need to extend patience to the Catarat Terrier Mix during its initial stages of training.
  • If your Mix of Cataract Terrier takes on the personality of the Catahoula, you need to provide with ample space where it can run around. In this case, it won’t be conducive to have the dog as an indoor pet.
  • The Cataract Terrier Crossbreed has the high energy of its Catahoula parent. Given sufficient exercise, the dog can live up to 14 years.
  • Both of the Catarat Terrier’s parent breeds have Moderate shedding. With that, it would be best to brush the coat twice a week.

Shih Tzu Rat Terrier Mix = Shizurat Terrier

Shih tzu rat terrier mix
  1. The Shizurat Terrier Mix came around when the Shih Tzu was thought to be nearing its extinction. It was only during the modern age when breeding standards were developed that this dog was recognized as a Mix of Shizurat Terrier.
  2. The Shizurat Terrier Crossbreed has a long coat that is colored silver, white, grey, black, brindle, sable, and heather.
  3. Due to the thick hair of the Shizurat Terrier, you need to brush it about six times a week.
  4. You also need to use a detangling cream and conditioning shampoo for your Shizurat Terrier.
  5. The Shizurat Terrier tends to become bored and chew on items that cross its path. With that, you need to do at least one hour of exercise each day.

Doberman Rat Terrier Mix = Doberat Terrier

44+ rat terrier mix breeds
  1. Being a rare and obscure breed, there is a scarcity of information about the Doberat Terrier Mix published. So, we studied its parent breeds and came up with a few conclusions about the dog mix.
  2. The Rat Terrier, just like what its name suggests, is a vermin hunter. Meanwhile, the Doberman stands as one of the dogkind’s most noble breeds. It has a keen intelligence and a magnificent physique. It’s one of the most excellent dog protectors.
  3. With the traits mentioned about the Doberat Terrier Crossbreed parents, we can say that your dog mix will become a herding pet. This means aside from having a buddy at home, and you will also have someone to protect you during times of crisis and threats.
  4. Both the Doberman and Rat Terrier have a short coat. With that, you only need to groom your Mix of Doberat Terrier at least once a week.

Newfoundland Rat Terrier Mix = Newfoundratterier

  • Mix breeds usually don’t have a lot of records with regards to their history. No matter, we studied the parent breeds of the Newfoundratterier Mix to give you an idea of how your new crossbreed will emerge.
  • The Newfoundland is a sweet and responsive dog, but it was originally bred to help fishers with their tasks. In a way, the Rat Terrier was bred for helping as well, except their primary responsibility is to chase off vermins.
  • With these two breeds, you will most likely have a Mix of Newfoundratterier that is not only affectionate but can also be relied on to alert people if there are intruders or threats around the area.
  • You can also provide your Newfoundratterier Crossbreed sufficient training so it can also help with the work you have in your house.

Best Dog Food for Rat Terrier Mix

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Rat Terrier Mix Breeds FAQ

Rat Terrier American Bulldog Mix – what can I expect?

A mix between a Rat Terrier and an American Bulldog may result in a dog with a combination of traits from both breeds. Expect a medium to large-sized dog with characteristics influenced by the Rat Terrier’s agility and the American Bulldog’s strength.

Chow Chow Rat Terrier Mix – is there such a mix?

While it’s theoretically possible to have a mix between a Chow Chow and a Rat Terrier, individual dogs within the mix can vary significantly. The appearance, size, and temperament of a Chow Chow Rat Terrier mix would depend on the genetic contributions of each parent breed.

What is Rat Terrier Mix?

A Rat Terrier mix refers to a dog that is crossbred involving a Rat Terrier and another breed. These mixes can exhibit a variety of traits from both parent breeds.

What does a Rat Terrier look like?

Rat Terriers are typically small to medium-sized dogs with a sleek coat, erect ears, and a short, whip-like tail. They come in various colors and coat patterns, showcasing their alert and lively expressions.

What two breeds make a Rat Terrier?

The Rat Terrier breed is a mix itself, with contributions from several breeds. However, notable influences include the Smooth Fox Terrier, Manchester Terrier, and Whippet.

How long do Rat Terrier mixes live?

The lifespan of Rat Terrier mixes can vary, but on average, they can live between 12 to 18 years with proper care and a healthy lifestyle.

How long do French Bulldogs live?

French Bulldogs generally have a lifespan of around 10 to 14 years, depending on factors like genetics, diet, and overall health care.

How big do Terrier mixes get?

The size of Terrier mixes can vary widely depending on the specific breeds involved in the mix. Terrier mixes can range from small to medium to large, and their size is influenced by the parent breeds.

Show me pictures of a Rat Terrier.

Due to text-only communication, I recommend searching online platforms or breed-specific websites for pictures of Rat Terriers to get a visual representation of their appearance.

What does Terrier Mix mean?

Terrier mix refers to a dog that is a crossbreed involving a Terrier and another breed. These mixes can inherit a diverse range of traits from both parent breeds, including size, coat type, and temperament.

Rat Terrier Mix Food Requirements

Whether your Rat Terrier mix turns out big or small, you want to make sure they stay happy and healthy at all times. Try to avoid feeding them with the worst dry dog food, and only choose the best dry dog food, like Wellness Core Dog Food, Dog For Dog Food, or Nutra Thrive dog food supplement.

Little munchkins thrive on the best puppy food brands, and wise, silver-coated dog grandpas get all the nutrients they need in their old age from the best senior dry dog food.

Every gorgeous mixed woofer carries the genes of their super-unique and vastly different parents. So, make sure to offer them both the best dry dog food for small dogs and the best large breed dry dog food to see which suits their palates better! Just make sure to check with your pup’s vet before you change their diet from the ground!


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