Pug Boston Terrier Mix Facts

Pug Boston Terrier Mix Facts

Pug boston terrier mix facts

Pug Boston Terriers, which some may also call Buggs, is a mix between the Boston Terrier and the Pug. These small adorable dogs are fun loving and very affectionate, which is perhaps what makes them a good lapdog and companion. They like cuddling as much as playing. It’s easy to see how so many pet owners are falling in love with this amazing crossbreed.

Taking on the best traits from both the Boston Terrier and the Pug, these lovable pups are also great family dogs. Their small size and gentle nature is an advantage for new pet owners, and they are great around with children, too.

Boston Terriers, or Bull Terrier, is most famous for their good looks and easy-going personality which is the reason why some may also call them the American Gentleman. Although their breed tends to have a territorial streak, they are mostly quiet, smart, charming, friendly, and very devoted companions.

The Pug, on the other hand, is one of the most popular dog breeds that are well-known for their cute looks, small size, and very affectionate character. They surely love and enjoy getting the attention of everyone.

The cross of these two lovable and adorable breeds resulted in a cute pup that is recognized for their funny antics, good-nature, and sociable personality that brings happiness and amusement wherever they go.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Pug Mixed with Boston Terrier

Pug boston terrier mix facts

  1. May have an active territorial instinct. You can blame their Boston Terrier heritage for this problematic behavior. Sometimes these dogs don’t get along well with strangers as they have a tendency to be territorial. Sharing space with other pets is also not their strongest suit. They get jealous and would want everyone’s attention to themselves. To resolve this, owners would need to socialize them early. Introduce them to other family members and neighbors. Train them well to remain calm around other pets and humans as well.
  1. They may not do well when left alone for too long. These pups are very sociable and enjoy every minute they spend with their family. They are happiest when surrounded by people, which is why they get easily frustrated when left on their own for extended periods. The stress and anxiety they experience may contribute to developing bad behaviors. If you do need to leave your dog, make sure they have toys and treats to entertain and distract them.
  2. Can be stubborn and choose not to obey. There would be times that your dog may become stubborn and refuse to follow your commands. They would need consistent training to discourage this behavior. They are smart and very eager to please. But even though they are highly trainable, you would still need to be committed, patient, and firm when teaching this dog. The end result is always worth all your efforts.

3 Reasons Why You Should Get a Boston Terrier Combined with Pug

Pug boston terrier mix facts

  1. Very low maintenance. The Pug Boston Terrier mix requires little effort in terms of grooming. Their short coats are very easy to care and would only need to be brushed once or twice a week. Taking a trip to your groomer is not necessary. Their shiny fine coat tends to repel dirt and water. You can bathe him at least once a month or when it’s necessary.
  2. They have a very long life expectancy. These dogs will be a part of your family for a very long time. With an average life expectancy of 10 to 15 years, the Boston Terrier mixed with Pug will shower your home with love and affection for a very long time. You can expect years after years of happy and fun-filled life with this pup always by your side.
  3. Commonly requires low to moderate exercise. Although they may be energetic, they can burn throughout their reserves quite quickly. Whether it’s a short walk outside or a short play session, they would be quite satisfied just be happy to stay home and relax for the rest of the day. If you are busy for the most part of the day, you would only need to give them a few minutes of exercise to keep them happy and healthy.

Appearance, Personality, and Traits of a Pug Boston Terrier Mix

Pug boston terrier mix facts

Weight 15 to 25 pounds
Height 10 to 17 inches
Size Small
Coat Type A short, dense straight, fine coat
Coat Color Brown, white, cream or black with tuxedo or brindle pattern
Amount of Shedding Minimal
Eyes Blue or brown round to almond; bulging
Nose Black
Ears Small erect or hanging ears
Temperament Playful, energetic, affectionate, obedient, alert, and can be territorial
Life Expectancy 10 to 15 years
Hypoallergenic No
Kid Friendly Yes
New Owner Friendly Yes
Breed Recognition ACHC, DBR, DDKC, DRA, IDCR

The Boston Terrier combined with Pug looks like an equal blend of both their parent breeds, which is as expected because the Boston Terrier and the Pug have a lot of similar characteristics. But most of the time, they would typically take most after the Pug, with their greatly recognizable face features such as large expressive round eyes, short flat muzzles, and a black nose.

These small-sized dogs can grow as tall as 10 to 17 inches and weigh around 15 and 25 pounds. They have a short body covered with a very dense fine coat that can come in shades of white, cream, brown, or black. Some may even sport patterns like tuxedo or brindle. Because of their coat, they do best in moderate to warm temperatures.

They are not hypoallergenic. However, those who only suffer from mild allergies can tolerate minimal shedding. They also have small short legs and a curly tail. Their ears can either be erect like the Boston Terrier or floppy like the Pug. This crossbreed is recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club, Designer Breed Registry, Designer Dogs Kennel Club, Dog Registry of America, Inc., and the International Designer Canine Registry.

When it comes to their nature, there is a lot of positive traits that make them easy to love. They are affectionate, obedient, and very devoted to their owners. They are very playful but would also be content to cuddle or take naps with you on the couch. With proper training and socializing, these pups are very sweet and gentle around children. It’s very entertaining to watch them get into mischief.

Saying that this hybrid loves attention is an understatement. They can grow jealous of other pets as they don’t like sharing the spotlight. Another downside is their territorial instinct and excessive barking. You have to be wary of how they would react towards strangers or even other animals. But, like other dogs, these negative behaviors could be resolved by starting them on their training and socializing early.

Their small size makes them easily manageable even for first-time owners.  They are the perfect choice if you are looking for a family dog, pet companion, or even a watchdog. You’ll have so much fun with their antics and enjoy every moment with them.

Boston Terrier Pugs Puppies for Sale

Pug boston terrier mix facts

These cute and loveable puppies are not hard to find, as they are becoming one of the most sought-after mixed breeds. Whether you choose to buy or adopt, make sure that you find a reputable breeder. You can look for them in adoption shelters and rescue organizations near your area. Never accept an offer from puppy mills, pet shops, or unregistered backyard breeders, as most of their puppies are either sick or being maltreated.

As an assurance to the puppy’s good breeding, you can request for a health guarantee from the breeder. A reliable Boston Terrier Pug Mix breeder should be able to provide you with all the information you need including the health history and papers of the purebred parents. You can use this information to get to know more about your puppy and assess issues if there are any.

Check out some of this breeder who can offer you a Pug mixed with Boston Terrier puppy:

  • The Happy Woofer (DE)
  • Professional Boxers ETC (ME)
  • Greenfield Puppies (PA)
  • Goldenrod Streams (NJ)
  • PuppyFinder.com

If you have misfortune finding a trustworthy breeder for this hybrid, you can either ask a local veterinarian if they have anyone which they can refer to you or ask breeders of both parent breeds, instead:

  • Our Brindle Bostons (OK)
  • Ugly Mug Pugs (SD)
  • Weywood Showdogs (PA)
  • Celestial Pugs (CA)

A legitimate breeder should let you have a visit to their facility or kennels to meet the puppy before finalizing the purchase. This way, you can observe the living conditions of their animals. A visitation would also help make certain that your puppy is a good match for you.

Grooming Your Pug Boston Terrier Mix

Pug boston terrier mix facts

There isn’t much effort involved in grooming your Pug combined with Boston Terrier. This hybrid’s short coat hardly sheds at all. It is naturally glossy and can repel most of the dirt or water. You would only need to brush them once or twice every week to make sure that their shedding is kept to a minimum. Brushing using a slicker brush or comb will also help in maintaining the fur healthy and free of dirt or loose hair.

This mixed breed does not have a doggy odor, so you can reduce their regular bathing to once a month or only when it is needed. Aside from that, you will also need to clip their nails every few weeks mainly because they will not break off naturally as they mostly stay indoors. You should also regularly clean their ears and check their eyes for any signs of infection.

Boston Terrier Mixed with Pug Health Problems

Pug boston terrier mix facts

Pug Boston Terriers are known to live a long healthy life of 10 to 15 years, with proper care and a healthy diet. Like any other breed, they can also be prone to some health issues that are quite common in their parent breeds. It is important to remember to be cautious as their round bulging eyes are susceptible to injuries and debris could easily get in them. They won’t do well in extreme heat, humidity, or harsh weather conditions.

  1. Obesity – Like their Pug parent, these dogs are also voracious eaters. The problem is, they are prone to obesity which can have adverse effects on their health and may even shorten their lifespan. It is very common in old age as their physical activities decrease or become lethargic. Owners should pay close attention to their diet as well as limit the number of treats.
  2. Fold Dermatitis – This occurs due to the moisture and heat that builds up in the folds of their skin. These areas become a breeding ground for fungi, yeast, and bacteria. It is much common during summer or hot weather. If your dog has this skin condition, you’ll observe a bad smell or weeping in the areas that are affected.
  3. Brachycephalic Respiratory Syndrome – Also known as congenital obstructive airway disease, it is a common condition among flat-faced dogs. They can suffer from abnormalities like narrowed nostrils, an enlarged tongue, elongated soft palate, Hypoplastic Trachea, and Everted Laryngeal Saccules. Watch out for symptoms like snoring or if they often seem to try to catch their breath.
    These upper respiratory obstructions cause the dog to work harder to get some air through their airways resulting in distress, over-heating, and exacerbate obstructions.
  4. Abnormal Eyelid – This is a genetic condition where the eyelid folds inward. It causes the eyelash or hair to scratch and irritates the eye, which can lead to corneal perforation or ulceration. It is non-preventable and can only be corrected through surgery, especially in severe cases.

Pug Combined with Boston Terrier Food Requirements

Pug boston terrier mix facts

Despite their small size, these pups have an insatiable appetite. They love to eat, and they would keep eating as much as they can. This becomes a problem if you’re not careful as they might develop obesity and other health issues that come with it. The first step in preventing this malicious disease is staying away from the worst dry dog food and limit their food intake to 0.75 to 1.5 cups of healthy and nutritious dog food per day, preferably best dry dog food available.

Their diet should consist of high-quality dry dog food with a formula that is best suited for small dog breeds like themselves. The Boston Terrier combined with Pug will thrive on one of these best dry dog food for small dogs. Bigger dogs have different dietary needs and are better off with best large breed dry dog food

For your convenience, we singled out these two premium dog foods:

  • Wellness Core Dog Food – This brand is formulated with a high level of animal protein and has a product made specifically for small breeds like the Boston Terrier mixed with Pug. It contains ingredients that have balanced protein, fats, and calories designed to promote a healthy weight.
  • Dog For Dog Food – Chicken meal, brown rice, leafy vegetables, eggs, and fruits are all found in this kibble. These carefully mixed ingredients support the health of the skin and coat while providing the dog with enough energy for the day.

From an early age, you should give your furry pal only food that is age-appropriate. For whelps, this means best puppy food brands are the way to go. Wise, old doggos, on the other hand, need the combination of nutrients found in the best senior dry dog food to help maintain their health throughout the senior age.

Complete and balanced nutrition means that all of the dog’s dietary needs are met. When everyday food can’t provide them with enough fatty acids or probiotics, specially designed products come in handy. Dietary supplements such as Nutra Thrive dog food supplement can contribute to replenishing essential foodstuffs in the body and promoting the health of coat, skin, or teeth, as well as heart, brain, and other vital organs.

Boston Terrier Pugs Exercise Requirements

Pug boston terrier mix facts

The Pug Boston Terrier mix is not the most energetic breed, but it is still very important to keep them active and healthy. They don’t need intense physical activities, a simple walk or visit to a dog park would suffice. Keeping your dog in good shape helps with their health and temperament. Give them at least a total of 40 minutes of activities daily.

If you have yard space, you can teach them how to play fetch or let them play on their own with interactive toys. A few great toys you can give them are:

  • The Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone Dog Chew toy is perfect for when your pups are teething. They have a few sizes available, but small would suit them best. You can choose from either chicken, bacon, or peanut butter flavors which also helps in keeping them interested.
  • Zogoflex Tux is another toy that doubles as a fetch toy and a chew toy. You can stuff it with treats and kibbles. It will surely keep them engaged for long periods, perfect when you have to leave your dog alone.
  • Gift your dog with the PAWABOO Plush Dog Toys. It comes in a dinosaur, hedgehog, or lion. It has multiple layers to make sure they are soft, durable, and non-toxic. It can withstand daily chewing and is very easy to carry.

Pug Boston Terriers Training

Pug boston terrier mix facts

Dogs of this mixed breed are smart and very eager to please, which makes them fairly easy to train. They respond well to praises and treats. It is important to start them on their training at an early age to help instill discipline and discourage their negative tendencies. The Boston Terrier mixed with Pug may inherit some traits that can become behavioral issues if not addressed early on.

You have to be firm, but remember that these are very sensitive dogs, so you also need to be careful not to hurt their feelings. Using gentle corrections and offering incentives seems to be the best way to train this pup. Here are a few other tips for effective training:

  • How to Deal with Stubbornness – All you will need is a clicker, a few treats, and their leash. Best time to do this is before you take them on a walk. Before leaving the house, take time to hold the leash and wait for your dog to look back at you without calling their attention. Once they do, just click and hand them a treat. Take a few steps forward, stop, and repeat.This method sends a message to your dog that by looking at you, they would get a treat. It is a great stepping stone to teaching them other tricks in the future. Keep in mind that you have to remain patient, consistent, and committed in their training.
  • Teaching Your Dog to Stay Calm – These dogs can quickly lose their temper when they feel territorial — socializing them while still young helps them get used to the presence of strangers including other animals. You also can train your dog to stay calm and relaxed around other people or pets by giving them treats when they do.

Boston Terrier Pug Mix and Families

Pug boston terrier mix facts

Boston Terrier Pugs are cute, loving, and low-maintenance dogs. They are known to be goofy dogs and gets into mischief quite often. Funny and affectionate, this crossbreed loves playing, receiving attention and cuddling with their owners. They are the perfect companion, family dog, and watchdog.

These small dogs are amazingly gentle around children. Their size also makes them easy to manage for new pet owners. They don’t need much in terms of exercise and maintenance. Even though they bark often, it wouldn’t be loud enough to disturb your neighbors. They would do well in an apartment.

Like most other dogs, they inherit traits that are very common in their parent breeds. In this case, they can have few health and behavioral issues, which are easily remedied with proper care and training.

(FAQs) about Pug Boston Terrier Mixes:

What is a Pug Boston Terrier Mix?

A Pug Boston Terrier Mix, often referred to as a “Bugg,” is a crossbreed resulting from the mating of a Pug and a Boston Terrier. This mix combines the charming traits of both parent breeds.

What is the size and appearance of Pug Boston Terrier Mixes?

Pug Boston Terrier Mixes are typically small to medium-sized dogs with a compact and muscular build. They may inherit a combination of features from both the Pug and Boston Terrier.

What is the temperament of Pug Boston Terrier Mixes?

Pug Boston Terrier Mixes are known for their friendly and sociable nature. They often exhibit a playful and affectionate temperament, combining the loving qualities of the Pug with the lively personality of the Boston Terrier.

How much exercise do Pug Boston Terrier Mixes need?

These mixes have moderate energy levels and require regular exercise. Daily walks, playtime, and interactive activities are usually sufficient to keep them happy and healthy.

Are Pug Boston Terrier Mixes good with children and other pets?

Pug Boston Terrier Mixes are generally good with children and other pets, especially when properly socialized from a young age. Their adaptable and gentle nature makes them suitable for family life.

What is the grooming routine for Pug Boston Terrier Mixes?

Grooming requirements depend on the coat type inherited from the parent breeds. Regular brushing, nail trimming, and routine grooming tasks such as facial fold cleaning (common in Pugs) are important.

Do Pug Boston Terrier Mixes have specific health concerns?

Pug Boston Terrier Mixes may inherit health issues from both Pugs and Boston Terriers. Common concerns include respiratory issues (common in brachycephalic breeds), eye problems, and joint conditions. Regular veterinary check-ups are crucial for preventive care.

How trainable are Pug Boston Terrier Mixes?

Pug Boston Terrier Mixes are usually intelligent and trainable, but they may have a stubborn streak. Positive reinforcement methods and early socialization contribute to successful training.

What is the lifespan of Pug Boston Terrier Mixes?

The average lifespan of Pug Boston Terrier Mixes is typically around 10 to 14 years with proper care, nutrition, and regular veterinary attention.

What are some considerations for potential Pug Boston Terrier Mix owners?

Prospective owners should be prepared for a lovable and adaptable companion. Understanding the needs of both parent breeds, including potential health issues and exercise requirements, will contribute to a happy and healthy relationship with a Pug Boston Terrier Mix.


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