45+ Pomeranian Mix Breeds

45+ Pomeranian Mix Breeds

Boxer Pomeranian Mix = Pomoxer

Boxer Pomeranian is also known as Pomoxer. Although it is a rare mixed breed, but they exist. You might think that it is only possible if the mother is Boxer, but nope. There are some mixed which the mother is Pomeranian. Pomoxer usually has more dominant Boxer personality which is calmer yet playful. The good thing about this breed is it is prone to genetic disorders often found in purebred dog.


Husky Pomeranian Mix = Pomsky

Husky pomeranian mix

People usually called Husky Pomeranian Mixed as Pomsky. It is one of famous designer dogs, means breeders tend to breed them and sell them more than $1000. Pomsky is THAT cute, you might not see any on local shelter like many other mixed breed dogs or mutts. These dogs’ sizes are varying, from smaller kind of Pom up to Husky’s size, although the average size is around 20-30 pounds.


Corgi Pomeranian Mix = Corganian

Corgi pomeranian mix

One of the cutest Pomeranian Mixes! This Corgi Pomeranian Mix or Corganian is often mentioned as Fox Dog as well due to its appearance. Yes, although it is not an established mix, which may vary a lot in physical appearances, but most of Corgi Pomeranian Mix looks like fox with erected ears, wedge face, and fluffy fur. As cute as it is, Corganian tends to be extremely energetic and… bark! Therefore, it will suit owner who loves to take this little furry ball to exercise daily to drain its energy in house.


Poodle Pomeranian Mix = Pompoodle

Poodle pomeranian mix

Poodle Pomeranian Mix is called Pompoodle. Some breeders also call it Pomapoo. This is another popular designer dog, mixed of Pomeranian and Toy Poodle. This cute toy dog tends to be very active and requires more investment for grooming as well. Brushing daily and haircut every few months will help you from fur and shedding saga. It is also more popular as single family member and needs supervision around children.


German Shepherd Pomeranian Mix = German Pomeranian

German shepherd pomeranian mix

German Shepherd Pomeranian is not a common mix breed. It has very little chance to see one at shelters. You may not find one easily at breeders as well, and will cost a lot, if any. It is also very hard to see how this German Pomeranian, its alter name, physical appearance and personality. But one thing that is obvious, this furry friend will require grooming more than German Shepherd and shed. Be prepared for it.


Beagle Pomeranian Mix = Beaganian

Beagle pomeranian mix

Another very popular hybrid dog! Beagle Pomeranian, or you can call it Beaganian, Beagle Pom, or Pomeagle. It is one of those common mixed breed dogs that you can even find it at shelters. This Beagle Pomeranian is a very loyal, intelligent dog and good as a show dog. However, since it may inherit stubborn personality from Beagle, you may need to be a little bit more patient to train it. It also is better to be with the owner a lot since separation anxiety might be an issue which can affect health and lifespan. The expected life span of Beaganian is around 12-15 years, a common life span for smaller size dogs.


Labrador Pomeranian Mix = Labanian

Labrador pomeranian

Labrador Pomeranian Mix or Labanian is not a common Pomeranian Mix, although not that rare as well. This mixed breed is more a family dog. It does not do well of being left outside alone like a guard dog since Labanian likes to be with its pack. Labrador Pomeranian Mix tends to have a moderate energy which is suitable for seniors that has more time and can put their energy for taking care of the dog and giving it their full attention.


Chihuahua Pomeranian Mix = Pomahua

Chihuahua pomeranian mix

A small foxy look is distinctive in this hybrid! Chihuahua Pomeranian Mix, often called Pomahua or Chipom, are mixed of two small dogs. As a toy dog, it is cute that people often treat it so gently, too protective, and this is a recipe of disaster. Chihuahua Pomeranian Mix needs to socialize since early and treated just like other dog to prevent it to become anxious all the time, barking, and biting. It also requires close attention to grooming as Pomahua tends to have sensitive skin. Its fur needs brushing but the owner needs to watch carefully which brush to use and either it causes skin irritation or not.


Chow Chow Pomeranian Mix = Chowanian

Chow chow pomeranian mix

Chow Chow Pomeranian or Chowanian is one of popular Pomeranian Mix. Its characteristic tends to be the alpha, which requires more effort to train them to obey. Chowanian also needs to be brush often since it inherits long hair genes from both parents. Owner still needs to give it baths but also watch out for dry skin issue. It might be wise to buy shampoo specifically for dry skin. This super fluffy and huggable fur friend needs regular exercise, long ones, to drain their energy and prevent them of being destructive at home.


Border Collie Pomeranian Mix = Border Pomeranian

Border collie pomeranian mix

A mix of Border Collie and Pomeranian is also called Border Pomeranian. Due to its parents’ characteristics, Border Pomeranian is a working dog with high energy. It will not be happy to be lying around the whole day. A lot of outdoor activity such as long walk or run is needed. It might also have herding instinct from Border Collie’s side. A family that can bring its dog in most of their activity will suit this mixed breed at best.


Australian Shepherd Pomeranian Mix = Australian Pomeranian

Australian shepherd pomeranian mix

The Australian Pomeranian, or a mixed between Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian, probably has one of the cutest fur colors. These Australian Shepherd genes tend to play a big role to give unique, distinctive colors of the dog. This dog is not suitable for apartment like Pomeranian, unless the owner gives it a lot of exercise. Australian Pomeranian loves large yard to run around and play. However, a regular inspection and brushing are needed especially after a long day outside. Any kind of debris may latch on its precious fur.


Dachshund Pomeranian Mix = Dacheranian

Dachshund pomeranian mix

Dachshund mixed with Pomeranian is one of popular designer dogs, developed since 1990s in United States. It is popular because, of course, its cuteness. Dacheranian’s face often looks like teddy bear doll. The size is small to medium, about 8 to 25 pounds, depends on its dominant genes from parents. Some breeders also call it Dameranian, and it is a great fit for owner who lives in apartment because of its size. A consistent training is needed to prevent barking as this Dachshund Pomeranian Mix has tendency to be a guard dog. Do not forget to check the ears for possible infection as well.


Pug Pomeranian Mix = Pugeranian

Pug pomeranian mix

A mixed Pug Pomeranian dog is one of designer dogs that perfect for family. It has an affectionate and calm temperament, which are great for being around children and other pets. Although having a moderate energy and like to chill in house, daily exercise will be great to keep them content and tired. As many experts point out: a tired dog is a happy dog. Feeding them is also simple; half to one cup dried food and they are full. Be careful to over feed your dog because obesity leads to many health issues.


Cocker Spaniel Pomeranian Mix = Cocker Pomer

Cocker spaniel pomeranian mix

Cocker Spaniel Pomeranian Mix or Cocker Pomer or Cockeranian is a high maintenance dog. It suits you who has time and wants to invest a lot for a dog, considering it needs to be brush often and go to professional at least every other month. This will make shedding bearable, although owner needs to have vacuum handy. However, this dog prefers warm temperature and gets cold easily despite of long fur. Cocker Spaniel mixed Pomeranian dog is very agile, and playful. If owner lives in an apartment, daily exercise and playtime is important to keep them content and calm.


American Bulldog Pomeranian Mix = American Pom

American bulldog pomeranian mix

An American Bulldog mixed Pomeranian is not a common mixed breed. This hybrid is likely from an artificial insemination due to very different natures of both parents. This mix, which also called American Pomeranian, may result in a moderate energy dog that is suitable for apartment living although requires moderate exercise daily. A raw food diet can be good option to be considered.


Akita Pomeranian Mix = Pomkita

Akita pomeranian mix

A Pomkita, or Akita Pomeranian Mix is a hybrid dog that has high level of energy. Be prepared to take it for a long walk as exercise to keep their energy level low, unless it might be destructive in your house. Akita mixed Pomeranian is usually results in an intelligent dog which likes to be the alpha. Therefore, owner needs to be assertive and firm to train and handle it. This dog might also like to chase small preys, so early and consistent training will save owner from surprises “gifts” from time to time.


Blue Heeler Pomeranian Mix = Bluanian

Blue heeler pomeranian mix

There are not many Blue Heeler and Pomeranian mix out there and when there is, probably it is an accident. An accident when someone owns a Blue Heeler and a Pomeranian and they somehow mated successfully. The positive side is, as a hybrid from a very different kind of parents, Bluanian, as it is called, will have better immune system for genetic diseases which are usually suffered by purebred dogs. It is also believed that mixed dog will bring the best characters out from each parents. One thing for sure, a mixed of Pomeranian and Blue Heeler will definitely have erected ears.


English Bulldog Pomeranian Mix = English Pomeranian

English bulldog pomeranian mix

English Bulldog Pomeranian Mix or English Pomeranian is a friendly dog which can be good for your family. It is also very intelligent and able to enjoy their lone time although in a very busy situation. However, daily exercise is needed to release its energy and keeps it low in house. It also needs proper training and socialization especially if you see the tendency of being alpha, which is not accepted and can be dangerous for children and other people.


Golden Retriever Pomeranian Mix = Golden Pomeranian

Golden retriever pomeranian mix

This lovely mix of Golden Retriever and Pomeranian will give you a devoted and loyal companion. A Golden Pomeranian is also very intelligent and tends to have high level of energy. It will enjoy playing outside with you, running around and fetching balls. Well, thanks to the Retriever ancestor. This dog likely has a good manner and easy to train. However, it will shed quite a lot. It sheds more than Golden Retriever although will probably less than Pomeranian. If you want to own one, make sure you have a vacuum handy.


Pitbull Pomeranian Mix = Pitpom

Pitbull pomeranian mix

Pitbull mixed with Pomeranian is probably an accident. This is a very rare hybrid due to very different natures of both parents. Although having a pocket Pitbull or a Pitpom might be a cool idea, but its personality is hard to guess. Therefore, it is recommended for a first time owner not to adopt or buy a mixed Pitbull and Pomeranian. This might take a firm owner with experience to train this dog since early to get a sociable and well-mannered dog.


French Bulldog Pomeranian Mix = French Pomeranian

French bulldog pomeranian mix

Two similar sized dogs will make them easier to mate. As the result, French Bulldog Pomeranian Mix is a relative easy to find. French Pomeranian is a good family dog. It is an extremely friendly dog. Grooming is also simpler comparing to other Pomeranian Mix. Although it sheds, its shorter hair will make cleaning much easier and faster. French Pomeranian will also need bath but not so often to avoid dry skin. A raw diet might be good for consideration.


Shih Tzu Pomeranian Mix = Shih Pomeranian

Shih tzu pomeranian mix

Shih Tzu Pomeranian or Shih Pomeranian or Shiranian is one of those dogs really good with children. They are warm, friendly, and prefer licks than barks. Shih Pomeranian is also very witty. It knows how to get attention from its human pack. It is also really good with strangers that the owner needs to watch it extra from being hurt or kidnapped. However, a mixed of Shih Tzu and Pomeranian tends to get jealous easily if you pet another animal. Therefore, it will be best if you only have one dog or train them to socialize with other pets since early.

Pomeranian Mix Food Requirements

Depending on the other parent of your Pomeranian mix doggo, they can turn out rather big or super small. Than means that you would have to choose their meals accordingly — go only for the or the best large breed dry dog food, as needed. Whatever the size of your gorgeous crossbred pooch, make sure not to cut corners on their nutrition. Cheap dog food means low nutritional value that is associated with the worst dry dog food. If you need ideas on the best dry dog food, take a look at our top suggestions:

Choosing the most nutritious chow is not enough, though. You also need to choose food tailored to your pup’s stage of life. Your pupperino deserves to be fed only on the best puppy food brands, while your old woofer needs the best senior dry dog food to keep them young at heart and body. If you aren’t sure how to select the right kind, you should ask for expert veterinarian advice.

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