Husky Pitbull Mix Facts

Husky Pitbull Mix Facts

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Pitbull Husky Mix

Husky pitbull mix facts

  • Designer Dog Conundrum

The combination of two purebreds as grand as the Husky and the Pitbull is an intriguing pet, but it comes with unexpected and often severe consequences. Designer dogs receive flak from dog registration services because some breeders use unethical ways to breed. Sometimes, a wrong mix of two breeds can result in a sickly puppy. While a Husky crossed with Pitbull can be a good match, it is also prone to health problems associated with both of its parent breeds.

  • Awful Watch Dogs

Pitbull Husky dogs are not known for their protective instincts because the Pitbull side of the crossbreed loves the spotlight. It may openly welcome friendly strangers into the house without so much of a bark. Huskies are also friendly creatures and like to play with anyone. If owners want a dog that can protect their families or homes, then the Pitbull crossed with Husky should be at the bottom of the list.

  • Clingy Nature

The Husky Pitbull loves to be around its human pack, which feels very clingy to most owners with regular jobs. It is an expected trait that owners must consider when adopting this hybrid dog. Leaving the Pitbull mixed with Husky alone in a house can lead to it developing, destructive behavior, separation anxiety, or depression. It may also become aggressive if it is consistently left alone.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Get a Husky Pitbull Mix

Husky pitbull mix facts


1. Energetic and Playful Dogs

Owners love to have a dog that enjoys being around a family, which is one of the Husky mixed with Pitbull’s strengths as a pet. It likes to hang and play with its owners. Active owners will have a wonderful time together with this hybrid dog as it may be a perfect companion for sports and outdoor activities.

2. Winner’s Mentality

The Pitbull mixed with Husky loves to overcome challenges and stay focused on a task given by its owners. If given mental and physical stimulation, it may provide owners with a stress reliever from a daily work routine. When owners watch how the Pitbull Husky mix succeeds in obstacles or relay courses, it can provide inspiration and motivation for people to do the same. The dog can teach a human a valuable lesson, which is something that a Husky Pitbull can provide.

3. Relatively Healthy

All dogs are prone to health problems at one point in their lives, but the Pitbull Husky is generally healthy until old age. The only main health issues are so common that an average owner can find a way to treat or anticipate them easily. Because of its active lifestyle, healthy diet, and efficient training regimen, the Husky Pitbull will remain a healthy dog for most of its life.

Appearance, Personality, and Traits of a Pitbull mixed with Husky

Husky pitbull mix facts

Weight Male: 50 to 65 pounds

Female: 45 to 60 pounds

Height Male: 17 to 22 inches

Female: 16 to 21 inches

Size Medium to Large
Coat Type Straight and Silky, Medium in Length, Normal density
Coat Color Brindle, White, Gray, Brown, Red, Black, Blue, Silver, Cream, Fawn, or any combination of two colors
Amount of Shedding Heavy to moderate depending on the lineage
Eyes Blue, Hazel, Amber, Brown
Nose Blue, Black, Brown, Isabella
Ears Triangular, Upright or Folding depending on the lineage
Temperament Energetic, Noisy, Good-natured, Friendly, Intelligent, Helpful, Powerful, Aggressive, Intense Prey Drive, Even-Tempered, Playful, Stubborn
Life Expectancy 8 to 12 years, 15 if kept healthy
Hypoallergenic No
Kids Friendly Yes
New Owners Friendly Yes
Breed Recognition DRA = Dog Registry of America, Inc.

AKC = American Kennel Club

Physical Traits Athletic, Muscular, Lean, Long-limbed

Pitbull Husky Mix Puppies for Sale

Husky pitbull mix facts

The Pitbull Husky mix is a designer dog with one of the most expensive purebred as one of its parent breeds. The Husky lineage may reflect on the hybrid dog’s price tag. Aspiring owners may get the Husky Pitbull mix at around $500 to $2000. The dog ownership costs can also be hefty because it requires a lot of grooming, food, and visits to the vet.

When adopting a Husky Pitbull puppy, it is essential for people to find a reputable breeder complete with the dog’s medical history and documents. Medical shots from an established veterinarian clinic are also attractive additions when adopting a puppy.

Here is a list of reputable breeders that may have a Pitbull Husky for sale:

  1. Lancaster Puppies in Narvon, PA.
  2. A Forever-Home Rescue Foundation in Chantilly, VA
  3. Greenfield Puppies in Dundee, OH

Grooming Your Husky mixed with Pitbull

Owners may have a difficult time with grooming the Husky mixed with Pitbull, especially when it inherits the Husky parent’s long coat. What is sure for Pitbull Husky owners is that it will shed on a moderate or heavy basis. Because of the hybrid dog’s shedding, owners must be aware of the proper brushing and bathing techniques to use to keep its coat healthy.

Owners must also cover the basics in grooming such as brushing its teeth and clipping the nails. Daily brushing of the Husky Pitbull mix’s teeth helps avoid unnecessary dental problems. Most importantly, owners need to clean the ear of the Pitbull Husky mix to prevent wax build-up. While it is rare for this hybrid dog to contract ear infections, owners must not overlook this essential grooming habit despite the high-maintenance nature of the Husky Pitbull.

Here are some of the tools an owner needs to include in a Pitbull Husky grooming kit:

  • Dog Dental Spray

A simple dog toothbrush will suffice for the Pitbull crossed with Husky. Should owners find it hard to brush the dog’s teeth, they can resort to dental sprays to maintain its good oral hygiene. Pet dental showers are easy to use as owners can directly spray it on the dog’s mouth or add it to the canine’s water bowl. Dental sprays help reduce chances of oral diseases while saving owners time in trying to get the energetic Husky crossed with Pitbull to stay still while brushing its teeth.

  • Ear Cleanser

Because of the Pitbull mixed with Husky’s long coat, owners may have a hard time focusing on cleaning its ears. Pet owners can create an ear cleaning solution when their pets show signs of infection or irritation. However, homemade cleaning solutions can be harmful to the dog if there is a lack of research on how to keep ears healthy. Ear cleansers can help wash out wax to avoid infections.

  • Vacuum Cleaner

The Husky mixed with Pitbull will shed heavily, leaving a large amount of hair around the house. To save time cleaning, owners must invest in a good vacuum cleaner. This item also helps avoid specific allergies for the owner’s family.

  • Slicker Brush

Slicker brushes can help remove tangles and dead hair on a Pitbull Husky’s coat. Owners must use the slicker brush to keep the hybrid dog’s fur healthy, especially during shedding season. The Husky Pitbull mix requires daily brushing, and the slicker brush is the perfect tool for the job.

Pitbull Husky Health Problems

Husky pitbull mix facts

A Husky Pitbull mix is a generally healthy dog if owners maintain a good diet and regular exercise routine. All canines, however, are prone to conditions and diseases that may stem from old age or their parent breeds’ medical history. Owners of the Pitbull mixed with Husky should be aware of both of the parents’ past illnesses on record to help them anticipate treatment and cost.

Knowing an ailment before it shows its symptoms can be complicated but like most dogs, Husky Pitbulls have a specific set of health issues that apply to them. Here are some of the health problems a Pitbull crossed with Husky can suffer from:

  • Hyperthyroidism

Hyperthyroidism can happen to any dog breed. Despite being a rare condition, hyperthyroidism can be very hard to deal with when the Husky crossed with Pitbull suffers from it. The hybrid dog’s metabolic hyperactivity is the result of too much thyroid hormone from its glands. If not adequately treated, the Pitbull Husky mix may suffer heart and kidney failure.

  • Eye Problems

Congenital eye issues can range from irritating to life-threatening, which is why it is essential for owners to have adept knowledge on the medical history of the Husky Pitbull mix’s parent breeds. Eye problems include corneal wounds, pink eye, cataracts, entropion, dry eye, and cherry eye, among others. These health issues may also come from accidents or trauma, which is why owners must always keep the Pitbull Husky under constant supervision.

  • Heart Disease

Heart diseases are another inherent problem for the Pitbull crossed with Husky as both of its parent breeds are prone to contracting one upon reaching old age. The hybrid dog’s heart disease happens when the heart encounters difficulty distributing blood to its body. Improper diet and exercise can contribute to the development of heart diseases for the Husky Pitbull.

  • Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a prevalent condition among dog breeds. This health problem occurs when the ball and socket joint of the hip is in an unusual position, leading to the ball rubbing and grinding instead of sliding smoothly along the socket. Hip dysplasia occurs mostly during old age and can lead to paralysis if left unchecked. Owners must keep the Pitbull Husky on constant supervision to see if it is starting to walk awkwardly on its hind legs, which is the usual symptom for hip dysplasia.

  • Allergy

Dog allergies can cause the Pitbull mixed with Husky to scratch its skin violently, leading to loss of hair, scabbing, and wounds. This itchy feeling may result from the hybrid dog’s allergic reaction to food, shampoo, cigarette smoke, dust, and fleas.

Husky Pitbull Food Requirements

Husky pitbull mix facts

Whether you have a big or a small dog, you want to make sure they are happy and healthy. Make sure you avoid giving them the worst dry dog food and only go for the best dry dog food, such as Wellness Core Dog Food, Dog For Dog Food, and even the Nutra Thrive dog food supplement.

Keep in mind that your furry friend’s age should also play a role in your choice of food for them. Make sure you feed your puppy with either one of the best puppy food brands or best dry dog food for small dogs. If you have a senior goggie, opt for one of the best senior dry dog food instead.

The Husky Pitbull mix is an incredibly active dog, which means that it will need a lot of food consumption when its energy levels go down. To maintain the lifestyle of the Pitbull mixed with Husky, owners must feed it about 2 and a half cups of dry dog food per day. When it is more energetic than usual, the Husky Pitbull will need about 3 cups. That is also when you can choose to serve them a portion of the best large breed dry dog food that can match their calorie needs. Owners will need to spend an average of $1.20 to $1.40 daily for this hybrid dog’s meal, rounding out to about $34 to $45 a month.

Because of its large physical size, the Husky crossed with Pitbull requires a diet filled with calories and protein. Fat is one of the dog’s best energy sources, which makes sense for owners to find a dog food that has carbohydrates among its ingredients.

Dog owners may think that more food is equivalent to more nutrition for the energetic Pitbull Husky, but they need to remember that overfeeding can lead to long-term weight problems. Protein and fat-filled food on a moderate intake will keep the hybrid dog’s energy level sustained while assuring owners that their pets are healthy.

Here are some of the dog food products that are advisable for the Husky crossed with Pitbull:

  • Wellness Core Air Dried Dog Food

The Wellness Core dog food is a recommendable choice for active dogs such as the Pitbull Husky mix because of its 31% protein and its 21% fat contents. The brand also includes nutrients from kale, blueberries, and peas. Wellness Core can provide joint support as the dog food offers chondroitin and glucosamine to avoid hip dysplasia for active dogs. It also goes in two delicious flavors, which are turkey and chicken and whitefish and salmon.

  • Canidae Grain-Free Pure

With ten probiotics and ingredients that aid digestion problems, Canidae Grain-Free dog food is an excellent choice for all kinds of dogs. What makes it an attractive option for owners with active canines is its content rich in both protein and fat. It also has the essential nutrients and vitamins necessary for the Pitbull crossed with Husky.

  • Purina Pro Plan Sport Performance 30/20 Formula

Purina Pro Plan Sport has the right amount of fat and protein essential for an active dog like the Husky mixed with Pitbull. It also includes amino acids and glucosamine to ensure the joint health of the hybrid dog. This brand’s formula is an excellent option for owners who want to keep the Pitbull Husky mix in a one-brand food diet because it can cover all life stages from its days as a puppy to its senior years.

  • Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine Formula

The Taste of the Wild High Prairie is a dog food that provides healthy ingredients such as lamb, venison, sweet potatoes, buffalo, peas, and chicken. It is also rich in protein, covering 30% of the content. This brand also boasts 18% content in fat. Taste of the Wild High Prairie is good for the Husky Pitbull mix because it also offers probiotics for better digestion.

  • Bully Max High-Performance Dog Food

Bully Max High-Performance boasts a nutritional formula that provides the Pitbull mixed with Husky enough strength and energy to complete rigorous training. This five-star brand is an ideal product for dogs that need to gain muscle and keep an imposing physical stature. Bully Max Dog Food is an all-meat formula that separates itself from other meals as it does not contain wheat, soy, or corn. Owners of Pitbull Huskies will love the 30% protein and 20% fat the food gives to their hybrid dogs.

  • Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Base Mix

The Honest Kitchen Base Mix formula will be an excellent meal for the Husky Pitbull mix when it comes with meat or offal. Its ingredients are all-natural without preservatives or GMO. What makes this brand even more special is that it can also be safe for human consumption, meeting the FDA safety standards for diet. This brand is complete with nutritious vitamins and minerals as well as micronutrients to keep the Husky Pitbull mix’s food intake a healthy routine. Not only will your dog become healthy, but it will also maintain an astonishing physical stature for its exercises.

  • Dog Protein Powder by Muscle Bully

Dog protein powder operates the same way for dogs as humans do with whey protein. It is not actual dog food for the Pitbull Husky mix, but it is a perfect supplement for active and athletic dogs. When an owner combines the protein powder to another dog food, it produces a meal that is great for building bigger muscles and improving physical shape.

Despite the benefits of protein powder, the Pitbull Husky does not need an excessive supplement if it already has a high-protein rich diet. Giving the hybrid dog the same amount of whey protein that people drink as part of a monthly gym routine can have severe consequences for the Husky Pitbull mix’s digestion.

  • Avoderm Natural Dog Food

Avoderm dog food is a high-protein brand that is very rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals from its chicken, turkey, and lamb ingredients. It also contains omega-rich California avocados, which helps in improving the immune system and skin. The Pitbull crossed with Husky will have the energy and body it needs to perform any task.

There are also types of raw food diet that are beneficial for athletic dogs like the Husky mixed with Pitbull. Raw meat offers an organic meal that does not contain low-quality protein often found in cheap dog food. It also gives the hybrid dog a healthier level of energy for high-performance.

It is also crucial for Husky Pitbull owners to remember that their dogs will only be able to keep a healthy diet when it consumes small meals separated in a day instead of one huge serving. When owners break down a dog’s daily consumption into separate meals, they will keep the Pitbull Husky mix’s energy level consistent throughout the day.

Pitbull crossed with Husky Exercise Requirements

Husky pitbull mix facts

Owners must be aware of what they are getting into when they decide to adopt or raise a Pitbull mixed with Husky. The Husky Pitbull is a hybrid dog with a high energy level since both of its parent breeds are active dogs as well. To keep it happy, owners must keep the Pitbull Husky mix fit and healthy through activities. Exercises that require running, jogging, walking, and fetching are the best ways to lower this hybrid dog’s energy levels. It is also advisable for active owners to join their pet in about 120 minutes of walking and running in separate times a day.

Chances are humans will tire faster than the average Husky crossed with Pitbull. Owners must bring water bottles during exercises for both the human and the animal. If owners struggle to keep up with the overly-energetic dog, they can consider using a retractable leash to avoid losing the Pitbull crossed with Husky. Owners, however, must be cautious if the dog feels uncomfortable when wearing a leash.

Laid-back owners will have a hard time dealing with the Husky mixed with Pitbull if it does not receive the exercise it requires. Behavioral problems such as being destructive and tendencies to chew items too much will become alarming when owners have an inactive Pitbull Husky.

Pitbull mixed with Husky Training

Husky pitbull mix facts


Because of its high energy level alone, the Pitbull Husky mix requires consistent training at an early age. This hybrid dog will run around the house at a rapid-fire pace without proper behavior and obedience training, which is why owners must teach it how to obey commands. The Husky Pitbull is an intelligent dog, and it loves to please its owners, which is why it will be easy to train.

Positive reinforcement is an ideal way for owners to reward the Pitbull Husky for doing a good job. The hybrid dog can pick up lessons at a fast rate and will show signs of progress almost immediately. Establish your strong position with the Husky Pitbull mix to avoid any stubborn or rebellious behavior.

It is also essential to socialize the Pitbull Husky puppy with people and other pets that are always around the house. Socialization allows the hybrid dog to behave in front of strangers and other animals in the same way that owners trained them to since it was young.

Husky crossed with Pitbull and Families

Husky pitbull mix facts

The Pitbull Husky is a good family pet because of its affectionate and playful nature. It loves to play with children. Adults, however, must keep an eye on the Pitbull Husky mix when it plays with children as it may overwhelm smaller kids with their muscular build. With proper training and exercise, Husky Pitbulls can learn how to behave and control their energy on command. Because of its intelligence, they can differentiate the times when they can play, and the moments they need to act.

Proper socialization with other pets will contain the Husky Pitbull’s high prey drive. Other animals inside the house will be safe. Speaking of safety, the Pitbull mixed with Husky loves to overcome challenges. Owners must anticipate how high the hybrid dog can jump because it may see it as an obstacle to jump on instead of a security measure.

If you are an active owner who loves the sight of large dogs playing with your family around the house without any qualms about high-maintenance grooming and costly diet, then the Husky Pitbull is a perfect dog for you.

Best Dog Food for Husky Pitbull Mix

Fuel the energetic spirit of your Husky Pitbull mix with a balanced and nutritionally rich diet. Opt for high-quality dog food that prioritizes lean proteins, wholesome grains, and essential nutrients. Providing a well-rounded diet, such as those featuring ingredients like chicken, sweet potatoes, and fish oil, ensures the overall health and vitality of your Husky Pitbull mix. Here are the top picks for the best dog food that caters to the unique needs of this dynamic mixed breed.

Pedigree complete nutrition adult dry dog food roasted chicken, rice & vegetable flavor dog kibble,
  • Complete and balanced nutrition has antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Optimal levels of omega-6 fatty acid nourish the skin and help keep his coat shiny and healthy.
  • Whole grains and a special fiber blend support healthy digestion with a delicious roasted chicken flavor.
  • Unique, crunchy texture helps clean the teeth with every bite to support good oral health between brushings.
  • Proudly made in the USA with the world’s finest ingredients; contains no high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors or sugar.
Merrick dry puppy food, real chicken and sweet potato grain free dog food recipe - 22 lb. Bag
  • One (1) 22.0 LB Bag - Merrick Dry Puppy Food, Real Chicken and Sweet Potato Grain Free Dog Food Recipe
  • Real deboned chicken is always the first ingredient in this grain free dry dog food with 60% protein and healthy fat ingredients and 40% produce, fiber, vitamins, minerals and other natural ingredients
  • With 67% of protein from animal sources, this healthy dog food recipe offers the ideal combination of protein and healthy fats to help a dog maintain optimal weight and increased energy
  • High protein dog food with omega fatty acids to support healthy skin and shiny coat, plus glucosamine and chondroitin for dogs to help maintain healthy hips and joints
  • With no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, this natural dog food grain free recipe has DHA to support healthy brain development and smaller sized kibble that is perfect for your pup
Purina pro plan sensitive skin and stomach dog food salmon and rice formula - 30 lb. Bag
  • One (1) 30 lb. Bag - Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach Dog Food Salmon and Rice Formula
  • Oat meal is easily digestible and gentle on the digestive system
  • High protein formula, with real salmon as the first ingredient
  • Fortified with guaranteed live probiotics for digestive and immune health
  • Used to be known as FOCUS Sensitive Skin and Stomach Salmon and Rice Formula

(FAQs) about Husky Pitbull Mixes:

What is a Husky Pitbull Mix?

A Husky Pitbull Mix is a crossbreed resulting from the mating of a Siberian Husky with a Pitbull. This mix combines the distinctive traits of both parent breeds.

What is the size and appearance of Husky Pitbull Mixes?

Husky Pitbull Mixes are typically medium to large-sized dogs with a strong and muscular build. They may inherit the striking blue eyes of the Husky and the powerful physique of the Pitbull.

What is the temperament of Husky Pitbull Mixes?

These mixes are known for their energy, intelligence, and loyalty. They often exhibit a friendly and social temperament, combining the playful nature of the Husky with the affectionate qualities of the Pitbull.

How much exercise do Husky Pitbull Mixes need?

Husky Pitbull Mixes are energetic and require regular exercise to keep them physically and mentally stimulated. Daily walks, playtime, and engaging activities are essential for their well-being.

Are Husky Pitbull Mixes good with children and other pets?

When properly socialized, Husky Pitbull Mixes can be good family pets. They are usually good with children, but supervision is recommended. Early exposure to other pets is beneficial.

What is the grooming routine for Husky Pitbull Mixes?

Grooming requirements depend on the coat type inherited from both parent breeds. Regular brushing, especially during shedding seasons, and routine grooming tasks such as nail trimming and ear cleaning are important.

Do Husky Pitbull Mixes have specific health concerns?

They may inherit health issues from both parent breeds, such as hip dysplasia and certain eye conditions. Regular veterinary check-ups are important for preventive care and early detection of potential health issues.

How trainable are Husky Pitbull Mixes?

These mixes are usually intelligent and trainable, but they may have a strong will. Positive reinforcement methods and consistent training contribute to their well-behaved nature.

What is the lifespan of Husky Pitbull Mixes?

The average lifespan of Husky Pitbull Mixes is typically around 10 to 14 years, with proper care, nutrition, and regular veterinary attention.

What are some considerations for potential Husky Pitbull Mix owners?

Prospective owners should be prepared for an active and loyal companion. Understanding the needs of both parent breeds, including exercise requirements, grooming, and potential health issues, is crucial for providing a loving and suitable home for a Husky Pitbull Mix.


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