42+ Boxer Mix Breeds

42+ Boxer Mix Breeds

Introducing a long list of Boxer mix breeds. Do you have one of the breeds listed here? If so, share your photo in the comments!

Husky Boxer Mix = Boxsky

  • The size of a Husky Boxer cross is about 23 to 35 inches when it reaches maturity. It can also weigh between 45 to 75 pounds.
  • The Boxer Husky mix may inherit its Husky parent’s frequent howling. Owners can teach their dog not to howl. The Husky Boxer cross also does not bark much.
  • This hybrid dog is a sweet and affectionate dog that needs constant attention. It may be prone to developing a tumor, which is common in Boxers.
  • The Boxer Husky mix can show signs of stubbornness, which can make it tough for owners to train it. It also needs to be on a leash when outside the house because of its high prey drive.
  • The Husky Boxer cross is a combination of two hyperactive breeds. Owners must engage it in regular exercise and physical training to keep it healthy.

Corgi Boxer Mix = Boxgi

Corgi boxer mix

  1. The average lifespan of the Corgi Boxer cross ranges from 10 to 14 years.
  2. The Boxer Corgi mix is prone to obesity, which can lead to health issues like hip and elbow dysplasia. It is also at risk of various health problems such as:
  • Eye disorder
  • Heart issues
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Patellar luxation
  • Deafness
  • Cancer
  • Colitis

3. This hybrid dog will try to prove itself as independent, which makes it easy for owners to leave it at home alone.

4. Long walks and hikes will suffice for the Corgi Boxer cross’ exercise. A total of 45 minutes separated into multiple times a day will keep its energy levels down.

5. Both of the parent breeds are easy to groom because of their short coats. Brush the Boxer Corgi’s coat at least three times a week to keep it clean and free from dirt.

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Poodle Boxer Mix = Poobox

Poodle boxer mix

  • The Boxer Poodle mix often creates a small Poodle-type dog with the strong and sturdy stature of a Boxer.
  • The Poodle Boxer cross is a hyperactive dog. It loves to run full-speed in an open area. It is essential to tire out this hybrid dog before going home to avoid damages inside the house.
  • The Boxer Poodle mix requires at least 3 cups of dog food a day to give it the strength to perform agility tasks. A high protein diet of fish and chicken is also recommendable.
  • This hybrid dog is an intelligent creature. It can serve as watchdogs for families and is also be useful for therapy.
  • The Poodle Boxer cross is a hypoallergenic dog, which makes it a good choice for allergic owners. It requires minimal grooming because it rarely sheds.

German Shepherd Boxer Mix = German Boxer

German shepherd boxer mix

  1. Both the German Shepherd and the Boxer have strong muscular builds, which the Boxer German Shepherd mix will likely inherit.
  2. It is important to start training a German Shepherd Boxer cross at an early age. This dog loves to run and does not sit around for long periods. It responds well to exercises and needs outdoor time and enrichment toys.
  3. Despite being an excellent family pet, the Boxer German Shepherd mix requires supervision around children as it might knock over a kid during playtime due to its muscular size.
  4. This hybrid dog will likely have a short and thick coat. Owners will find the German Shepherd Boxer mix easy to groom.

Beagle Boxer Mix = Bogle

  • With proper care, the Boxer Beagle mix can live up to 12 to 15 years.
  • Both of its parent breeds are common household pets. The initial cost of a healthy and well-bred Beagle Boxer cross ranges from $300 to $700.
  • The Boxer Beagle mix can pick up commands and behavior naturally when adapting to constant training. Harsh treatment may trigger its aggressive response. Owners must be patient with training this crossbreed.
  • The daily food requirement of a Beagle Boxer cross amounts to 2 to 3 cups of high-quality dog food.
  • This hybrid dog is prone to ear infections. Baths and weekly ear cleaning will be beneficial for the Beagle Boxer mix.
  • The Boxer Beagle mix is an active dog that needs an outlet for its energy. 45 to 60 minutes of daily walks can keep your dog healthy.

Bull Mastiff Boxer Mix = Bull Boxer

Bull mastiff boxer mix

  1. The Boxer Bull Mastiff mix is a large dog. It may grow taller than both of its parent breeds. Its weight ranges between 80 to 100 pounds.
  2. The Bull Mastiff Boxer cross is a loyal and protective dog. Children within the family will be safe around this crossbreed.
  3. The Boxer Bull Mastiff mix requires brushing every other day because it can shed its coat often. It also needs a monthly bath to get rid of the dog odor.
  4. Despite its large build, the Bull Mastiff Boxer cross is a sensitive animal that owners must treat nicely. This hybrid dog does not respond well to harsh methods of training.
  5. Because it is a big dog, the Bull Mastiff Boxer mix does not do well in apartment living. Houses with a backyard can be the perfect environment for living with this hybrid dog.

Labrador Boxer Mix = Boxador

Labrador boxer mix

  • The Boxer Labrador mix is a combination of two famous dogs. It is a loyal and energetic pet that loves to please its owners.
  • Because of the parent breeds’ popularity, it is easy to find a Labrador Boxer cross in a shelter or animal rescue center.
  • The Boxer Labrador mix loves to protect its human pack. Its instincts make for a suitable guardian for kids.
  • Boxer Labrador mixes love to take on challenges. Engage them in mental and physical activities to keep improving their intelligence.

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Chihuahua Boxer Mix = Chihuabox

Chihuahua boxer mix

  1. The Chihuahua Boxer cross is a rare crossbreed. The Dog Registry of America, Inc. (DRA) is the only registry service to recognize this hybrid dog.
  2. First-time dog owners will have a wonderful time with the Boxer Chihuahua mix. It is a fun and loving family dog that thrives well with children and other animals.
  3. Two or three meals a day is enough to keep the Chihuahua Boxer mix healthy. Owners must pay attention to its weight to help it avoid over-eating.
  4. This hybrid dog is prone to bloat, a digestive issue that requires strict supervision.
  5. The Boxer Chihuahua mix weighs around 45 to 60 pounds, which is closer to its Boxer parent. It can also live up to 10 to 15 years.

Chow Chow Boxer Mix = Chowoxer

Chow chow boxer mix

  • The Chow Chow Boxer cross is a medium-sized dog that can weigh up to 60 pounds and grow up to 25 inches. It also has a lifespan of about 15 years.
  • The Boxer Chow Chow mix has a short and straight coat, which makes it easy for owners to groom. It can shed at times but brushing at least two to three times a week can keep its coat healthy.
  • The Boxer Chow Chow mix rarely barks. It is a quiet dog that likes being around its owners and loves playtime with children.
  • The Chow Chow Boxer cross needs daily exercise to stay in shape. This hybrid dog loves to take trips to the beach and ball or Frisbee fetching.
  • This crossbreed needs 3 cups of dog food daily, which costs around $1.20 to $1.40 a day.

Border Collie Boxer Mix = Boxercollie

Border collie boxer mix

  1. The Border Collie Boxer cross is a brilliant creature, which it inherits from its parent breeds.
  2. The Border Collie ranks as the most intelligent dog breed in the world, capable of learning and retaining commands in under 10 seconds.
  3. Both of its parent breeds carry messages and supplies, as well as helping find injured soldiers, during both World Wars.
  4. The Boxer Border Collie mix can stand between 18 to 25 inches high with a weight of about 45 to 80 pounds. It has a medium-sized and muscular body.
  5. This hybrid dog requires daily exercise that includes longs walks, running, hiking, and other competitive sports. It is also recommendable to engage it in mental stimulation to improve its superior intelligence.

Australian Shepherd Boxer Mix = Australian Boxer

Australian shepherd boxer mix

  • Both the parents of the Boxer Australian Shepherd mix have great protective instincts, which makes it a great family pet and guardian.
  • The average daily dog food consumption of the Australian Shepherd Boxer cross is around 2 and three-quarters of a cup to make up for its large and muscular body.
  • It can be destructive if left alone for long periods. It will try to win its owner’s attention and trust if it has done something to upset its family.
  • The Australian Shepherd Boxer cross requires extensive physical training to keep its energy level down. Owners that are active in sports will have an excellent companion with this crossbreed.

Dachshund Boxer Mix = Dachxer

Dachshund boxer mix

  1. The size disparity between the parent breeds of the Dachshund Boxer cross is enormous. The Boxer stands around 21 to 25 inches while the Dachshund has a size of at least 6 inches at the shoulder.
  2. The Boxer Dachshund mix is a powerful and robust hybrid. The Boxer’s muscular build will give the offspring a physique to match the Dachshund side’s strong prey drive.
  3. Seek a reputable breeder that can be honest about the parent breeds’ health problems with this hybrid dog. Buy a dog with health clearances for its parents’ common health issues.
  4. The Boxer Dachshund mix is a rare breed, which makes information about it hard to find. The history of both parent breeds will be helpful for potential owners.

Pug Boxer Mix = Poxer

Pug boxer mix

  • The Pug Boxer cross is a popular crossbreed. A lot of credible breeders and online sellers are available for potential owners to find and adopt a healthy Boxer Pug mix.
  • The Boxer Pug mix costs around $300, depending on the pedigree of its parents.
  • The Pug Boxer cross will likely inherit the watchdog abilities of the Boxer but will not bark as much as its parent. It is also friendly and affectionate to its owners.
  • Grooming this hybrid dog is easy. It sheds lesser than the Pug breed. Weekly brushing will be enough to keep its coat healthy.

Cocker Spaniel Boxer Mix = Cocker Spanbox

Cocker spaniel boxer mix

  1. The Cocker Spaniel Boxer mix is a combination of the athletic Boxer and the elegant-coated Cocker Spaniel.
  2. The parent breeds have a lifespan of around 11 to 14 years. It is possible that the offspring will live longer than the given data.
  3. Both parent breeds are energetic and good with children. The Boxer Cocker Spaniel mix makes for a wonderful pet for families that are active outdoors.
  4. There is not a lot of credible information available for the Cocker Spaniel Boxer cross. Its parent breeds have enough date for potential breeders to research on.

St. Bernard Boxer Mix = St. Boxer

St. Bernard boxer mix

  • The Saint Bernard Boxer cross is playful, active, and gentle. It loves to play with its owners.
  • The Boxer Saint Bernard mix can weigh between 60 to 120 pounds but usually follows the 90 to 100 pounds range of its Saint Bernard parent.
  • Owners must hold off of high impact exercises until the Saint Bernard Boxer cross is at least a year old. This hybrid dog is prone to wobbler syndrome, which gives it a weaker ankle due to its rapid growth and weight gain.
  • The Boxer Saint Bernard mix is easy to groom. It needs weekly brushing and may take its bath only twice a year if kept clean.

American Bulldog Boxer Mix = American Boxer

American bulldog boxer mix

  1. The American Bulldog Boxer cross is a gentle and affectionate creature that is loyal to its owner.
  2. An untrained Boxer American Bulldog mix can behave like a puppy and reach maturity at a later age than most dogs. Proper and consistent obedience training with positive reinforcement will help it improve its behavior.
  3. Both parent breeds are fighting dogs in their early days. Breeders over the years help turn them into working dogs.
  4. The Boxer American Bulldog mix can live up to 9 or 12 years.
  5. The American Bulldog Boxer mix will likely be a large and muscular dog due to the physical features of its parents.

Cane Corso Boxer Mix = Cane Boxer

  • There is little information to the Cane Corso Boxer cross, a relatively new hybrid. There is a lot of history available on the parent breeds to help owners with research.
  • The Boxer Cane Corso mix promises to be a fun sports companion because of the playfulness of the Boxer and the athleticism of the Cane Corso.
  • The Cane Corso Boxer cross requires a lot of physical exercises to keep it in peak condition. A daily exercise routine that includes fetching, agility games, and walks in a total of 1 to 2 hours will be helpful for this hybrid dog’s health.
  • The Boxer Cane Corso mix has a smooth and dense coat. Shampooing and bathing this crossbreed must be done only when necessary to maintain the shine of its coat.

Shar Pei Boxer Mix = Shar Boxer

Shar pei boxer mix

  1. The Shar-Pei Boxer cross is an energetic mix of the ancient Shar-Pei and the muscular Boxer.
  2. The Boxer Shar-Pei mix requires lots of exercises to keep its energy level down. It enjoys regular walks in the park and running games with its owner.
  3. The average food consumption of a Shar-Pei Boxer mix is around 3 cups a day, which has a daily cost of approximately $2.
  4. This hybrid dog needs weekly brushing to keep its coat healthy. It the dog leans more to the Shar-Pei side, make sure that it is dried thoroughly after a bath to avoid yeast infections.
  5. The Shar-Pei Boxer mix will be fine being left alone for long periods, but it loves being around its family.

Blue Heeler Boxer Mix = Blue Boxer

Blue heeler boxer mix

  • The Boxer Blue Heeler mix is a good pet choice for families with children. It is playful around kids and will protect them from strangers and unexpected guests.
  • A combination of physical and mental training will be helpful for the Blue Heeler Boxer cross’ growth. It responds well to obedience lessons and physical obstacles in training.
  • Because of its high energy level, the Boxer Blue Heeler mix requires 3 cups of high-quality dog food a day, which costs around $52 of a month’s worth of food.
  • The Blue Heeler Boxer cross is usually healthy. Eye issues are the only major concern for this hybrid dog.

English Bulldog Boxer Mix = English Boxer

English bulldog boxer mix

  1. The Boxer English Bulldog mix usually gets the genetic makeup and facial features of the English Bulldog.
  2. The English Bulldog Boxer cross has a below-average life expectancy but keeping it healthy will assure owners that it can live up to 9 to 14 years.
  3. The Boxer English Bulldog has a short and silky coat that can boast a combination of the colors white, black, tan, fawn, red, or brown depending on the parent breeds’ hair.
  4. It is fun to watch and play with this hybrid dog. Its sense of humor and caring nature makes it a wonderful family pet.
  5. The English Bulldog Boxer cross must have two balanced meals every day. Avoid supplying it with extra food to prevent obesity.

Golden Retriever Boxer Mix = Golden Boxer

Golden retriever boxer mix

  • The Golden Retriever Boxer cross offers a great combination of two large dogs with a friendly and playful nature, making it a fun pet to have around the house.
  • A protein-rich diet that is given in 2 to 3 balanced meals a day with plenty of fresh water is enough for this hyperactive dog. Owners must make sure that the food quantity matches the exercise the Boxer Golden Retriever mix gets in a day.
  • If healthy and fit, this hybrid dog can live between 10 to 14 years.
  • Because of the popularity of its parent breeds, the Boxer Golden Retriever mix is a member of the Designer Breed Registry (DBR) and the Dog Registry of America, Inc. (DRA)

Great Pyrenees Boxer Mix = Great Pyrenoxer

Great pyrenees boxer mix

  1. The Great Pyrenees Boxer cross is a mix of the enormous Great Pyrenees and the medium-sized Boxer.
  2. The Boxer Great Pyrenees mix is a rare breed. There is minimal information available for owners. It is ideal for them to know the history of the parent breeds to get a better understanding of this hybrid dog.
  3. Both of the parent breeds have strong protective instincts, making the Great Pyrenees Boxer cross a good watchdog for the family.
  4. The Boxer Great Pyrenees mix is an intelligent and independent crossbreed. It does not require constant supervision. Owners must engage it in activities to keep its loyalty to their family.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Boxer Mix = Rhodesian Boxer

Rhodesian ridgeback boxer mix

  • The Boxer Rhodesian Ridgeback mix can be very energetic. Sixty minutes of daily walks and exercises will keep this hybrid dog busy and healthy.
  • The Rhodesian Ridgeback Boxer mix is a loyal and loving dog that needs its owner to be a consistent pack leader. It will be very protective of its human pack against strangers and other dogs.
  • Seek a reputable breeder that has the history papers of its parent breeds. Health issues with the Rhodesian Ridgeback Boxer cross usually come up at an older age, which makes it essential for owners to find a trustworthy seller.
  • This hybrid dog is prone to skin allergies. A mild shampoo will suffice when it takes baths. Brushing its coat once a week will get rid of its shed and maintain the coat’s cleanliness.

Bernese Mountain Dog Boxer Mix = Bernese Boxer

Bernese mountain dog boxer mix

    1. The Bernese Mountain Dog Boxer cross is a high-maintenance crossbreed. It requires grooming to keep its silky and medium coat shiny and clean.
    2. The Boxer Bernese Mountain Dog mix is an excellent choice for families with children. It is playful but needs constant supervision to avoid knocking over kids with its massive frame.
    3. This hybrid dog is an obscure breed. Owners will want to take a look at the history of the parent breeds to get more information on how to take care of the Bernese Mountain Dog Boxer cross.
    4. This crossbreed is willing to please and loves to get the attention of its owners. It will be reasonably easy to train

Pitbull Boxer Mix = Pitbox

Pitbull boxer mix

  • The Boxer Pitbull mix has an average lifespan of 10 to 13 years. It has a height of 20 to 26 inches and can weigh around 50 to 80 pounds.
  • The Pitbull Boxer cross is prone to many health issues such as:
  1. Heart disease
  2. Hip dysplasia
  3. Cancer
  4. Obesity
  • The calm nature of the Boxer may cancel out the aggression of the Pitbull, making their offspring a human-friendly pet.
  • Owners must take this hybrid dog at least twice a day for an hour-long walk outside the house as its regular exercise.

French Bulldog Boxer Mix = French Boxer

French bulldog boxer mix

  1. The Boxer French Bulldog mix is a friendly family pet that loves to spend time with its owners.
  2. The Boxer’s protective instincts and the French Bulldog’s aggression will make their offspring a tremendous and formidable watchdog for a family.
  3. This hybrid dog enjoys a few walks every day but does not require much exercise to stay in shape.
  4. The French Bulldog Boxer cross eats at least 2 cups of high-quality dog food a day.

Catahoula Boxer Mix = Boxhoula

Catahoula boxer mix

  • Both the Catahoula and the Boxer are excellent family dogs, which makes the Catahoula Boxer cross an ideal pet for families with children.
  • The Boxer Catahoula mix loves to bark. It may be a nuisance to neighbors.
  • The Catahoula Boxer cross is a child-friendly and loving dog that is very active. It is suitable for owners that love to do activities because of its high energy level.
  • This hybrid dog can live up to 10 to 14 years.

Shih Tzu Boxer Mix = Shihoxer

Shih tzu boxer mix

  1. The Shih Tzu Boxer cross copies the facial features of a Boxer and the size of the Shih Tzu.
  2. The Boxer Shih Tzu mix is a loves being the center of attention. Owners must attend to its needs to avoid letting it go stubborn.
  3. There is little information available regarding the Boxer Shih Tzu mix. Owners must take a look at the parent breeds’ data for ways to take care of this hybrid dog.
  4. The Shih Tzu Boxer cross is playful and may become feisty to other pets. Its bold personality will make it up a fighting spirit against larger dogs.

Doberman Boxer Mix = Boxerberman

Doberman boxer mix

  • The Doberman Boxer cross has a lifespan of 10 to 14 years.
  • The Boxer Doberman mix can stand up to 21 to 25 inches with a weight of around 50 to 70 pounds.
  • This hybrid dog sheds at a moderate amount. Daily brushing will keep its coat healthy.
  • The Boxer Doberman mix is a trending mixed breed because it can inherit the learning abilities of the Boxer and the loyalty and intelligence of the Doberman.

Newfoundland Boxer Mix = Newfoundbox

Newfoundland boxer mix

  1. The Newfoundland Boxer cross can be a tough dog to train. Both of its parent breeds have a hard time following commands.
  2. The Boxer Newfoundland mix can live up to 8 to 12 years.
  3. This hybrid dog is prone to bloating. Owners must keep an eye on its food diet to avoid it from over-eating.
  4. The Newfoundland Boxer mix is a rare breed. The parent breeds’ information is enough to help owners understand and learn how to take care of it.

Best Dog Food for Boxer Mix

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Boxer Mix Food Requirements

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(FAQs) about Boxer Mix Breeds:

What is a Boxer Mix Breed?

A Boxer Mix Breed is a dog resulting from the crossbreeding of a Boxer with another dog breed. This mix combines the characteristics of the Boxer with those of the other parent breeds.

What are some common Boxer Mix Breeds?

Popular Boxer Mix Breeds include the Boxer Lab mix (Boxador), Boxer Bulldog mix (Bullboxer), Boxer German Shepherd mix (Boxer Shepherd), and Boxer Beagle mix (Boxeagle).

What is the size and appearance of Boxer Mix Breeds?

The size and appearance of Boxer Mix Breeds can vary widely depending on the other breed involved. Generally, they are medium to large-sized dogs with a strong and muscular build.

What is the temperament of Boxer Mix Breeds?

Boxer Mix Breeds often inherit the friendly, playful, and energetic temperament of the Boxer. Their behavior can be influenced by the characteristics of the other parent breed.

How much exercise do Boxer Mix Breeds need?

These mixes are typically active and require regular exercise to keep them physically and mentally stimulated. Daily walks, playtime, and engaging activities are important for their well-being.

Are Boxer Mix Breeds good with children and other pets?

Boxer Mix Breeds are known for their affectionate and protective nature, making them good family pets. Early socialization is key to ensuring positive interactions with children and other pets.

What is the grooming routine for Boxer Mix Breeds?

Grooming requirements depend on the coat type inherited from the other parent breed. Regular brushing, nail trimming, and routine grooming tasks such as ear cleaning are important.

Do Boxer Mix Breeds have specific health concerns?

Boxer Mix Breeds may inherit health issues from both parent breeds, such as hip dysplasia and certain heart conditions. Regular veterinary check-ups are important for preventive care.

How trainable are Boxer Mix Breeds?

Boxer Mix Breeds are generally intelligent and trainable, but they may have a stubborn streak. Positive reinforcement methods and consistent training contribute to their well-behaved nature.

What is the lifespan of Boxer Mix Breeds?

The average lifespan of Boxer Mix Breeds varies but is typically around 10 to 14 years with proper care, nutrition, and regular veterinary attention.

What are some considerations for potential Boxer Mix Breed owners?

Prospective owners should be prepared for a loving and active companion. Understanding the needs of both parent breeds, including exercise requirements, grooming, and potential health issues, is crucial for providing a suitable and happy home for a Boxer Mix Breed.


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