Watch Stella the Talking Dog ‘Speak’ Like Martha and More

Watch stella the talking dog 'speak' like martha and more

How Does Stella Communicate?

Stella the talking dog is different than the pooch in the PBS children’s show Martha Speaks, but the canine comes close. Stella speaks by using a device to communicate her thoughts to her pet parent, Christina Hunger. When Hunger adopted Stella, Hunger, who is a speech pathologist, noticed stark similarities in the way her puppy and toddlers perceive the verbal world around them. That observation led her to produce an experiment on canine communication

The insightful pet parent produced a board lined with buttons big enough for Stella to push. Each button was labeled with a word. When Stella pushed the button, a voice would verbalize the word associated with that button. Amazingly, the smart dog knows up to 50 words and uses them in various combinations throughout the day to communicate with Hunger.

Watch stella the talking dog 'speak' like martha and more

What Can Stella Say?

Stella the talking dog can’t actually talk, but using a series of buttons, she can vocalize her wants and needs. For instance, the intelligent pooch can ask to go outside by pushing the buttons “outside” and “come.” In the video below, you can watch Stella in action.

Watch stella the talking dog 'speak' like martha and more

Can Dogs Learn to Talk?

Dogs can’t talk because their vocal cords and anatomy are very different from humans. However, based on Hunger’s invention, it’s clear dogs are very intelligent, and if taught, they can learn to communicate. The experiment paved the way to a new, and uncharted, path to bond with our pets and understand them more. Needless to say, the more pet parents learned about Stella, the more dogs were taught to communicate using the buttons.

Nowadays, you can find a vast online library of videos showcasing smart dogs ‘speaking’ to their owners! You can learn more about Stella the talking dog with the book, ‘How Stella Learned to Talk.‘ Watch the mesmerizing video. Do you want to teach your dog how to ‘speak’? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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